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Fantasy football names based on 2012 NFL stories

Many wacky stories cropped up during the 2012 NFL season. Here's a recap with some suggested names for your 2013 fantasy football teams based on those stories.

Fantasy Life, Ep. 10: Jimmy wins the Championship

Jimmy wins on the (almost) final play of the fantasy season. Brad ponders whether you should upgrade your league if you are winning too much.

Fantasy Life, Ep. 9: Brad's out, Adam gets busted

Brad's receivers all lay eggs causing him to be knocked out by the thinnest of margins. Adam's other league loses all its fantasy money in a gambling bust.

Fantasy Life, Ep. 8: Plaaayoffs?!?

With three straight losses to close the season, Cam Newton is the sole reason Brad makes the playoffs.

Fantasy Life, Ep. 7: No Parity = Lopsided Trades

Lack of League Parity Opens the Window for Ridiculous Trades. And, the Stalker Gets Expelled.

Fantasy Life, Ep. 6: Life Meets Fantasy Football

Out of touch with the other members of his league, Brad ponders questions related to the intersection of life and fantasy football.

Fantasy Life, Ep.5: Stalkers and Defying Experts

Brad defies the computer experts and prevails. One owner, well, um, stalks another.

Fantasy Life, Ep. 4: When your QB faces your team

Dave gets into trouble when he wears a Packers jersey to a Packers bar and roots for the Packers; oh, and Andrew Luck.

Fantasy Life: Replacement Refs and Creepy Owners

An owner revolts when the replacement refs cost him a game. The new owner gets way too clingy.

Fantasy Life: Of commissioners and wingmen

Jimmy gets into trouble for NOT altering another owner's lineup. Randy drafts me as his wingman. Chaos ensues.

One man. One Fantasy Football Season.

One man's experience with Fantasy Football. Updates each week. Like "A Season on the Brink." With less chair throwing.

Fantasy Football: Week 2 Reflections

After two weeks of fantasy football, what have we learned?

Fantasy Football 2012: Draft Strategy & Slotting

There are different strategies depending on your draft position. We discuss picks near the end of the snake.

Fantasy Football Rankings 2012

We provide a Top 100 cheat sheet to prepare you for your 2012 fantasy football draft in a standard league.

Fantasy Football Rankings 2012: Top 100 Cheat Sheet For PPR Leagues

We provide a top 100 cheat sheet to prepare you for your 2012 fantasy football draft.

Change in NFL Strategy Necessitates Change in Fantasy Strategy

Strategy in the NFL has changed. Your fantasy football draft strategy should change too.

There's No Dominant Fantasy Football Pick for 2012, And That's Good

There are no obvious top picks in Fantasy Football this year. Why that's better for you and your league.

March Madness in Vegas: Final Update


This is the end my friends.  Of another trip anyway.  I'd have to say that this is the fastest it has ever felt.  There's clearly more I want to do and the Vegas weather is supposed to heat up the...

Sweet 16 In Vegas, Day 2 Recap: A Reversal of Basketball Fortunes


Well, this update is coming a lot later today as it was a very long night last night and I needed some extra sleep.  Funny, but wives don't really appreciate you taking off four days to go to Vegas...

Sweet 16 In Las Vegas: Splitting The Pot And Betting Against Jimmer


Would a full game of Jimmer Fredette outscore the first-half output of the Florida Gators? He came darn close.

Sweet 16 In Las Vegas: The Bellagio, Big Meals And Basketball Bets


With the Sweet 16 starting on Thursday, our reporter headed to Las Vegas to experience March Madness with fellow gamblers and fine diners.

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