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Quanitative analysis of Ricky's value


One of the guys at 538 makes an effort to value steals. He uses Ricky, KLove and the Timberwolves as examples.


MIN-DC Musical Preview: Brazil

On Wednesday DC comes to town, and with them they bring testicular-cancer survivor Nene (Nene = "baby"; I assume because he was the youngest in his family, not because he's some real life Benjamin...


Warriors new sleeved jerseys

As many of you have likely already heard, the Warriors are unveiling new sleeved jerseys. Should the Twolves consider a similar approach? minimum word count minimum word count minimum word...


Poll! About Tanking, which is a sad topic, sure. But I know you like polls. I just want to make you happy and I'm not any good at photoshopping stuff.

Unlike some of you who have actual knowledge about basketball and/or grammar, I have neither. That's why I contribute polls. It's sort of an Aaron Sorkin of CH approach... where I contribute the...

Is this who I think this is? Was this posted before and I missed it?


Is this who I think this is? Was this posted before and I missed it?


Simulated NBA/NCAA basketball seasons

So the story is this- I've always considered basketball to be the sport in the US most likely to be successful adopting a multi-tiered promotion/relegation structure (ala international...

Publicly owned pro sports teams - Germany


This is for all the CH members (read: TMiss) that push for publicly owned teams in the NBA. Here's a nice article on how that works in Germany.

NFL draft... Mocktupus


For all of you who called for the Twolves to just crowd source their draft research over the past few years, a guy over at Football Outsiders did just that to come up with is mock draft. I find the process more interesting that the results, it's kind of a fun idea.

The Rise of the Peksecutioner


Nice article on Pek. Lists him as PF for some reason though.

NBA team EPL team


Our Twolves are assigned an English Premier League (soccer) equivalent. It isn't good, but it could be much, much worse.

NSC Minnesota Stars

2011 NASL Champions   I believe in a Scottish lake monster. I believe in a Scottish lake monster. I believe in a Scottish lake monster. I believe in a Scottish lake monster. I believe in a Scottish...


Great Offseason/Postseason Performances... NSC Minnesota Stars

For those looking to get a little sports fix to hold them over, let me mention that your NSC Minnesota Stars have made it into the finals of the NASL (i.e. top minor soccer league) playoffs. A list...

Eric Musselman is getting international recognition for being a jerk.


I thought there was a Twolves link when I first read this, then the token dropped and I realized it was the wrong Coach Musselman. Figured it might interest some anyway. Sorry the link is in Portuguese. My best translation of the title: "Always angry, Musselman takes the Sour Lemon Trophy in Mar del Plata NBA experienced American coach for Venezuela exposes American athletes, disdains journalists, and exudes bad mood during the America's Cup "


Nellie Poll (with poll!)

Because everybody loves polls. Even scientifically inaccurate polls appeal to our scientific nature.

Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports... new edition


For those interseted, an academic journal relating to sports I follow came out with a new issue. Some articles relate to basketball in particular: "Dynamic Effort, Sustainability, Myopia, and 110% Effort"... players pace themselves really well "Stratified Odds Ratios for Evaluating NBA Players Based on their Plus/Minus Statistics"... more work on Plus/Minus "Optimal Dynamic Clustering Through Relegation and Promotion: How to Design a Competitive Sports League"...a fun idea, the author suggests 'competitiveness' would be optimized if the NBA stratified into a three-tiered league "Perception ≠ Reality: Analyzing Specific Allegations of NBA Referee Bias"... Pat Riley is a whiner. "Never Too Late to Win"... author proposes an alternate draft order methodology; written for the NHL, applicable to the NBA. I'm pretty sure you can download these using guest access.


Yet another impossible 3-team trade: we get Curry

So there's all the talk the Lakers might make a move, the Warriors are willing to shake things up and Curry has been mentioned specifically. Insert our stupid-like-a-fox front office. h...

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