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An interesting note on Aviles

Aviles has a career UZR/150 at SS of 12.4. That's better than any other position for Aviles. In comparison, Scutaro's career UZR/150 at SS is 2.8. Aviles also has a better career wRC+ than Scutaro....


My Projections

I have been throwing around my projections a lot and not explaining them. That was a bad idea. In this post I will explain how it works and do an example. My example will be Cody Ross


Why I think the Red Sox have a shot

I think the Red Sox have a shot, it is a very unpopular opinion, but I'll show you why after the jump


Baseball on a stick

I am trying to build a fielding metric using gameday, but I'm not very good with computers. I have mySQL installed, and I want to use baseball on a stick because I can get minor league data for...


Aggregate Farm system rankings

I made an aggregate farm system ranking of John Sickels', Dougdirt's and frag's. I would include backtocali's but he hasn't updated for trades.


MLB draft Top 20

This is my big board. I like college hitters, because they are so much safer than any other kind of player. The average WAR by draft spot goes college hitters, high school hitters, college...


How Many more Home runs will Bailey give up in Fenway

Well it appears to be none. This awesome site will show you the hit location of a pitcher in a different park. Translating Bailey's stats from Oakland to Fenway, you can see that none of his balls...


A new xBABIP

I've been looking for one good xBABIP calculator. The best I've found so far was slash12's which was posted on this site. I decided to test it and make my own xBABIP. The tests are from 2002-2011.


Pineda for Montero

Awful seattle, just awful, you don't trade a really young, and really good cost controlled starter for a DH prospect. Your rotation for the future isn't as good and you got an overrated prospect....


why so down on the Red Sox?

People are outrageously down on the Red Sox. People are saying that we have a 0% chance at winning the division, that we'll be a .500 team. I personally think we are much better than the Rays.


Andrew Bailey traded to Red Sox

Along with Ryan Sweeney for Josh Reddick, Raul Alcantara, and Miles Head. I think the Red Sox made a great deal, they gave up two prospects with decent, not great ceilings who are very far away...


Evaluating prospects using just stats

As most of you know, I'm a big stats guy, I was reading some archives on BP and I found this . It was ranking players based on PECOTA....

WAR Spreadsheet


I made a WAR Spreadsheet, just download it, it includes a wOBA calculator too if you need one.


Deepest Farm Systems

I'm not asking for the best, just the deepest farm systems in baseball. We all know the Blue Jays have the deepest, and the Rays and Rangers and Padres are very deep too. But my Red Sox have 10...


Ranking the Red Sox late round picks

Players round 15 or below1. Julius GainesTerrific defensive shortstop with plus speed. Has hit against some of the best high school pitching. Has potential to hit .270 with 10 homers and plus...

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