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We are entering a new era of Titans football

And I am glad to be along for the ride. For the first time in a long time, we are about to witness something that a lot of Titans fans have been longing to see for years: A Tennessee Titans team...

Complete and utter ignorance of the Titans.


This guy has a huge hard on for Jeff Fisher, but has no idea how the Titans even work.

Game of the Week


We are the game of the week on


What makes the league suddenly "ready" for a player?

So i've been reading nfl previews and predictions until my eyes fall out because i am a football junkie. The one common thing that i can't get over is that somehow all the teams the Titans play are...

Don Banks writes about our recent offseason troubles


Not anything we haven't heard really, but perhaps a few of us need that little warning to not take too much doom from this


Why is rushing not valuable to you?

Let me start off by saying this isn't at anyone in particular. But the recent actions of Chris Johnson have led many people to say  "we still didn't make the playoffs with his exceptional season,...

BIgBlueShoe shows his class once again


NOTHING BAD MUST EVER BE SAID ABOUT THE GREAT ONE! Also in an article about our free agent's he bashes Keith Bulluck. I'd just like to say, what a F*cking idiot!


A thank you to Rob Bironas

This isn't for your game winning 53 yarder. Though thank you for that, too. This is for missing the 49 yarder. It might have helped give us the win just as much as your 53 yarder. Let me explain. N...

7. Chris Johnson will continue to dominate highlights. The Titans running back recently said during...


7. Chris Johnson will continue to dominate highlights. The Titans running back recently said during a radio interview that he wanted to be the Kobe or LeBron of the NFL. If he continues to break off long-distance touchdowns it's going to be hard to laugh off the statement. Think about it: Johnson already has five touchdowns of 50 or more yards, including runs of 91 and 89 yards. He's averaging an astounding 6.7 yards a carry and, according to one opponent, has earned enough respect that players no longer chase him when he breaks into the open because they don't want to be "posterized" -- an NBA term for the guy who's in the picture being dunked on by the likes of LeBron or Kobe.

Jim Trotter predicts the second half of the season on

Even Don Banks is calling for VY


Sad day when we are the huge disappointment of the NFL.


To all the "fans" and i use the term loosely...

Stop it. We don't need your fanposts about Vince Young (all 30 of them) and we don't need your comments. Honestly, half the people now calling for VY to start have ONLY commented on here after a...

The Official Madden Online fanshot Post your name, system, and challenges here!


The Official Madden Online fanshot Post your name, system, and challenges here!


Whats going on with the prime time scheduling?

Why doesn't a teams success dictate prime time scheduling? I've often asked myself this while watching dallas or oakland on sunday/monday night. Is it really good prime time to shun teams that play...


If you could take 2 players from any team in the league...

Who would they be? Since there is always a need for lively discussion i thought i would make this post. The rules are that you can have 1 player for offense and 1 player for defense. I guess if you...


Pretty Boy Quarterbacks: Ruining the Game

This is just something thats been eating at me for a long time, and since i am new to Music City Miracles i thought maybe i should make a post about something. Just as a warning, it's probably...

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