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BSH Audition: What Kind of Psychopath Would Trade me to Columbus?

I've been playing hockey for a long time and, I've got to tell you, I've seen plenty of shit in my day. Sticks to the head, snot nosed AHL call-ups taking runs at me, fans booing, asshole refs,...

Pete Rose to Get Reality Show


Words escape me. Five initial episodes on TLC. Show will follow him and his 30+ year old Playboy model fiance. Yeah, this will help with reinstatement.

Salisbury: "Progress has been made in Hamels talks"


But more importantly, an Anchorman Sequel is on the way!!!

We're Not Doomed!


Everybody take a deep sigh of relief. Verducci has the Phils winning 94 games, taking the division and making it to the NLCS (only to lose to Giants sans Burrell). I'll sleep like a baby tonight.

Posnanski Named National Sportswriter of the Year


Fantastic writer. His curiously long posts are usually a must read. He has earned a well deserved dolphin-clap...

Marlins offer Reyes $90 million over 6 years


Quick's your opportunity to jump in and overbid. I'm thinking a 9 year deal for 189 million. Hurry.

Phils Sign Raul Valdes

19 a minor league deal

Oswalt Seeking "Long-Term" Contract


Buh bye Roy (unless your agent's definition of long-term is two years).

Uggh. LaRussa May Manage the 2012 All Star Game


If you found the seemingly countless cut-aways to Tony LaRussa *managing* in the dugout during the MLB playoffs intolerably nauseating, then prepare for more misery. Retirement be damned. It seems Bud Selig is open to TLR managing next year's Allstar game, as would be his right if he were still managing. "I'd like to see him do that"...quoth the Selig. I puked a little in my mouth just thinking about it. Can you even imagine how much face time he'll get if he manages this game? It will be unwatchable. Considering the Phils put St. Louis in the playoffs, the least Selig could do is let Cholly take over.

MLB Postseason- No off days during series


At least no off days whille a series is in one city.

Phillies Scouting Jimenez


"...Among teams with interest are Detroit, Atlanta, Cincinnati, the New York Yankees, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago White Sox and Cleveland...."

Lawyer Ball


For all the lovely and kind attorneys who infest this site, there's apparently a new practice called "Lawyer Ball," wherein an alleged talentless group of offensive hacks (in this case the A's) decide to repeatedly and strategically take close pitches in the hopes of getting walks, or so alleges C.J. Wilson: _________ "...They take everything close. If it’s not called a strike, then they walk. It’s lawyer ball. That’s how they roll. That’s how they’re going to beat me. That’s how they have to beat me. I have to make a bunch of mistakes and walk a bunch of guys because they’re not that good of a hitting team...’’

Brett Myers is a New Man and New Pitcher


Ugh... "Today, the 30-year-old Myers is called a great teammate, an enforcer of accountability and a leader..." And, of course, no article of Myers' transformation would be complete without a desultory crack at the way the Phillies handled him. So says Houston's pitching coach: "Where he was before," said Arnsberg, referring to Philadelphia, "I don't think they gave him as much leeway. We've let Brett be what he wants to be rather than always try to mother hen him. We let him tend to his own backyard."

MLB Changing Franchise Debt Rules


This is sort of interesting. MLB is eliminating loopholes which allow MLB teams to hide debt in holding companies, and placing limits on organizational debt. Apparently, the following teams carry more than 50% debt service: 1. Mets (apparently the Madoff suit is not their only concern) 2. Cardinals (bye-bye Pooholes) 3. Nationals 4. Cubs 5. Tigers

Mets Release Perez


The cutting will continue until morale improves. Good thing we don't need a lefty specialist. gulp ____________ "The amount owed to Perez ranks No. 1 on an unofficial list of largest contracts eaten in organization history, with Castillo also high on the list. " OUCH

Buying out Barry Zito?!?


This is perplexing. ______________ "A source close to the team indicated Tuesday that there is "exasperation" with Zito, that his status as the No. 5 starter is "definitely not safe," and that the team would even consider buying out his expensive contract before Opening Day if that's what it takes to say farewell.... [H]is contract: $18.5 million owed this season, $39 million more through 2013 and a $7 million buyout for 2014."

Forbes' List of Most Miserable Sports Cities


Hot damn... Atlanta is Number Two! 1. Seattle 2. Atlanta: "Atlanta’s postseason misery is legendary, led by the Braves’ failure to take home a world championship in 13 of 14 playoff appearances from 1991 to 2004. Throw in a Falcons loss in their lone Super Bowl appearance (1999) and a pair of losses by the NBA Hawks in the Eastern Conference finals, and Atlanta rides neck-and-neck with Seattle on the disappointment meter" 3. Phoenix 4. Buffalo 5. San Diego 6. Houston 7. Kansas City 8. Cleveland 9. Denver 10. Cincinnati

Mets Resort to Giving Tickets Away


The title is a tad misleading, but it's pretty damn funny.

The Worst MLB Teams to Ever Win it All


This chump's doing a bracket of 28 teams. And he's nominated both the 1980 and 2008 Phils teams.

Yankees Call Rangers "Delusional" Over Cliff Lee Comments


This is great. Cliff Lee is a bona fide superhero, replete with superpowers to turns AL franchises against one another.

Fun with Frenchie


Now exiled in KC, he reflects back on the early years of what will surely be a HOF career. On Plate Discipline: Q. Jeff, you swing at a lot of pitches outside the strike zone. Is that part of your approach, or something you’re trying to improve on? A. "You know, it’s funny," "…I’m sure like anything I get knocked on blogs. I’m well aware — you know..." On His Future: "You know, I just turned 27 last week. You see a lot of guys these days, from Jayson Werth — guys that figure it out when they’re 29 years old." "I don’t see there’s any reason I’m not a 20-homer, 40 double guy" On the Mets Facilities: "Citi Field is a damn joke...I hit a ball off Livan Hernandez 415 feet last year to right-center and it hit the wall… that’s pretty frustrating"

Ranking the MLB logos


23? Really?... It's not that bad. __________________ 23. Phillies I like the individual elements, but it's just a little too crowded inside that ball field outline, don't you think? Kind of like Greg Luzinski squeezing into one of those polyester uniforms after it had been left in the dryer too long.

Blanton's Going Nowhere


This may be posturing, but Ruben sure sounds serious about keeping Blanton. ___________________ 1. "I don’t feel comfortable doing it (trading him)... He’s going to pitch for the Phillies, probably for the entire season.... 2. "We do not need to trade the man" 3. "Why would we want to trade the guy?" He gives us a whole lot of protection. I’d stack him up against the rest of the fifth starters in the league."-- YEAH!


Who would have ever thought?!

I'm left speechless.  The earthquake that rocked the baseball world last night had to be at least a 9 on the Richter scale.  Over at Lone Star Ball, they're calling Lee the Grinch whole stole...

Phillies Considering Bringing Back Lee


Doth tweet Jon Heyman. Let the mocking commence. _______________ #phillies are considering bringing back lee. Would be crazy rotation. But they won't outbid #yankees, the favorite.

SI's Top Ten Failed Dynasties


And number 4 on the list: ___________________ 4. John Smoltz-Tom Glavine-Greg Maddux Atlanta Braves (1991-2005) Accomplishments: Fourteen division titles, nine NLCS appearances, five NL pennants, 1995 World Series championship... Ouch.

Astros for Sale


Anyone got $800 million in spare change?

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