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Eddie Goldman's High School


Not sure if anyone has seen this yet or not.... Short feature on Friendship High School in DC, where Eddie Goldman played high school ball. They don't have their own field or weight room and yet they produced him and the #17 ranked kid in this year's ESPN 300. The conditions and area seem very dire. This is a must watch IMO. Puts things into perspective a bit.

Jameis Said He'd Be At Texas If Originally Offered?


Anyone hear of this before? I mean I'd rather him not be saying that, being a current member of the team, but I don't have ill will for him - just glad he is on our side. Seemed like a weird quote and odd timing - no?

BC is Awful


NC State held Boston College to minus-2 yards of offense in the second half, but somehow lost to the Eagles, 14-10. NC State quarterback Mike Glennon threw an interception in BC's end zone and then threw incomplete on fourth-and-5 at the BC 27 with 1:10 to go.

On The Line Podcast


If Bud won't plug himself - I will. This is a great listen as usual. Bud and others give their breakdowns of a select few upcoming games, in terms of betting on them.

Tre Jackson's GT Offer Pulled


Not sure if this is 100% true since it's on SI's rumor page, but the Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting this as of yesterday. I apologize if someone has already posted this.

SI Article About Oversigning


It's looking more and more like there is an outcry against coaches who oversign and/or twist the rules of medical hardship scholarships. I've heard on TN that Jimbo might oversign if he sees fit. I've also heard he believes in the renewing scholarships on a year-to-year basis (which would comply to NCAA rules). But some view both these practices as unethical, so much so that conference officials and the NCAA are constantly looking at whether or not the rules regarding these issues should be changed. I think oversigning and trimming the fat definitely betters the team (as outlined in this article), but is it right towards the kids? Is it worth the black eye from the media? How does everyone at TN feel about this?

Hudson 3rd Round Prospect According to SI


Blatant disrespect!!!! Am I just drinking the kool-aid? I know Gs are usually the least valued O-linemen, but geez.....

FSU's Top10 Defense


We've all seen the improvement - look at these stats to back it up. Top-10 on a per play basis vs FBS teams!

Moody's Girlfriend


Not sure if anyone saw this yet (or if it's real). I figured since the pic has floated around this site quite often - some of you might be interested in this. Note, this might be his ex-gf.

Hudson Getting Some Heisman Love


Nice to see national recognition.....

Gus Johnson IS March Madness


If you don't like Gus Johnson, I don't like you.


Turnovers – FSU’s Achilles Heel

Florida State's men's basketball team finished the regular season third in the Atlantic Coast Conference. The Seminoles eclipsed the twenty win mark on the season, and had double-digit conference...

Robinson to Vikings?


In Mel Kiper's most recent mock draft, he has FSU's own Patrick Robinson going to Minnesota with the 30th pick. I know why Robinson is being considered a first rounder - he is obviously a great talent and has an NFL body. But it's still hard to believe anyone from our defense (2nd to last in the NCAA before adjustments) would be taken in the 1st round. Either way, I wish him the best. What do you guys think?

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