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I was born in New Orleans. I went to my first Saints game with my dad at age seven. As we were pulling out of the driveway to go to the game, my mother rushed out of the house waving her arms frantically "Wait! Wait! You forgot your paper bags to wear!"
I have attended at least one home game every year since. I first saw the Saints win a game in person in 1985 against the Eagles. When the Saints didn't have a home game in 2005 due to Katrina, I traveled with my dad to Lambeau to see them play the winless Packers. Talk about a disappointment! We lost the game 52-3 and lost Deuce for the season.
Presently, I am a physician residing in nearby Mobile, AL. After waiting for years, I finally scored season tickets, just in time to enjoy the Saints golden age. Why can't every year be 2009?

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  • NFL New Orleans Saints
  • NCAAB Vanderbilt Commodores
User Blog

MMQB Deep Dive: The Safety Dance


How safety became the most important position on defense--and what you should know about the playmakers who were scooped up in free agency.

MMQB: Saints Purge No Reason to Panic


Great read. Discusses the Salary Cap being more flexible than conventional wisdom believes, debunks the myth of Brees' contract causing cap crisis, and evolution of Payton offense.

Bucs trying to trade, even considering cutting Revis


I won't get my hopes up of landing Revis, but isn't it comforting knowing we are in the same division with this Mickey Mouse organization.

The Seattle Suspensions keep coming


Injured CB Browner will be banned for another 8 games. Will be cut by team.


Inside the Mind of a Saints Fan: A True Story

A close friend of mine is a neurologist. Yesterday, he was consulted to evaluate an older woman with altered mental status. Upon evaluation, he determined that she was indeed disoriented to...

MMQB: NFC Championship 2009, the untold story


A revisionist tale from the viewpoint of the Vikings backup QB. *Spoiler: They are still whining.

Ornstein's email deliberately taken out of context by NFL

"It's a running joke going for three years," Ornstein said. "First of all, I don't have $5,000 to put down. When I wrote that email, I was in jail. How was I going to pay for it? In stamps? Just as I surmised weeks ago.

Bill Parcells says Saints gig possible:


"I've had several people tell me 'You need to do this,' and I've had a few who have their doubts," Parcells told Mortensen. "Let's see what develops over the next couple of weeks. All I can tell you is this guy [Payton] is my friend and that means something to me. I want to be there for him..." Sounds like Tuna has decided to go for it. Just waiting for Benson to call.

Grantland: Oh Please Hire Bill Parcells As Interim Coach, Saints


"Somebody has been reading Machiavelli..." Which is exactly why I hope this hire happens.

Super Saints? Not a chance


Warning: John Clayton This smug SOB's article really takes the cake. Here's a taste: "NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's strong and wise ruling regarding the Saints' violations of the bounty rules effectively eliminates them from Super Bowl contention.


2 FREE Tickets to the Saints-Titans Preseason Game

I know the preseason is lame, but I'm offering my tickets to the fourth preseason game anyway.  I hate to see them go to waste.


CSC 2011 Powerless Rankings

We are already beginning to be inundated with power rankings and playoff predictions for the 2011 season.  Every fool with a computer (including me) will be giving their two cents.   With that in...

Hang out with your (Grandmaster) Wang out


After a long drought, Wang has started off the season as hot as Mickey Loomis. 3 classic posts churned out since the end of the lockout: The first installment, 'I'm getting stupid loose' is an offseason recap in which CSC makes a cameo. I'll be the first to admit I've fallen victim to the 'flirt bot'. The second edition, 'Phinally' is a must read for Taydigga and the rest of the Reggie mourners. The latest installment, 'Das Fruit' addresses the nickname oversight for Morestead. Enjoy.

Tony Gonzalez vows to never retire from football


Gonzalez says he would retire if the Falcons win a Superbowl.

Matt Ryan to Canton?


I s*** you not. Be prepared to suspend all belief, then have fun trolling commenting on the "editor's pick" story on the Falcoholic.

Reggie on Philly's Radar


Rumors of Philly pursuing Reggie once the lockout ends. Discuss.

Grandmaster Wang: So, what have I missed? Nothing?


Thank Jesus1000, I was beginning to think Wang was locked-out too. Always a good read.

NFL and players willing to talk; can't agree where


*face-palm* Well that's not a good start to negotiations.


Things are looking up?

Saints make an embarrassing exit from the playoffs. Sean Payton moves to Texas. Will Smith will be suspended. Just when I think things are going down the tubes, I score two plaza season...

GRANDMASTER WANG: Fables of the Reconstructive Surgery -or- Green Grow the Rushers


Wang delivers another masterpiece to kick start the offseason. He offers a buffet of all our favorite topics including: the alleged need for more rushing, blowing up the roster, is Sean Payton an idiot? and, of course, Reggie sucks. Is it just me, or does Message Board Guy seem really familiar? Thanks, Wang!

Falcons Flop


Sit Down. Rise Shut Up. Well, that didn't take long. None and done. The natural order of the universe has been restored. Many on this blog predicted the Falcons would be exposed in the playoffs. Some of you Falcons apologists have some explaining to do. Were the Falcons the worst first seed in NFC history? What was your favorite Falcon gaffe last night? Relive the glory in the discussion below.


Playoff bracket contest

Anybody interested in posting thier playoff bracket predictions?  Go on the record by posting below. For scoring purposes, we'll assign: 1 point for each correct wild card winner 2 points for...


Rethinking Expectations

Damn. That was FUGLY. It's taken me 2 days to even log in to CSC after that pitiful loss to the Cardinals.  I don't have the words to express my disgust.  It's basically a feeling I haven't felt...

Official Schedule of 9/9/10 Gameday Festivities


It looks like its going to be hard to attend all the events and still make the game.

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