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Derrick Rose...Knocked Down


I wanted to make a video of Derrick Rose highlights for a while and finally got to do it...Im very happy with how it turned out... Check it out...


The difference between a die hard Lions fan and a bandwagon Lions fan is.....

The die hard Lions fan cant hide the GIANT smile on his face.   This was a huge step today. A come from behind road win against a division opponent. The defense stepped up when it needed to and...


Don't give up on #9 yet

Yesterday's game was probably the most painful in recent memory, and once again, Matt Stafford is down again with a shoulder injury.  I was watching the game yesterday with my brother and i was...


Madden 11 team ratings are out

    Credit goes to How in the bloody hell can Oakland be rated higher than Lions ???? Let the outrage begin:  :)  


What do you guys think about Alex Brown ?

  Its being reported here in Chicago that the Bears are set to either trade or release DE Alex Brown.  Many in Chicago are not happy about this because he was a solid contributor.  He's no...


Hey guys, who are you gonna draft ?

Whats up Rams fans, im visiting from Pride of Detroit and i have a question.  What have you all been hearing about the Rams draft plans ?  Is it a lock that Suh gets drafted #1 overall ? are the...


Pretty good (kinda) article about the Lions and Thanksgiving   Dan Pompei has a decent article on why the Lions should stay a part of the Thanksgiving tradition, all while throwing a few jabs.  All in...


Happy Thanksgiving POD !!

Whats up all, I just wanted to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  We are united by one common thread, the Detroit Lions, our hearts have been torn out,  and at times they have been lifted by...


Im a sad, sad, Lions fan

Hey guys, ive been thinking lately (which is dangerous in itself) and that loss last Sunday really, really felt like a punch to the gut.  Although the Lions were 1-5, i thought they were a better...


God i hate the Packers !!

  I hate the Packers so much. i hate their ungodly green and yellow (yeah yellow, not gold) uniforms, i hate their obnoxious fans ( just look above ) i hate Brett Favre, i hate Sterling Sharpe...


Wheres the best place to tailgate before the game ?

Hey all, ok, the third preseason game is done, ive drafted my fantasy team, & i got my tickets for the upcoming season.  I am 100% prepared, i went to the game on Saturday but i didnt really see a...


Rex Grossman ?

What up guys, just wanted to pass this along to you all, it appears that Rex Grossman wants to be a Lion, now i know what you may all be thinking but as some one who lives in Chicago, Rex Grossman...


Is Stafford that much better than Sanchez ?

Look, im not for drafting a QB first but i know that Schwartz & Co. seem deadset on drafting one.  After looking at those mock drafts from ESPN and other sites, It seems as if the consensus pick is...


A dream come true...

Whats up guys, i know this is unrelated to anything happening with the Lions but i felt i should let you guys know about something cool that happened to me.  I have never lived in Detroit but for...


Does the Linehan Hiring mean that the #1 pick wont be a QB ?

I personally think that the Scott Linehan move is not a bad one, While i still think that our offense really isnt that bad, i dont think Linehan will make it worse.  One thing that i find...


ESPN reports Jim Schwartz as Lions head coach

The Detroit Lions have reached an agreement in principle with Jim Schwartz to become their next head coach, several sources told ESPN on Thursday. Schwartz, the Tennessee Titans' defensive...


Upcoming 2009 Free Agents

Here are some of the upcoming 2009 free agents.  Are there any players that are worth taking a look at ?  What do you think ? Credit to Jon Azpiri for putting this together.  I thought you guys...


Now that this pesky season is over, lets talk '09

  I am seriously digging the idea of Steve Spagnuolo possibly being interested and ultimately taking the head coaching job.  I think he would do wonders for the team morale and also get that...


The official Dallas Cowboys draftpick watch

Ok guys, i think we have found a golden ticket !!   With all of the problems happening to the Cowboys, that 1st rounder that we are getting is looking better and better.  I hope that T.O. starts...


Trade Roy ?!? hmm.....

     So now Roy Williams is  the new "issue" with our beloved franchise.  Rumor mills are swirling with news about how the Lions are shopping him around.  At Yahoo sports, i just read where they...


Excuse me while i vent

I live in Chicago, i have never lived in Detroit, but for the last 19 years i have been a devoted and passionate Lions fan.  I have endured many, many, lows and my heart has been ripped out too...

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