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[Thursday FTB] Expansion!!!!!!!!!!?


News notes links and discussion for a Thursday in August.

[Weekend FTB] The Last Month


30 days until the Leafs' pre-season opens up. Some links and discussion to hold you over until we're down to 28 days.

[Thursday's FTB] Hockey Talk in August


Links and discussion for a summer day.

NHL announces changes to Draft Lottery format


Beginning in 2015, the bottom 10 teams have a better shot at first overall. Starting 2016, the draft lottery will determine the top three spots in the NHL draft. Tanking still makes sense if you're out of the playoffs.

[Weekend FTB] Better Late Than Never


With the weekend half-over, let's talk about some hockey stuff.

[Thursday FTB] Erecting A Statue


The Leafs are putting a statue up outside the ACC. Let's talk about it, and some of these other cool links I found.

[Weekend FTB] Links n' Such


Links, news and discussion for a fine summer weekend.

[Thursday FTB] 47 To Preseason


Some links and discussion and junk to hold you over until it's only 46 more days until the preseason.

[Weekend LL] Subban, Habs go to Arbitration


The Habs and Subban went to arbitration and it sounds like nobody is happy. Links news and discussion from around the NHL.

[Weekend LL] Reimer Re-signs


News, discussion, links and notes as Reimer re-signs with the Leafs.

[Thursday LL] More to talk about


It feels like we're steamrolling through the summer at this point. 60 days until the Leafs' preseason opens. Leafs Links: The culture change we actually needAs general manager of the Greyhounds,...

[Tuesday LL] Goodbye, Paul Ranger


Paul Ranger is an ex-Leaf. Best of luck to him on his euro tour. News, rumors, notes and discussion from around the league.

[Monday LL] July, July


Links, discussion, news, and notes from around the league.

[Thurs LL] A trio of big extensions


Three big extensions yesterday, as Kane, Toews, and Schneider are signed to their current teams for a lonnnng time. Leafs' news and discussion in the comments.

[Weekend LL] Slowing Down Now


There are still a few interesting names available in free agency - Heatley, Roy, Malone, Setoguchi, Leino - but generally speaking, it seems like the signing flurry has come to a close. Weekend...

[Thurs LL] Day 2 Signings Around The League

News, notes, links and discussion around and about the NHL.

[Thursday LL] A Whole Lot of Talking


Come join us in holding our breath, hoping someone who isn't Dave Nonis gives Bolland the high-risk, low-reward contract that the arguable-third-line center is seeking. For now, some links.

Leafs Announce 2014-15 Schedule


It's NHL schedule day, so the Toronto Maple Leafs have released their schedule for 2014-15 season.

[Weekend LL] A Collection of Minor Hockey Moves


Stuff happened yesterday. Nothing that'll throw you out of your seat, but hey - it's hockey news. Leafs notes, news, and discussion for the weekend.

[Thurs LL] It's Really Easy To Be A GM In Toronto


In Toronto, there's no consequence for spending a lot of money and getting no results. Just do a mediocre job in a shortened season, and you're set! Links, notes, and discussion from around the NHL.

[Thurs LL] Henrik Holds On


Henrik Lundqvist and the NY Rangers weathered the Kings to send the series back to LA.

[Thurs LL] Game One: Decided


Links, news, and discussion from Leafs fans about other teams. Why wouldn't you want to read that?

[LL] Toronto Hockey Team Makes Conference Finals


Leafs news and links for the weekend of May 18th.

Optics, Accountability, and Betrayal


The Toronto Maple Leafs' front office managed to avoid accountability altogether. They claim it's because they won't bow to "optics," but in reality it's almost all they were thinking about.

[LL] The Five Stages of Hiring Randy Carlyle


Links, news, and discussion about the Toronto Maple Leafs on this, the first day of the rest of the Randy Carlyle Era.

Carlyle Will Be Retained


The Toronto Maple Leafs continue the trend, and make the dumbest possible decision in the dumbest possible way.

[Thursday LL] Leafs Still Have a Head Coach


News, notes and discussion about the Leafs and the league.

Wax On-Ice, Wax Off-Ice


There's a lot to say about this year's Toronto Maple Leafs; much of it was said before the first game and too much of it was said between games.

[Weekend LL] Round Two: Less Hockey


Links, news, and notes for the weekend.

[Thurs LL] Eh, it's sorta the offseason.


This isn't super late because I don't love you, it's - oh yeah, it is.

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