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Which is more likely? Vikes make playoffs? or AP breaks Dickerson's record?

OK, based on the impressive size of my brain as depicted below..this is my attempt to make some statistical sense of this question.. via Based on the...


7-9 and 1 division win

Can the vikes actually break .500 this year?


So what's the deal w/ Shortwell?

Did you notice how many reeeeeeeally short kick offs longwell had, in addition to the shanked extra point ..(and other field goal that although good, was quite the low line drive and not that...

Week 4 NFL Power Rankings: How Low Can The Minnesota Vikings Go?


Well, now..its official we are ranked at or lower than AP's jersey # in all major polls.. but hey, we are still top 32!


Hows about a strong dose of WebCat??

I think to get past the mental blockade of fearing to fail in the 2nd half.. I think we should start the 3Q with full slate of WEBBCAT.. I personally was excited to hear that Musgrave installed it...

Tarkenton skips 50th anniversary half-time celebration


Hey, anyone know why Tarkenton ended up skipping the 50th Anniv halftime celebration, after saying publicly that he would attend?? Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton returned to Minnesota last Sunday for the Vikings' 50th anniversary celebration. But Tarkenton left town before Monday night's game against the Chicago Bears, skipped an on-field halftime ceremony and clearly still hasn't come to grips with Brett Favre's two-year tenure as the Vikings' quarterback.

The Vikings 2011 opponents have been set


not as last-placey as you'd think.. a lot of tough ones (on paper at least)


Getting to know your fellow DNers, a proposal

  Now that this nightmarish* season is mercifully behind us, and with really nothing to do except wait and see what the front office will do regarding off-season signings and waiting for...

Vikings #20 in SI Power Rankings

+ know what this means??? well, i'll tell you..being that don banks orgainzes the list 10 teams per page, the vikes are now listed on the 2nd page!! up one page from previous weeks.. signed, desperately seeking optimism...


Totally unbiased Brad Childress poll

Totally unbiased  poll regarding Brad Childress'  fate.   Brad Childress is the head coach of the Minnesota football Vikings, who participate in the National Football League. In light of the recent...


Jets romping vs Buffalo a good thing?

I am thinking/hoping that the New York Jets so thoroughly trouncing the hapless Bills will somehow work in our favor Monday Night.   They likely will at least a little bit buy into all this local...

NFL Best #81 player of all time


OK, did anyone see this? it is SI's list of the best 100 NFL players of all time , by NUMBER.. So I browse through, and notice #81, Carl Eller is NOT EVEN MENTIONED!!! As a protest, I will NOT buy the next swimsuit edition..I will only peek at the newstand..that'll teach 'em!


Feelin' me some good ol' Favre country comfort

And this is coming from a former all-out Favre HAYTAH .. But , I must admit that this season, for some reason, i have noticed myself thinking that no matter who the next opponent, and what other...


Watching games w/ "friends & family" --rather not

Last Sunday was just the latest example.. there were at least 5 instances when I just stood up and let out a flurry of expletives at high volume.. and in the second half, actually had to turn to a...


Looks like Vikes are a turf team

..two consecutive pathetic performances on both sides of the ball leads me to conclude minnesota is a turn team.. On grass, their speed pass rush is completely neutralized, exposing their mediocre...


Dallas will beat Saints

(yes this belongs in this post, b/c any saints loss bodes well for vikes..)One well-known sports-bookie once said, when absolutely everyone seems to be betting one may be well worth the...


Should we root for Dallas or Green Bay??...

...Not so sure at this point... Of course , we all hate GB and would like *even more* distance between us and them, but realistically, the division race is already OVER.. and the next real goal...

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