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I am currently a student at the University of Georgia and have an unhealthy obsession with our Braves. That is it really

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Four football players arrested. What took so long?


Mark Richt has lost control of this recurring joke.. but seriously, this is must be a right of passage for UGA football off seasons

Simba is Going to Be a Star


This is a good little article from David Schoenfield at THE ESPN basically confirming what all of us already know- Simba is going to be really good. Just a good reminder at how truly special Simmons' defense already is

Crowell Arrested On Weapons Charges


You've got to be kidding me... I hope this is some fake post, but its straight from the red and

Did the Yadier Molina deal price McCann out of ATL?


Just some interesting thoughts from DOB about the Yadier Molina deal and how it may hurt the Braves chances of resigning Heap to a long-term deal. I would be beyond upset if Mac leaves cause the Braves low ball him

Interesting Write-up of Falcons-Giants Game


I don't really read CBS sports, but this is a really interesting and pretty thorough break-down of our upcoming showdown with the Giants. What do you guys think?

Justin Tuck Calls Out Falcons O-line


Anyone think this will start a war of words this week? (I'm looking at you Roddy).

#Braves' Fredi G. on Venters: "He’s got, what, 46 appearances counting today? We may have to back...


#Braves' Fredi G. on Venters: "He’s got, what, 46 appearances counting today? We may have to back off a little bit. He’s too valuable for us and we want him for the long haul."

From DOB at AJC Braves. Glad Fredi finally admits it

Braves Enjoy Embarrassment of Riches


Not sure how many of you have seen this, but its just another reminder of how stacked we are for years to come. It really is good to be the Braves

Trent Dilfer at it Again


I just... I just can't listen to this garbage anymore. All we can do is smile and shake our heads. I think its because we have beaten EVERY team Dilfer has played on- Bucs, Seahawks, Ravens, Browns, and Niners. This season is for you Trent!

Craig Kimbrel About To Make History


Craig Kimbrel About To Make History

Craig Kimbrel: struck out side vs Mets today 29 K in 14 1/3 IP FROM ELIAS He will have the most K for any pitcher IN THE MODERN ERA (since 1900) within the first 15 IP of his career.

The Effects of Kris Medlen's Injury

This is my first Fanpost, so be gentle... So like many of you, I was very upset when I saw Medlen leave the game last night and after hearing the news today of the partial tear to the ligament in...

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