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Bronco Stadium: South endzone expansion

Is it me, or is the south endzone not being completed as originally proposed?

Akey votes Boise #14 and TCU #1. Get him!


Here is Coach Pete, Mustachio and other coach's votes. Funny how he'd vote one non-AQ at the top and the other one fairly low, comparatively speaking. Also, behind Va Tech? Madness.


Playoff AND bowl games

Has anyone thought of this yet? Not only a playoff with bowl games, but bowl games outside the playoffs as well? Can't have your cake and eat it too? I say let them eat cake.

ALL Nike Pro Combat (includes pics, stories and videos of unis)


Official Nike link to 2010 Pro Combat Unis Boise State University - Untamed. Unapologetic. Boise State University’s relentless drive to win has earned the Broncos a place among the country’s football elite. Respect for the Broncos’ rise to prominence can be seen in rankings, recruiting, media attention, and even, in their uniforms. This year, Boise State is one of 10 top college teams to don the innovative Nike Pro Combat System of Dress. On Sept. 6, the Broncos will open their season against Virginia Tech in uniforms that say, yes, we have arrived. The Boise State Nike Pro Combat System of Dress makes a statement in Silver Wing and vivid Game Royal, echoing the famed blue turf of Bronco Stadium. Nike designers also drew inspiration from the school’s mascot, noting a link between Boise State’s unpredictable style of play and the headstrong nature of an untamed horse. These insights show up throughout the uniform. A reflective, orange-eyed bronco-head logo is found on the right shoulder of the jersey. The same logo wraps around the side of the chrome Game Royal helmet, with the player’s number at the back lower right corner. Boise State’s incalculable style is referenced in the asymmetrical placement of motifs throughout the uniform. The cuff of the left sleeve is bound in orange. On the left knee rests a slanted block "B," while "Broncos" appears on the side of the right leg—both in reflective lettering that will shine under the lights of FedEx Field. Corresponding gloves capture Boise State’s pride: The slogan "Bleed Blue" is used as a background pattern for a bronco head that forms on the gloves when the palms face outward. "Bleed Blue," a saying adopted by the players, can also be found inside the back collar of the jersey. Footwear in Game Royal and Silver Wing with orange-tipped studs completes the commanding ensemble. A bold expression of Bronco bravado, the Boise State Nike Pro Combat System of Dress also delivers significant performance benefits. The uniforms are 37 percent lighter than current designs, relieving players of extra weight in a game that demands top speed. The four-way stretch twill fabric rapidly sheds sweat and water, ensuring that even when wet, these uniforms are lighter than their standardissue counterparts when completely dry. Dual-density foam padding provides critical protection and greater mobility than traditional pads for unencumbered speed. The Nike Pro Combat base layer allows for specific pad placement to suit every position, providing a highly customized solution. The game of football has evolved. Players are stronger and faster, collisions more forceful. For the Boise State Broncos, the Nike Pro Combat System of Dress delivers unmatched lightweight protection in a formidable head-to-toe package.


BSU SOS argument

Im really starting to hate the SOS arguments and BSU not being in the NC game. I suppose most of us have heard all this before, but it feels like a good day to rant. Here's a few reasons I think...

Bronco Stadium expansion


Finally something on the subject

Vandals try to cash in on Kustra's words


And when you think its not possible for them to stoop any lower, after alcohol related deaths and negative public exposure from themselves and Bob, they attempt to glorify their tragedies with another crappy slogan t-shirt. Thanks for validating Bob's point


Florida vs Boise St

  Florida fans: I am an avid Boise St. fan, but I also enjoy Florida football. Especially that juggernaut offense you guys have had the last few seasons. I wanted an opinion from Florida fans on a...

Wrestling: Boise State Places Fifth at National Duals


(Notice it goes from Cedar Falls, Idaho to Cedar Falls, Iowa. Well done

U.S. Rep. Joe Barton's anti-BCS bill passes House subcommittee


Hooray. Thats phase one, three to go. (Next: House vote, Senate approval, Obama signature)


BCS payout - Nice, but not that nice

Not only is the BCS doing a disservice to BSU and especially TCU by not letting them have a shot to play against a "worthy" team from the BCS, but they are also short-changing the schools and...

Fiesta Bowl Insider Info


Something I found on the Hawkeye blog. Yeah, I spied. What of it.

BSU's own airplane


If your gonna fly, fly Bronco.


Bowl Projection Time!

     The first BCS rankings are finally out, and we're at a point in the season where we can make a fair assessment of where teams are headed come bowl time. I ask thee, Bronco Nation, what are...

BSU and many others don't belong in top ten...what?


"This was one of the toughest weeks I can remember in my 10 years of being a pollster, because after the top 3 there simply weren’t any other squads that merited a top-10 ranking, much less a No. 4-5-6." Apparently this guy thinks numbers 4-10 don't deserve their rankings. It'll be funny if Texas, Florida and Bama lose. Then no one will deserve to be ranked in the top 10, ever again.


Helmets all over the place!

 Is it  me, or does it seem like players helmets are constantly coming off this season? Kyle Wilsons helmet came off 2 or 3 times during the Miami OH game. Not to mention the countless times its...

BCS teams fading


Interesting article discussing BCS teams struggles so far this year, as well as non-BCS teams achievements. Several of the teams that make up the system are fading away. New ones on the outside are rising. It is time for some serious reform in the way we choose our champ.

Hawkins, Buffs, drop 2nd game in 5 days, to TOLEDO


Do you think that the $900,000 contract is worth humiliating losses, a consistent losing record, and the stress of knowing your probably about to get canned the second your contract is expired? If he would have stayed one more year in Boise, he would have been making more money than what he is at Colorado. Plus, he would actually have a winning record. No Hawk love here, just a little pity and sympathy for someone that took greed over greatness.


BYU vs. Florida State 9/19/09

 Any thoughts or predictions on the BYU - FSU game?   I can't say I know a ton about either team, and I don't want to look stuff up, but I think it will be close. Of course BYU beat Oklahoma, but...

Raiders release Chris O'Neill less than a week into camp.


Another one for the CFL? And whatever happened to Jeremy Childs since his departure with the Chargers?


Best of 3 with TCU

 Alright. So I'm thinking since the MWC has a tie in with the Humanitarian Bowl now, and since: 1  TCU is a MWC team  2  BSU has beaten them at the Forth Worth Bowl once 3  TCU has beaten BSU at a...

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