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Tim Wilken Interview with Bruce Miles on Draft Strategy

Interview This Wilkins interview gives a very nice  overview of the Cubs' draft strategy, and provides some encouraging insight into the team's player development strategy. Gotta love this part: "...

Cubs Willing to Absorb Much of Soriano's Contract

Just do it. Eat 75% if you have to. His overall value can be replaced for league minimum. At that rate, you'd still come out saving some money overall. He's not getting any younger, this might be the last chance to move him and have a team take on any money.

Ryan Theriot Roid Rage

Theriot explodes and gets tossed after a play that the umps totally... got right! What's funny is that none of his teammates bothered to hold him back from the ump before he got tossed (Pujols made a half hearted effort after the fact).

Brett Jackson and Ryan Flaherty Promoted to Iowa

This was just retweeted by the Iowa Cubs twitter account, so I'm assuming it's legit. Otherwise I've never heard of this website. Good for him. Maybe he's with the big league club after the trade deadline. Just read the second half of the article that said Flaherty was bumped up as well. Cool.


More IFA Signings

  The Cubs made a couple Venezuelan signings today according to MLBTR. [T]he Cubs signed Venezuelan catcher Mark Malave and Venezuelan third baseman Ricardo Marcano, according to Ben Badler of...

Kevin Slowey for Sale?

Won't save the world, but might save the back of our rotation. For a mid level prospect, I can't imagine us not being interested. Typical AL to NL improvement potential applies. I'd take him over Davis/Coleman/Russell.


Question about fielding range and errors

I posted this over at the FanGraphs forum, but thought I should ask it here as well. Tell me if this stat exists. Say a rangey shortstop gets to a ball that would not be caught by 55% of...

Fernando Perez Switch Hitting Again

If it helps him make the team, I'm all for it. Still, I can't help but think that very few players succeed as switch hitters. I wonder if anybody has done a good study on success rates of switch hitters, particularly ones who started switch hitting in pro ball. With Brandon Guyer gone, I'm pulling for Perez to make the team in his stead.

Cubs Photo Day!

I love photo day. The unis always look so bright and clean, and the team just looks to be brimming with optimism for the new season! OK, I made that last part up. But you gotta love the pics!

If Cricket can do this, why can't Baseball?

An interesting read, if for no other reason than Cricket is an interesting sport (with an interesting history). But what stood out to me is this part: "Although cricket is a sport steeped in tradition and clings to its roots in order to preserve as much as possible, American sports fans might be surprised to know that cricket utilized video technology to aid umpires in making line decisions long before baseball decided to check the validity of home runs on replay. The Hawk-eye system currently used to challenge and dispute line calls in tennis was originally developed for cricket and is used as part of cricket's challenge and review system for overturning calls." I've often wondered why an automated system like the one used in tennis couldn't be used in baseball. The fact that it is used in cricket only makes it seem that much more plausible.

Cool Baseball Website: The Eephus League

For any of you who read Paul Lukas' Uniwatch blog, you might have seen this. It seems like a great idea, just needs more content. As far as I can tell, I'm the first commenter. Anyway, check it out, the owner has done a great job with it.

Creative Contract Clauses

Maybe it's because I'm sleep deprived right now, but I just found this article really funny. Especially the line about Adam Dunn.

A Depressing Graphical View of the Cubs' 2010 Season

Well, this pretty much says it all, doesn't it? There's always next year! On the bright side, this new WAR grid feature on Fangraphs is just absolutely tremendous!

Fangraphs Top 10 Cubs Prospects - Post Garza Deal

Moving on to the future post Garza trade, here is Fangraphs' opinion of our farm system now (Ranked 18th). The rankings don't shed too much new light on the system, but the write ups on each player are nice. One thing I do wonder about though is the peak WAR projections. I imagine they are best case scenarios if a prospect reaches his ceiling, but I'm not sure how likely it is for each guy to reach that projection. It sure would be nice to get 4.5 WAR each from Jackson and McNutt in their primes, as they seem the most likely prospects in the system at the moment to realize their potential.

Picturing the Future of Fielding Stats

I'm not sure I know what all the pretty pictures mean, but they are all kinds of exciting!

Blue Jays' Bold Draft Pick Strategy

I love this move by the Jays, even though there is a risk that it backfires and they get stuck with 3 catchers. Worst case scenario, they can probably trade Olivo or Molina. Best case scenario, they end up with 8 draft picks in the top 50. This is exactly the kind of thing the Jays need to do to level the playing field and compete in the AL East. Not a sure fire path to success (draft can be a crap shoot), but given the talent in next year's draft class, it's a risk well worth taking.

Kila Watch

Just in case you thought I'd written off my Hawaiian friend, Kila Ka'aihue sports a .275/.366/.550 triple slash line with 6 home runs for September. Sure, it's September baseball, but he's closing in on a 30 HR full season pace now that he has 185 PAs under his belt. Just sayin'.

Zambrano Option Clause - Something to Think About

I've noticed this clause several times and always dismissed it as highly unlikely to happen. But Craig makes a good point about the likelihood of a 4th place Cy Young finish in 2012... Just something to think about for both the Cubs and a potential trading partner.

Royals DFA Jose Guillen - It's Kila Time in KC

Happy to see this news just now. As much as I wanted the Cubs to take a buy low flier on Kila Ka'aihue, I also really just want to see the kid succeed. This move appears to open up the playing time for him to get regular at bats in KC for the rest of the season. He may still be obtainable over the winter though, so I'll be keeping a close eye on him. Kansas City is a team everyone loves to hate, and I've been in on that for the past two years or so, but I've always really liked the team (the unis, the stadium, the history), and I'm really happy to see them going forward with a full blown youth movement, and they actually have quite a few reasons to be optimistic about the future. Edit: just so there's no confusion, he was DFA'd, and not simply put on waivers, presumably to just get him off the roster.

Posnanski on Royals' Empty Batting Average

It is amazing to think that a professional team in this day and age does not appear to value getting on base. There is a reason there is a stat (flawed but useful) called OPS.

Josh Byrnes: Cubs' Next GM?

Someone else probably just beat me to this... I might could go with that, based on the results of a recent poll of MLB GMs...


Nady or Dye?

Cubs Interested in Xavier Nady From the start of the offseason, I had this grim hunch that Xavier Nady would be the kind of guy the Cubs would bring in to be the "RBI guy" that Lou wanted. I was...


An argument for Mike Cameron

Food for thought: To sum up, if the Cubs could sign a player who is theoretically more valuable per season than Jason Bay and has been...

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