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FSU Paraphernalia - I Don't Have One of These


I have some various shirts and sweatshirts. I have some coasters, a license plate and a signed picture by Bobby Bowden. I have a car magnet and a waste basket, but I don't have one of these and I wish I did. Who is the owner? None other than Samari Rolle. This is in the west Boca Raton, FL area. I thought about how fortunate he is to have this house and Seminole Basketball court, but then I read his Wikipedia entry. Sorry to hear that he has suffered from seizures apparently from the multiple hits he has received and given over his 12 year NFL career. He did have a pretty decent career, going to the pro bowl and playing in a super bowl. Go Samari!

MUST READ: Winston's Journey-to-Date at FSU


This is just a fantastic article from when Jameis first started on the football team through the Miami game. A lot of new stuff I hadn't read anywhere before.


Clemson Pre-Game Show

Clemson Pre-Game Show I know that I am likely in the very small minority, but I just didn’t like Clemson’s pre-game show. The way I see it, it can be broken down into three parts: A) the...


Connelly Confusion

While reading Bill Connelly's team previews, I was confused by what appeared to me to be several inconsistencies in the "2012 Schedule and Results" tables from preview to preview. The "Adj. Score"...

Just Give Him the Damn Ball!


"Greene has 16 touchdowns on 128 career touches, translating to a 1:8 ratio. Greene essentially scores every eighth time he touches the ball. That ranks tops among the best ACC all-purpose receivers. It also ranks as the best ratio among the top returning all-purpose receivers in the nation."

Vote: Best Game Day Atmosphere


The annual vote for the ACC's best game day atmosphere. Clemson is ahead so don't be lazy and ignore it. Let's not give their fans any kind of a much needed ego boost after the Orange Bowl. Although it looks like they got one from their new DC hire. But it stops there!!!

Firefox and IE FSU Browser Theme


Just wanted to let you all know that you can download an FSU browser theme for Firefox or IE on Looks pretty decent, although Chief Osceola seems to always be giving me the stink eye. It seems to change a few of my browser settings, but nothing I couldn't change back.


I'll Map You Up!

******Update 2/10/11******** This is a work in progress. If you did not respond the first time, you may do so by this weekend to be included in the final map which will be published in the very...

Notre Dame Woos Another


Notre Dame first switched Lynch from FSU (though not official), now they turned another one. This time an OL from UF, who is in some serious need for bodies on the o-line. A little pay-to-play going on here?

2011 Early Bird Preview


Florida State as 2011 preseason #18. Florida #28 and the u #33. Article is pretty hit and miss. Recognizes the defense improvements along with the difficulties it has faced learning the new scheme, but also notes Bert Reed and Nigel Bradham as the "Offensive" and "Defensive" stars (does recognized the chance that Nigel may be gone after this year).

Logo Ripoff


This is hilarious. The lawyer for the school board is actually trying to convince people that the two logos are different because theirs is Orange and Blue (blastphemy!) and the word "State" is missing from the feather. They are identical. Their helmets are identical too but you'll have to search the web to find it pictures. Thoughts?

Sun Sports - FSU Season Preview


Tomorrow night (Monday), 8:00 pm - Half-hour behind the scenes look at our Noles. Interviews with Fisher, Viloria, Ponder, Bradham and others. More mic'd ups too. Don't miss it. But if you do, apparently it will be on EIGHT more times. Lots of Nole airtime! Love it!


Myron Rolle Talks About the System

"I think people had unfathomable perceptions of what I may do on the field," Rolle said. "But what a lot of people don't understand is that when you're playing at Florida State — or you're playing...

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