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Just another die hard sports fan.

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  • NBA Minnesota Timberwolves
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McD, you will always have a place in my heart.

In my heart In my heart In my heart McD, you will always have a place in my heart


Leadership: Values and Differences

Once again I see myself writing a FanPost. Once again I ask myself why I put myself through this. Once again I realize posters on here instigate me to write FanPost's. If you want me to stop...


MHR: The Ugly Side

It has been quite a while since my last FanPost, I have not written one in so long not because I don't like this site but because I, like a never ending abundance of you am really really lazy. Plus...


This is my team!!

          No, I am not Pat Bowlen, I don't think he's Eastern European. However the title remains true. A couple weeks ago when McDaniels was having a conference about Dez and Tebow and McClain, I...


Marshall's incidents Timeline

I am going to put down every single incident Marshall has been on the record for. All of this is from ESPN. To get a little bit of a more in depth look of these incidents go to the link provided...


I cannot look at NFL news...

Because of the last three losses I cannot look at ESPN, Milehigh, Sportsline, etc. etc. for the fear of seeing the media bash the Broncos. True we deserve the bashing for the missed plays and the...


Does anyone have a pregame ritual?

I was wondering if anyone besides me had a pregame ritual of some sorts? Anything from wearing your favorite uniform to your lucky sock.


Quick Poem, need brutal honesty.

I was coming home from the university and being in New York City you have to walk just about everywhere so I decided to make up a poem as I make my way back. I need brutal honesty for this since I...


Does anyone else feel...

Like they want to strangle someone when we loose by 7+ points?


Cutler compliments Denver!

Amazing isn't it? The same guy who cried his way out of Denver has this to say about the Broncos.


The Bald Vulture has spoken at last...

Everyone was wondering if Clayton would own up to his 3-13 prediction for the Broncos right? Well it looks as if he might actually come around if the Broncos surpass his record. Following is from...


Quick Question!

How are we paying all of our players next season? (Clady, Harris, BM and I think I left out a couple others)


Chief's Cassel Injured..

Injured is the Chief's newly highly toutedly touted quarterback. There is a possibility that $28 million guaranteed are going to be flushed straight down the toilet. However it says he "limped" off...


Brandon Marshall, look at all the evidence.

       This is my first "fanpost" mainly because I like to relax outside the box looking in at what everyone else posts and there are usually extremely well written articles. I have not seen any...

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