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Chris Johnson: Monster

A short video I made of CJ2K. What better place to post this at than the greatest Titans fan site of all time? I also placed a poll for any feedback that you guys might have for me. I would greatly...

Chris Johnson; Monster


Just a short video I did of some of Chris Johnson better runs....

Dwight Howard has finally turned into a grown man..


Another article on the maturation of Dwight Howard.


Mama Kay passed...

   If you are as intense a Magic fan as I am, you try to read everything associated with the Magic possible. I read the Mike Bianchi articles on "Mama Kay" as she was so affectionately called by...


@MoveTheSticks is tweeting.....about Kenny Britt

  Here is what Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks) had to say out of the blue about Kenny Britt.... MoveTheSticks     I haven't heard too many good things about Kenny Britt... Ton of talent but...


I just can't stand it anymore....I can't!

   I am on my way to work this morning in Orlando, Fl, home of the Orlando Magic(duh..LOL!)...turn the radio on to listen to a nationally syndicated show. Magic Johnson happens to be on there...


Some people just dont learn.....

  I was reading an article on ESPN about the upcoming visit for LT to the Vikings...in the article, a point was brought up about a issue LT had with Jim Brown for saying AP was the best back he had...


The Music City Miracle: The Ride

   So I am an avid Titans Fans ( was a Oilers before they moved). I am in the process (cross your fingers) of purchasing a 1998 Pontiac Firebird. I plan on turning it into a theme car. Its green...


So close....but so far away....

I figured I would rub it in your face share some news about my eventful and possibly promising day. While watching the Natl. Championship game, i received a BBM from one of my good friends, David...


Does PK have a point?

So I decided to join the AFC South chat held by PK and asked him if CJ had the best season ever for a running back....here it is as follows...after the jump


From an article on SI.com....yet another simplified view of our play picture...

TENNESSEE TITANS (7-7) If The Playoffs Started Today:OutRemaining Schedule (Projected Results):vs. San Diego (W); at Seattle (W)Final Projected Record; Playoff Seeding:9-7; outExtra Point:The T...


With all the TrailBlazers' Big Men down..is Gortat good as gone?

   With all of Portland's big men suffering serious injuries this season, it would seem to me that they would be looking for a C with starting potential...Does this mean that Gortat is going to be...

CJ for MVP?? Why Not?


A deeper look into why CJ should win the MVP but wont...

a lil something i put together for CJ28.....


a lil something i put together for CJ28.....

...yeah...I love it!!! The first two minutes....are priceless!!!!


...yeah...I love it!!! The first two minutes....are priceless!!!!

mortreport RT @greggrosenthal: The Titans are undefeated since Jeff Fisher put on Peyton...


mortreport RT @greggrosenthal: The Titans are undefeated since Jeff Fisher put on Peyton Manning's jersey.


Clips for highlight reel...

Hey! I am new to the Music City Miracles but a long time follower of the Oilers/Titans. (My third cousin is Warren Moon...seriously) I dabble in motion graphics and was wondering if i could get...

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