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I grew up in Colorado, served 8 years in the US Army, and now work at a production company in Hollywood when I'm not freelancing on indie films. My new film CHEMICAL PEEL comes out in 2013. Check out the trailer at www.getchemicalpeeled.com

When I'm not making movies...I'm watching and playing hockey. There is no more room in my heart for any other sports or teams.

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  • NHL Colorado Avalanche
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The new look of MHH... "No sir, I don't like it."


The new look of MHH... "No sir, I don't like it."

Doom and gloom from Dater: My new belief: only about 20-25% chance NHL season will happen at all....

Doom and gloom from Dater: My new belief: only about 20-25% chance NHL season will happen at all. Toxic atmosphere https://twitter.com/adater

O'Reilly to be traded


This guy has hilarious tweets.


Proof that Sacco is a bad coach.

Bear with me here, as there are several definitions and opinions of what "bad" is. To me, a bad coach is one who fails to adapt, to utilize his team's strengths, and too often plays into the...

Blame it on Avs ownership; good article.


A very nice summary of what many here have suggested for a long time. Paints a bleak picture...but hopefully things will get turned around.


Rumors from behind the Avalanche Iron Curtain

Forgive me for sounding like some anonymous hockey blogger, but I couldn't help but post some of this info here and see what fellow Avs fans think.  I had a conversation with someone over the...


Avs sign Lindstrom

I remember reading on Hockey Buzz a few days ago that some teams were high on this guy.  Didn't think the Avs were actually doing something.  Does this mean Fleischmann is done?  Dater seems to...


Trade Watch 2011

I figured it might be nice to have a one stop thread for trade talk over the next four days leading up to the deadline.  Of course, if one of you official types wants to make a better thread for...

Awesome old Forsberg commercial


Awesome old Forsberg commercial


Recap From The Future!

Belated Mid Season Recap (Avs on a roll). February 2nd, 2012 I know we're a bit past the mid season mark, but I figured it's better late than never! 2011-2012 has been an exciting year for the C...


Time to Rebuild (blow it up)

No, not the roster.  Does the roster need work?  Sure, but it's a rebuild in progress--one that's going pretty well.  Inject a little size into that defense, and we'll be okay. No, the rebuild I'm...


What is the problem with the Avs? (Now with 33% more stats!)

After tonight's (adjective needed) loss to the Blackhawks, I decided to do a little stat digging and see if perhaps we can pinpoint an area that needs improved the most.  This is an 11 game...

Jones has the POWER!


Jones has the POWER!

Toews will be NHL 11 cover boy


How lame is that? A Blackhawks player two years in a row? I think this is the one exception where I can totally judge a book by its cover. Same basic cover from last year, same basic game from last year.

"It's the Chicago Blackhawks, man."


"It's the Chicago Blackhawks, man."


Blackhawks VS Flyers

I think this is a great matchup.  Although barely making the playoffs in the East, I really believe that the Flyers boast a roster as deep as anybody in the league.  This should be a great...


History Will Be Made - Nabokov

I'll admit I haven't made a video for this here internet box in some time.  Enjoy!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILu7ObR-bk0     Oh, and of course this has to be 75 words long.  So I'll keep...


Mueller, Hejduk, Jones to miss game 7

Avalanche head coach Joe Sacco announced after tonight's game six that forwards Milan Hejduk, Peter Mueller, and David Jones would not be making the trip to San Jose for game seven, and indicated...


Can't Complain.

People around here know I like to complain a lot.  I'm a sore loser--more like...I expect to win.  All the time.  It's not that I love to win, it's that I hate to lose. That being said, I can't...


Calder race getting tight...

Tavares is now 6 points back of Duchene.  True, he's played two more games, but the gap is certainly shrinking...and if he's broken out of his scoring slump, it could be a very tight race down to...


It's all good in Avalanche land.

So the loss against Vancouver sucked.  It sucked about as bad as a regular season loss can suck (without suffering an injury to a star player, or missing the playoffs on the last day of the regular...

Best Hockey team intro video EVER?


Best Hockey team intro video EVER?


Avalanche Mozilla Firefox Persona

Since Firefox has recently jumped on the "Skins" bandwagon (they call them personas), they've opened the field up to struggling artists everywhere!    Behold my Avalanche Persona!  Available for...


Peter Forsberg.

Peter Forsberg is going to be talked about, so we may as well get this discussion going now.  According to sources, Forsberg is gearing up for one last attempt at an NHL comeback.  Clearly the...


Glory years Avalanche video highlights

I've been digitizing all my old VHS tapes and have come across a few Avalanche things I taped.  So I figured I'd upload them for ya'll to reminisce about the good ol' days.   1996 Stanley Cup...

Video: How to beat the 1997 Colorado Avalanche


Hot off a VHS tape I found in a box...I recorded this 12 years ago...back in the glory days!

Avalanche Third Jersey: A better rendering. Looking at it now, it looks pretty cool, actually.


Avalanche Third Jersey: A better rendering.   Looking at it now, it looks pretty cool, actually.

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