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Graphics Comparing David Freese to Peter Bourjos

Given the frenzy over the recent trade between the Angels and Cardinals, effectively a swap of Peter Bourjos for David Freese, I thought I would put together a visual comparison of some of the most...

A Look Inside a Statistics-Focused Front Office


I came across this SI article related to the release of Moneyball the movie. Verducci provides a fascinating (and lengthy) peek into the inner-workings of the Red Sox front office operation and player valuation system and the proliferation of statistics in MLB front offices. A timely read given the current GM opening in the Angels organization. It seems unlikely to me that the FO employed a system like Boston's Carmine. Despite my disdain for their team, it's hard not to envy such a well run and forward-thinking operation. It would be great if we brought in someone who employs the use of advanced metrics and approaches player evaluation the way Boston does. P.S. I apologize if this article has already been linked somewhere else.

Could the Angels be sellers?

Ken Rosenthal considers the possibility of the Angels trading (gasp) Jered Weaver if the team doesn't come out of their current slump and show some life. The idea of a Halo selloff has been discussed before, and with the lack of ace starting pitching on the market and Weaver being under club control through the 2012 season he could net the team a good haul. He is undoubtedly one of our most valuable (if not the most valuable) players, and he is relatively cheap, even after arbitration this coming offseason. Sadly, if the Angels do go this route, it's conceivable Weaver is a key piece in a trade, or at least any trade that is worthwhile. I would hate to see him go, but I'm beginning to feel that his departure is inevitable, and I wouldn't blame him for leaving in free agency. I'm not ready to deal Weaver yet, but that may be the smart thing for the club to do in a month's time. I'm at least going to brace myself for the possibility.

Pineiro Should Return This Weekend


According to Bill Plunkett, Pineiro is back with the Angels and will throw a BP session tomorrow and be evaluated again Thursday. If all goes well, he will be activated off the DL this weekend and will probably make his season debut Saturday against Tampa Bay. Plunkett later tweets, "Downs (virus) threw in bpen Mon will throw again Wed. Off DL for game in Tampa on Friday. That's 2 roster decisions for #Angels this weekend." Who's spot will they take?


Analyzing Jered Weaver's Brilliant Start

A detailed look into the mechanics and numbers of Jered Weaver's most excellent April of 2011.

Kendrys Morales' recovery going nowhere


According to Mike DiGiovana Morales has "hit another snag" in what must be the longest recovery from a broken ankle in the history of mankind. He is running straight lines and curves, but neither at full speed, and Sosh says he's hit a plateau, but "is due for a breakthrough," which is code for "Who the hell knows how long this is going to take." When he can run the basepaths at full speed without pain, he will begin a 10-15 game rehab assignment before joining the big club. In the meantime, don't hold your breath that he's going to save our offense any time soon.

Vernon Wells finally sits, chances of winning improve by default


Vernon getting the night off. Willits activated off the DL and starts in LF in his place. Pettit sent down. Tonight's lineup: Izturis SS Kendrick 2B Abreu DH Hunter RF Callaspo 3B Trumbo 1B Willits LF Mathis C Bourjos CF

Walden to close for now


Great news! According to Bill Plunkett, along with pulling Mathis tonight in favor of Conger, Sosh will have no more of Rodney's inconsistency in the closer role. Walden takes the reins just 4 games into the season. HALLELUJAH!! UDATE: For those hoping this would spill over getting Kaz out of the rotation, no such luck yet: @billplunkettocr: Not to take the edge off your Walden-Rodney high -- but Scioscia said Kazmir will stay in the rotation for now. #Angels

Angels' Secret Weapon


Ken Rosenthal writes about Mark Trumbo's surge into the Majors and how he could be a solid offensive weapon for the Halos. Nothing new here really other than some quotes about just how hard he hits the ball. One interesting note regarding a potential lineup once Morales returns to the field: slide Hunter (I presume) to CF and put Trumbo in RF while keeping Abreu at DH. This hurts our outfield defense less while keeping Trumbo's bat in the lineup. Of course, that means less at-bats for Bourjos which doesn't help his progression, but it may be our best option for maintaining solid outfield defense (plus, Trumbo, as a former pitcher, apparently has a cannon of an arm) and keeping the power bats in the lineup. I don't know how viable this is considering how little experience Trumbo has in the outfield, but it seems like the best solution once Kendrys returns. Trumbo can still spell Morales at first from time to time and play a game in the outfield once a week to keep his swing grooved.

Angels looking for a left-handed hitter


Per Buster Olney, the team is looking for a left-handed bat, most likely via trade as there are few options left in the FA market. Not sure how much validity this carries, but the offense has been less than inspiring thusfar in Spring Training.

Halos beginning to incorporate advanced stats in front office decisions


An interesting piece on the use of advanced stats by baseball organizations, specifically the Halos. Tony Reagins is apparently beginning to factor them in to FO decisions, though that seems questionable. Really they've just hired a law school graduate to tell them what the advanced stats say about a player and then determine if it meshes with what they see on the field. And obviousy, Scioscia still doesn't buy into them. I'm not very well versed in the calculations of advanced statistics, so I'll let those who are debunk any fallacies Scioscia uses to downplay their value.

No Offense: A Jeff Mathis Story


A Bill Plunkett article discussing Mathis and the catcher's position. My favorite quote of Scioscia's regarding Mathis and his black hole offense: "He needs to let his potential develop to where he is better on the offensive side – which we've seen glimpses of." I think we're past that point.

Rosenthal mentions that the Yankees have thought about Scott Kazmir


With Pettitte retiring, the Yankees are looking for LHP options. He mentions former Angel Joe Saunders as well as Scott Kazmir. He does offer the disclaimer that they're "JUST IDEAS," but it would be nice to unload Kazmir's contract if possible. ranks Mike Trout the #1 prospect in baseball


Good news in an otherwise awful offseason. Though, if we have learned anything over the last few years, it's not to count your chicks before they've hatched. Still, it's nice to have something positive to hope for going forward.

Rob Chudzinski named Panthers new Offensive Coordinator


As some suspected, Ron Rivera will be taking Chudzinski with him to Carolina to be the OC there, which means another coaching position that needs to be addressed by the Chargers. Let's wish him all the best with his new gig, it probably won't be an easy one.

Angels among 5 teams interested in Manny Ramirez


He had a solid OPS last season, but I don't trust the guy to give 100% throughout a season. This is one free agent I hope we don't sign.

Fitzgerald and Cards begin contract extension discussions


Whatever chance there is of trading for Larry Fitzgerald may be diminishing. Still, they list Hasselbeck and Bulger as possible veteran QB acquisitions. I would think it'd be enticing for Larry to move to SD to play with Rivers. One can dream...

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