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New Director of Player Personnel


GREAT, GREAT Promotion for Kevin. He's an awesome guy. When I started with the recruiting office he was the most welcoming guy and is very easy to connect with. Everyday I could chill in his office and just talk with him and he's a down to earth guy. Hoping he can deliver with this new position. I feel confident he will. I can't wait to get back to school and work under him! Boiler UP!!

Vincent Edwards on Purdue


***Love hearing this from him***Click for full article Purdue was way out in front of its many competitors, though. "They had made me a high, major priority pretty quick," Edwards said. "I feel like one with them." "We have a great relationship. I talk to them on pretty much a daily basis, day in and day out. What I like about them is they can just make you feel like you're part of the family. That's the sort of place you want to be, somewhere they make you feel comfortable in your spot, like you're at home, and let you play your game. They don't want to try to force you to be something you're not."

Jordan Ash tweeted "My TEAM in NCAA 2010 along w. Kansas" So it appears that Purdue is Mr. Ash's...


Jordan Ash tweeted "My TEAM in NCAA 2010 along w. Kansas" So it appears that Purdue is Mr. Ash's team in NCAA '10. Maybe i'm overreacting, but I thinks this is a positive sign. Because when I play college video games with Purdue, its because I'm a Boilermaker and I want to use them and win championships. I think it's interesting to see that he pegs them as 'His TEAM' Hopefully one day he will be in the game in a Purdue jersey!

Purdue Fball spending money....on recruiting


Here's a breakdown of the amount of money each team in the B1G spent on recruiting the past 2 years. Surprising to see our totals. At least the results of recruits somewhat the quality of football needs to.

Ronnie Johnson leads All-Stars to win


Well, Ronnie played with the best in the state of Indiana and came away leading his team to the victory. I really like the interview at the bottom of the page and his confidence. He thinks he's ready, and even if he has work to do (which he obviously does) its nice to see confidence. He says Purdue and the rest of the guys are going to shock the state of Indiana especially with the BIG MAN haha, referring to AJ. CAN'T WAIT FOR ITALY AND NEXT YEAR ALREADY! Boiler Up!!!

Paul Gonnella takes job at Alabama


Big news regarding Purdue football. As an intern under Paul, I can't help but wonder if this loss is going to hurt us recruiting wise. Paul done a great job as Director of Player Personnel and does a whole lot for our program. Hopefully we are going to be able to replace him with someone just as efficient, because it really is an advantage to have 1 person designated to handle all the recruiting so the coaches can focus more of their time on other areas. Also, it's CRAZY to think that Paul is going from Purdue, to presently the best college football program in the country and defending natty champs. He's not even going to have to work hard to get recruits to go there haha

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