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K, first of all, I'm not Hakan Loob, so unless you're a Swedish marketing firm or cheerleader who wants to give me some kind of endorsement/lovin', let's just not bring it up.

Also, I don't really know what the hell I'm doing out there.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Toronto Blue Jays
  • NFL New York Jets
  • NHL Calgary Flames
  • MMA Jens Pulver
  • Boxing ALI!
  • EPL Liverpool Football Club
  • General Calgary Stampeders, Montreal Canadiens
  • Winter Olympics Canada
User Blog

The Bolts are down, and they'll stay down

History shows that when the Tampa Bay Lightning come into trouble, they don't find their way out of it, because of the influx of dumb idiot Florida chemical freaks

No really, maybe some of these prospects are good!


What has historically been a quagmire of homegrown organizational talent, your Calgary Flames look as poised as ever to develop a handful of drafted kids into players worth being excited about...

Dennis Wideman, Ranger?


Dennis Wideman is a Calgary Flame, being paid like a Calgary Flame. So why does it look like he's got a fling with the Rangers? Only Matchsticks and Gasoline has the answer!

Hey Guys, It's That Time Again (player of the week, you guys know this)


Well hello again, countrymen, and an extra special hello to all the countrywomen. We sit here, this lovely evening of the 11th of March, basking in the warm glow of weekends well spent and, more...

The Tardy Version Of Whatever The Hell It Is I Do Around Here (Last Decade)


You may be aware that today is Monday, not Sunday, and that I usually do my piece here on Sunday. But the only way you notice that is if you're me. So let's move on, shall we? It's been another...

This Week Last Decade: You Guys Never Helped Me Create A Better Name For This


Good afternoon, Sundayers! It's that time again (for the first time in a few weeks as I had a tragic extreme sports injury or something where I lost the use of my hands and fingers and eyes and...

This Week Last Decade - Shaking Off The Rust


Good afternoon, noble Flames fans. I have missed you. Not really, but to look more compassionate, I'm obliged to tell you that there's been a void in my life that you all collectively fill. K...

This Week Last Decade - They're Still Letting Me Do This!


Well then. Either the good folks here at Matchsticks and Gasoline, cognizant of the recent dismissals of upwards of 80 National Hockey League coaches, have decided to delay my own execution for...

This Week Last Decade - The Beginningery!


Who played the most above average for Your Calgary Flames this week around? And does that player win some kind of fancy themed jacket?

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