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I was born in New Orleans. I went to my first Saints game with my dad at age seven. As we were pulling out of the driveway to go to the game, my mother rushed out of the house waving her arms frantically "Wait! Wait! You forgot your paper bags to wear!"
I have attended at least one home game every year since. I first saw the Saints win a game in person in 1985 against the Eagles. When the Saints didn't have a home game in 2005 due to Katrina, I traveled with my dad to Lambeau to see them play the winless Packers. Talk about a disappointment! We lost the game 52-3 and lost Deuce for the season.
Presently, I am a physician residing in nearby Mobile, AL. After waiting for years, I finally scored season tickets, just in time to enjoy the Saints golden age. Why can't every year be 2009?

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  • NFL New Orleans Saints
  • NCAAB Vanderbilt Commodores
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Christopher Gates Doing His Best Florio Imitation

Let's face it. . .the Minnesota Vikings were the best team in the National Football League in 2009. I know it, you know it, anybody that watched the NFL last year knows it, and deep down the rest of the NFL probably knows it, too. They proved, beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt, that the only team in the NFL capable of stopping the Minnesota Vikings is the Minnesota Vikings. And don't think for one second that it isn't going to infuriate every person on that sideline on 9 September when they stand there and watch the New Orleans Saints raise a championship banner that everyone on that team knows damn well should be going up in their house instead. --Christopher Gates, doing his best Florio imitation.

Excellent Hope for Fans' Detroit Lions - by Jesus1000

Detroit Lions fans: Please do not get angry with me for any reason. My heart is good toward you. I do not very much care about what team wins or loses, but I care about people in general and distributing joy and happiness to people. Some fans of New Orleans Saints didn’t like me before. Now most of them love me. Since its the most boring time of the offseason, and Chris Gates can't take a joke, I dug up this little J1000 gem. It brought back warm memories of our predestined championship. As always, the comment section is a riot. J1000, why hast thou forsaken us?

Cry, baby, cry...


...You're old enough to know better... The Vikings fans are at it again over at the 'Daily Menstruation Norseman'. Here's an excerpt from a recent post titled 'A Post Seeking Closure': Football is meant to be a sport, sport is the key word there. And in any sport, there are rules, the saints broke those rules. When you break rules you should not be rewarded, but the saints were. This is what i have been thinking of for the past 3 months. Every time i hear news about the vikes, all i can remember is that game and how we deserved it. Now i know, we also contributed to our loss, but it does not excuse what the saints did. Thought a few of you CSCers might enjoy commenting. Shake off the stagnation of the offseason and get in a few 'remember me hits' in anticipation of the season opener.


Free Agency vs. Draft

After being a bit disenchanted with this year's draft, I decided to look back at the 2009 Superbowl Champion Saints roster and just see how many "starters" were even drafted by us.  I definined...

Brunell wants to sign with Jets


Not sure how reliable this source is, but interesting if true...

Shaun Hill traded to Detroit


Sorry, Stuj04. I'm just the messenger of the messenger. Also, Quinn traded to Denver, thanks to Jake. I guess that leaves Derek Anderson as the last viable veteran backup to uprade ol' lefty Brunell.


Wanna talk about RBs? How about Chester Taylor?

I'm tired of talking about washed up RBs like LT. In my opinion, Chester Taylor is the best Free Agent running back available.  For his age, he's got plenty of tread left on his tires.  He's been...

Jesus1000 Sighting!


Looks like our favorite prophet has gone on to convert a new flock: the Detroit Lions fans on SB Nation's "Pride of Detroit". Those poor souls. Haven't they suffered enough?


Colts Fans Don't Deserve Superbowl Win

ESPN reported that eleven Colts fans met their team at the airport after the Superbowl.  ELEVEN!  How pathetic is that? There is no scenario in which so few Saints fans would have shown up to greet...


The Problem with Stats and NFL football

Since everybody seems to be really harping on the stats to shed light on this matchup, I must caution you to not put too much stock in the stats.  Yeah, I'm a turd in the punchbowl like that. 1. ...


Anybody Heard from the GGM or VGG???

I'm starting to get a little worried...


The Kick Revisited

A week later, and it is only now starting to truly sink in to me that our beloved Saints are in the Superbowl.  At the NFC championship game it was so exhausting and dreamlike, I wasn't able to...


Looking into the crystal ball

This is just my humble opinion of how I see things panning out.  Not really sure that it deserves it's own fan post, so I'm encouraging others to post their own prognostications. ...


Paging Dr. Cilantro; All apes on deck

Paging Dr. Cilantro...Paging Dr. Cilantro...Please report to the Canal Street Chronicle blog, STAT! All Apes on Deck!  All Apes on Deck!  Look alive Deckape 69!  My fellow Saints Fans, Things...


I accept full responsibility and beg for forgiveness

About two days before the Cowboys debacle, I went on Stubhub and reserved two plaza level tickets for the NFC championship game if played in New Orleans. I figured this was a foregone conclusion...

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