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SU Game on Criminal Minds

My wife and I were watching last weeks episode of Criminal Minds and about half way in there is a shot of a basketball game on. It flashed very quickly and I swore it was an SU game. After i was...


Road Trip Advise Needed

My dad and I are headed down to Philly in a coulpe of weeks to catch the SU/Nova game and are staying around to watch the Knicks play at 7 that night. Does anyone have any must do/must not do in...


A request for help.

I am headed to NYC this weekend and my dad and I have tickets for the game against Rutgers on Sunday. Does anyone have any recomendations for the best way to get to the RAC from Lower Mannhatan? ...

The only beer we should be drinking tonight.

This is a fantastic beer, and will pair nicely with the burning Hoyas scattered about the court tonight.

Mark Titus thinks Dana O'Neal is stupid

A good deal of college basketball fans believe that Syracuse didn't really earn its no. 1 ranking in the AP and coaches' polls, and instead feel that the Orange are ranked first simply because Kentucky and Ohio State lost. Those fans think that way because they are stupid.


A confusing month as an SU fan

Just a few thoughts about the whole Bernie Fine fiasco, or possible a long rambling thought that just helps me. I am a 34 year old who grew up about 2 hours north east of Syracuse (Croghan, NY)...

Future of SU Football

With all the great facial hair on the team reporting to camp, I found it odd this was on the front page @

Early Bracket from Lanardi

Even better than SU as a 2, look who's in the first four out and headed to the NIT.

Beers for a zombie controlled world.

Nothing to do with SU, however does cover two other popular threads... beer and zombies.

SU # 1 Seed

Cool name bracket on ESPN, Fab in at a 1 seed, Scoop possibly overseeded as a 3.


Melo's New Number

As I was busily working/reading the entire internet, I saw that the New York Knicks have retire the number 15.  As such Melo will have to get a new number.  Is 44 the right fit for him?  I know...

ESPN All-Bowl Team

Nice mention of Sales. A small shot at the officals as well, but that's not SU's problem.

Kris and Maya

First off, may their babies all be over 6'6" with a nice handle and play for Coach Hop. Second did Scoop cockblock Kris?

SI Early Bracket

Really Butler in the 2nd round? I know it means nothing at all, but really?

Another HTGAO Success Story

On Cristmas Eve, my son started to sing this song at lunch time. He made up the entire song by himself. Seeing he is only 3 1/2 I just need to keep this level of Orange excitement going until he enrolls at SU as a member of the Class of 2029. Of course we are will to commit to either HCDM or to Coach Hop as soon as they call with an offer.

Best AP Voter Ever

Even better than the highest SU rank, look who doesn't get a vote from him.

Rony Seikaly is now writing on ESPN's Page 2.

I am not sure if it is creepy or funny when a very tall man uses the phrase 'planting his seed' in Miami.

UCONN to cut schalarships

This is great news for all UConn students as the odds of laptop theft have just dropped 7.7% (1 of 13 scholarships not used the next two years).

A great omen for SU.

If Otto desides to hang a hard left Otto and the Orange will destroy not only USF but all of Florida.

3 Big Monday Games for SU

Still waiting for the rest of the Big East schedule, but this is a start.

UCONN's Great 8

Maybe they will be sent to the A-10 as punishment.

Forde on Big 10 Expansion

Never have I wanted him to be more right about anything. In a nutshell just add Nebraska and don't blow up all of college sports. Please be right.

Wes is going..

P.S. quotes Wes' older brother that he is delcaring. Was nice to dream that he might come back, but good luck and thanks for a real fun season.


Vengance will be mine!!

Great news getting a 1 seed.  Now SU will have a chance to avenge the 2005 cluster that was Vermont.  I remember sitting in front of the TV waiting for CBS to cut into the next game saying there...


Even Bigger Than KU-KSU

Or at least it is on ESPN unlike the pair of Top 5 teams that played last night.  It is time for Seton Hall versus Rugters 2010 PART 2.  This time its personal!!!!!! Please look at the indepth...

Great news. Just noticed that Higgins is calling the Hoyas and Irish. Hopefully Jim Burr is...

Great news. Just noticed that Higgins is calling the Hoyas and Irish. Hopefully Jim Burr is elsewhere as well today. SHUT IT DOWN!!


Opening Weekend of NCAA

Just came across a couple of articles on the opening weekend in Buffalo.  First off Boeheim seems sure that SU will play there. Playing in Buffalo Secondly there are still about 1800 tickets...

Still Top 5

Let's put Louisville behind us and beat the crap out of the Hoyas.

NCAA Mock Selection Blog

A neat look at what goes into building the bracket. I love that our biggest concern is if SU gets a #1 seed, and plays in Buffalo opening weekend, seeing I already bought tickets.


Once again it's West Virginia..

The entire civilized world can't wait for SU vs. 'Nova.  Guess who thinks differently? Uncivilized Bastards I think we can all forgive WVU for being inbred, but why to they want to watch a...

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