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Game 28: Angels @ Twins

Is Jered Weaver going to Vander Meer the Twins?

Twins Make A Game Out of It, Drop Opener to Angels 4-3

CJ Wilson dominates the Twins in the battle of last place teams.

Game 22: Twins @ Angels

Pujols hasn't homered yet this season! Will that change tonight against The Twins and Nick Blackburn?

Twins Drop Series Opener to Boston, 6-5

The Twins lost to the Red Sox tonight. What happened?

Game 17: Twins (5-11) Battle Red Sox (4-10), Marquis Makes Target Field Debut

The Twins take on the Red Sox at home. Do the Twins take advantage of a down team? Or do the Red Sox feast on iffy pitching? Join us for the conversation!

Josh is Willing (Ham)

Twins lose. Willingham homers.

Happy Home Opener! Twins vs. Angels!

Can the Twins win their first game of the year? It's Opening Day at Target Field!

Twins vs Rays: No Winner

Twins v. Rays. No Winner.

The Minnesota Twins versus The Tampa Bay Rays. Or: Am I Stuck In A Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day" Type Situation.

For the 8th time this Spring, the Minnesota Twins meet the Tampa Bay Rays. Join us on Twinkie Town for the action!

Baker Gets Burned. Doumit Hits A Dinger.

Baker Gets Burned. Doumit Hits A Dinger.

Twins and Rays! (Again!)

Twins and Rays! (Again!)

Twins vs. Red Sox: Redux

Twins! Red Sox!

Luke Hughes! MVP (Most Valuable Perth-native)!


MVP (Most Valuable Perth Native)!

Hey Guys! More Baseball! Twins vs. Rays!

Twins and Rays! Game thread!


Twinkie Town Fantasy Baseball

So, I am thinking about starting a fantasy baseball league for Twinkie Towners, and I am just trying to gauge interest. If you're interested, let me know. Comment on here, or tweet at me. Thanks.


The Top 10 Things About Being A Twins Fan

If you look over at the right hand side of this screen, of the front page, there is a link to Yahoo Sports baseball blog, entitled Big League Stew. Currently, they are having a guest writer every...

Joel Zumaya Agrees To Throw One Last Amazing Pitch


The Onion react to Zumaya's signing by the Twins.


Please Remember That The Tigers Still Have Problems.

Today has been a weird day. First, Jonah Hill became an Academy Award nominated actor and, at roughly 2 PM central time, it was announced that the Detroit Tigers signed Prince Fielder to a nine...


Roy Oswalt v. Jason Marquis v. Edwin Jackson

Okay guys. This is probably way more information than anyone will ever need in the history of anything. Ever, but after reading Lindsay Guentzel's tweet about Roy Oswalt, I decided to do some...

Do You Want To Face Paul Konerko At Least 27 Times A Game?


Mackey discusses what pitching to contact means. Results wise. Real, hard numbers in here. This is why I drink.


Brady's Almost Complete 2012 Roster

I was writing my rosterbation piece last Thursday, then I got a phone call and I had to leave. So, now that my life has calmed down a considerable degree, I am going to whip it out. My 2012 M...


Joe Mauer, Upper Respiratory Infection, and Some Quick Research.

Today, Joe Mauer was scratched out of the lineup with an upper respiratory infection. And after hanging out on the Internet for awhile, and seeing all the comments about Mauer, and his durability....

No Cast or Surgery For Nishioka


I am a history major, and not in pre-med, but I feel like that has to move up his recovery time dramatically, right?

Deal Done. Yoshi Is Now A Twin.


I'm jazzed to see the media firestorm in Target Field next season.

Twins Are Attempting To Trade For Brendan Ryan


I just don't understand this at all. Ryan's a great glove, but so is Hardy. And Ryan's just a marginally better hitter than Casilla. Should've just kept Hardy.


In 2011, Vote For Blyleven.

Another piece I wrote for my blog, Pine Tar And Pocket Protectors ( “I’m really sad. I took it for granted that Dawson and Blyleven were going to get...


TwinsFest 2011 Autographs

I just ran across the lineup for TwinsFest 2011, and it's looking pretty good this year. Apart from the regulars, Tony Oliva, Rod Carew, Harmon Killebrew (health permitting) and those current...


A Recent History of Managerial Firings

Lately on Twinkie Town, there has been a lot of partisan bickering on the issue of Ron Gardenhire's place at the helm. I'm not going to debate the pros and cons of his managing this ballclub. But,...


Ballgame Over. The Season Is Over. How Do We Beat Those Pricks?

We're all frustrated. Going out 6-1 to a team that you thought you were better than is not the way to go. So, what do you in the  off season? Realistically. You'll have Mauer, Morneau, Cuddyer,...

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