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Cowboys bring in new safety: Frampton

No relation to the guitarist - although they have both started the same number of NFL games...

Dallas seeking a Safety - but Butler not expected to return

I am surprised Butler is not coming back - you would think that would be the obvious solution as he played some safety in camp. I thought he did well in camp and didn't notice any screw-ups in the two games he played -- but the coaches must have not liked what they have seen. I know they signed LeQuan Lewis but I thought that was only for his special teams play.


Joe Must Go? - how Ordinary are our Special Teams?

Joe D has gone from fan favourite to goat in a few easy steps. Back in 2009 he gained a lot of kudos, not only for bouncing back from the neck injury but also for improving a special teams...


Question: I can access the 2008 Cowboys Hard Knocks - should I bother?

Thought it might be worth it - reminiscing those crazy Wade days....

Why Nick Saban doesn't teach backpedalling OR the importance of press coverage

Nice concise article to read - all the more enjoyable now we have two corners who can press. No more watching Newman backpedal into the distance while the WR catches 10 yard passes and makes first downs.... And an interesting little anecdote on Everson Walls - although he was well past his due date by Cleveland.

Broaddus breaks down the Seahawks first game

In summary: _keep Wilson in the pocker _Unger good; Sweezy bad _WR's big but have trouble catching consistently _RB Lynch is the real deal _DE Clemmons is a tough edge rusher _Big talented secondary - but then most people have pointed that out...

Tuck "disgusted" after loss

He is always a big talker after a win - seems like a loss doesn't shut him up either. Also note: "Safety Antrel Rolle said the defense has to start trusting one another again" Do you think JPP repeatedly throwing Prince into the tub is an indication of the chemistry in their locker room?...

"Honest" logos for all NFL teams [Grantland]

Cowboys one hurts a little... Giants and Skins on point. Patriots - just nailed it...


Rank order of the Cowboys Games by degree of difficulty

My rank order (toughest to easiest): 1 @ New York Giants - see my post 2 @ Philadelphia Eagles - if Vick stays healthy, toughest division opponent this year 3 @ Baltimore Ravens - very tough -...

Broaddus: Film Shows TE Cochart Can Give Team Blocking Boost

Brian Broaddus (DC.com) gives a film review of our new TE addition. Bottom line: he is a blocker, minimal pass threat.


"Almost Andy" fighting NFL History to win his first Superbowl

First, full disclosure: I posted this research a year ago on BTB. But I thought I might update and reprise it, given this is year 14 for Almost Andy and from what I hear Jeff Lurie has been...


5 Reasons why the Cowboys will lose to the Giants in Week 1

Reason 1: SB Champs are 11-0 in Wk 1 this century You have to go back to the last century, the '98 Denver Broncos, to find a SuperBowl Champion who lost their Week 1 game the following season. ...

Jimmy Johnson: Romo will win a SB

said Romo "catches more undeserved abuse" than any NFL player...


None of the first cuts claimed on waivers....

Bryan Broaddus ‏@BryanBroaddus Just in case you cared, all the players that the Cowboys released on waivers yesterday, cleared. Non were claimed.

Butler leads the team in preseason tackles, gotta be close to a lock for the roster

Given his position flexibility across the defensive backfield and his special teams work he has got to be a lock. Well deserved, he seems like a RKG from the few snippets I have heard. And having a backup that can make open-field tackles gives me some piece of mind.... "Being a willing tackler, it’s just a mentality," Butler said. "I take that mentality on."...

Nice PFF analysis on the 'Boys - Rams game

Loved Romo - Bradford, not so much. Note some of the teething issues of our O-Line, including oultine of pressures by player (Tyron gave up as many as Arkin...) And the emergence of "Lee's Defence" They also outline Jenkins' bad day - which does make me wonder how much was Harris playing well vs Jenkins playing badly.... (probably a bit of both).

Ugly stuff happening at Giants Camp

And yet its the Punter apologising for posting it. If that is representative of the leadership and dynamic in the locker room, this team is not repeating. And JPP is turning into a giant ego (/ass).

PFF's review of the Cowboys

I think they are pretty spot on the money this time. And reasonably positive - expect us to be competing for a playoff spot. Phil Costa gets hammered in the media and by the fans but I believe he will show significant improvement this year. This is in part due to PFF's own grades: Costa was a -9.7 last year but was -9.5 in the first half (much coming from that bizarre Redskins game) and a solid -0.2 in the final 8 games. So he has already shown the capacity to improve...


The Cowboys have played the Mike Jenkins thing absolutely perfectly

A few years ago I remember listening to an ex-player being interviewed. This guy was a smart guy but a journeyman physical talent who moved through no less than 5 NFL teams - so had a great...

Final PFF Route analysis: Romo #3 in comebacks (routes that is)

Romo rates #3 in hitches and comebacks, to go along with his other two #1 and one #2 route rankings. Interestingly, Dez on slants at #3 was the only WR with a top 5 ranking in anything - although Robinson was important to a couple of Romo's high rankings. Note they also rated Out routes and Go routes and Romo didn't rank in the Top 5 in either of these.

Romo rates #1 again - this time post/corner routes [PFF route efficiency rankings]

Romo is #1 ranked QB in post/corner routes. Throwing a phenomenal 44 YPC - even more amazing when combined with a 70% completion rate!. Equates to 31 YPA on 17 attempts. (Eli is #2) As previously posted he also rated #1 in ins/crosses and #2 in slants - so it still begs the question as to what he doesn't throw well (although he didn't rate a mention in WR Screens....)


Dallas leads the division in 1 thing: iPads

This may not be news for many of you, but I am interested in the impact of iPads on work (I guess football qualifies) so I did a little research to see how far this all goes.

Romo #1 in crossing and in-routes (PFF)

They just posted this. Romo was the #1 ranked QB on in's and crosses. This is despite none of his WR's rating a mention and a meagre 3.8 YAC. 78% completion rate with 7 TDs and 0 INT's - unfortunately 5 of the TD's were to Robinson.... So Romo is #2 in slants and #1 in ins/crosses - wonder which routes he doesn't rate on?

The Good Dez: PFF slant route ranking is 3rd (and Romo #2 QB on the route)

Not all that surprising given his size, athleticism and wing-span, but Dez Bryant is ranked #3 in slant route completion %, with a rate of 76% Also not surprising who was #1 - Megatron at 83% Romo ranked the #2 QB in YPA in throwing slants, behind only Rogers. Rogers had a much better TD to INT ratio though. What surprised me somewhat that he only threw 44 slant attempts (completing 75%) - only just over 8% of attempts or 1 of 12. And half went to Dez.


The journey of an International Cowboys Fan - from snail mail to NFL Gamepass

I just got an email from the NFL advertising their packages for NFL GamePass (only available to fans outside the US). While my initial thought was to come here and GLOAT, it actually caused me to...

What's a word for "not elusive"? Choice.

Tashard that is. (Well really its Jones - Thomas, not his brother). But Tashard was #46 out 47 back rated for their elusivenss on PFF. Analysis included this quote: " Tashard Choice has forced both the fewest missed tackles (18), and has the lowest yards after contact average (1.5) in the study." And to think I thought they wasted a 3rd round pick on a Murray, seems like JG actually knows what he is doing.... PS: Felix was a respectable 10th position

Cold Hard Football Facts: Mr Rodgers is the really Q4 choker, not Romo

Unfortunately Romo's win rate doesn't look that great at first glance BUT remember this is the win% when a team is trailing by 1-8 points in the fourth qtr -- so the average win rate from that position would have to be less than 0.500. Story unfortunately doesn't say. But it is way better than Rodgers!

Are the Cowboys cheap?

From Ross Tucker, ex-NFL / Cowboys player: (in the Q&A section below the main article): A: ...yes, I have said that the Cowboys were the only team of five I played for that I recall charging me via payroll deduction for my helmet. I believe it was $200. I was told that Jerry Jones looks at equipment as team property, and if a player wants it, he has to purchase it. I'm a business owner, so on some level I get it, but I was pretty surprised, given how much money the Cowboys make. They also were the only team that deducted money for lunch every week during the season, which was even more astonishing to me.


What's the demand for the "All 22" view?

Came across some interesting articles on the NFL's views on providing the All -22 view of the playing field. Clearly they cannot argue technology is an impediment with HD wide-screen feeds being...


The real reason for the improved Defence this season: tackling

Visiting the PFF site, I came across this story of the season on missed tackles.    While the story features the best (49'ers) and worst (Tampa) - the next best and worst were also of...

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