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Post-Draft Crack at the 53 Man Roster

Offense: 24 QB: Manning, Carr RB:Bradshaw, Wilson, Scott FB: Hynoski WR: Nicks. Cruz, Randle, Jernigan, Barden, Hixon TE: Bennett, Pascoe, Robinson T: Beatty, Diehl, Locklear, Brewer G: Snee,...


Two Offseason Questions

1. Does anyone know the likelyhood that the pick the Chargers received from the Jets in the Cromartie trade is a second rounder instead of a third rounder? I know it could become a second rounder...


Thrilled, Content, or Bummed

I saw this somewhere else, and I thought it was a good idea for draft day. Basically you just list three things that could happen today (or Friday or Saturday) that might happen that would make you...


What do you think of Dashon Goldson?

I made this fanpost because I wanted to see what people here at NN think of Dashon Goldson, and hopefully with an open forum of discussion we can come to a conclusion. Goldson seems to be a bit of...

Worst.. Rankings... Ever.... Seriously


The National Football Post top 100 prospects rankings are insane. Their "grading scale" must be picking names out of a hat or something. Among the more hilarious rankings: Maurkice Pouncey 4th overall Aaron Hernandez 6th overall Jahvid Best 9th overall (ahead of Spiller) John Jerry 14th overall Matt Tennant, Jonathon Dwyer, and J.D. Walton ranked in the 20's (ahead of Sam Bradford!) Jason Pierre-Paul #44 overall (behind Tony Moeaki and Anthony Dixon) Taylor Mays, Carlos Dunlap, Anthony Davis, and Bruce Campbell ranked in the 60's (behind Ciron Black, Mike Johnson, and Jason Fox) Everson Griffin, Golden Tate, and Trent Williams ranked in the 70's (Williams is behind Chris Scott) Ryan Matthews ranked in the 80's Did they forget that it's still a week before April Fool's Day?


What's your ideal Niners draft?

Hey folks. We've had lots of posts about the draft, debating players and picks and so forth, but I don't believe we've had a post where we list what our ideal draft is. That means throw out what...

But Vince Young Is Terrible Right?


Just a link to a post made several weeks ago by BigBlueShoe that now looks pretty comical. A few of the gems: "Jason really is the model for independent bloggers... However, despite Jason really showing all of us how to do it right when it comes to sports blogging, the guy does not know jack-friggin-squat about NFL football. Did I mention Jason is a Jets fan? I think that fact alone explains his attitude and knowledge about football. Anyway, the reason I'm raggin' on Jason by bringing up his (lack of) football knowledge is that once again he is getting all self-important when talking about the NFL. And, like with his "bold" predictions last year, Jason is wrong. Now, with Kerry Collins benched and Vince Young is back as the starter, Jason somehow thinks the time is now for Vince to prove he can play in this league. Thing is, most of us AFC South fans already know Vince cannot play in this league. Jeff Fisher knows Vince can't play in this league. That's why he resisted Adam's "order" to start Vince. The woeful body of work Vince has compiled over the last three years more than tells the story of this over-rated, pampered brat who never should have been drafted by the Titans in the first place." "And if anyone out there still thinks that Vince can somehow salvage his career by playing well over these next few games, those people are suckers." "Vince Young's career in Tennessee is over. Everyone knows it. Everyone also knows that Vince Young's football career is likely over. He is simply not a motivated guy looking to improve himself as a player. We're in year four and Vince still can't read a defense, and a QB who can't read a defense is like a running back with no feet." "The simple truth is nothing Vince Young does over these next three games should change anyone's assessment of him. If it does, then I have some junk bonds I'd like to sell them real cheap, if they are interested." So we've got a post filled with rude insults and unsupported statements, most of which now look hilariously wrong on top of that. Nice job mate, you're really showing the traditional media how it's done.

Pro Football Focus 49ers Defensive Review


A thorough review of the Niners defense by James Izzard at Pro Football Focus.

At Least The Niners Are Better Than the Browns


If you watched the whole MNF game, well you watched what had to be the worst game of the season, but man it was hard to take my eyes off the trainwreck that is the Browns offense. If you take out the last 10 yard lateral pass play (because it's more fun that way) the Browns ran 60 plays and had 150 yards of offense. That's 2.5 yards per play. But wait, it gets worse. Not counting the last play, Brady Quinn went 12/30 for 89 yards, with no TD's, 2 INT's, and a fumble. That would be about 3 yards per play until you remember that he also got sacked 4 times for a combined loss of 2 yards. So on 34 drop backs the Browns gained a net total of 64 yards. That comes out to 1.88 yards per pass play. For comparison, the Pats average 8.3 yards per pass play against the Colts, nearly 4 times the yards per play. You show 'em Brady. The crazy thing is I'm not sure a full-time Wildcat with Josh Cribbs wouldn't be more effective. At the very least i would be more interesting. Or heck, jut go all out and line up in a punt formation on every play and just tell Cribbs to run for his life. They'd probably score more than 5 touchdowns every 15 games.

Shaun Hill over Alex Smith?


Hello Field Gullers, this fanpost is addressing what John wrote in the Thursday Night Football post. John said that the Niners should have stuck with Shaun Hill over Alex Smith, which I find pretty curious as I think (and most Niner fans do as well) that it seems pretty obvious that Smith should be the starter the rest of the year. He has looked better than Hill, his DVOA as better (at least before yesterday's game, but it's probably still a fair amount higher), and he's only 25 so he still has a chance of getting better. Anyway, I just wanted to hear why John (or anyone else for that matter) thinks Hill would be a better choice than Smith, because I don't really see much evidence that he would be. I'd have posted this in one of the posts already up but I got momentarily banned for going off topic once before and I don't think anyone will check back in the original game thread so, here it is.

Angels Re-Sign Bobby Abreu


According to Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse, the Angles have re-signed outfielder Bobby Abreu to a two year, $19 million contract with a $9 million vesting option for 2012 (and a $1 million buyout). It seems like a fairly steep price for a 35 year old who doesn't play good defense or hit for power, but he is still great at getting on-base. I think it's a probably a pretty safe deal for both sides but if the Angels had waited to see how the free-agent market shaped up they likely could have gotten Abreu for a cheaper price.


Is Mike Singletary a "Bum"?

I for one was pretty impressed with the way the Niners played today. Obviously it's disappointing to not get the win, but I didn't expect the game to even be as close as it was. I was especially...

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing, absolutely nothing, but the truth. From 82.2% to 0% on one...


The truth, the whole truth, and nothing, absolutely nothing, but the truth. From 82.2% to 0% on one swing. So help us God... please. From Fangraphs.


My Mock Draft

Like I'm sure many other people here at NN, I'm sort of a draft buff, I like following all of the college prospects and reading mock drafts and all that good stff.. So a bunch people on fellow...

My First Mock

Alright, here's my first mock draft for the 2010 NFL Draft. I've only ever done one mock draft before and it was the day before the 2009 NFL Draft so try to go easy on me! Seriously though, all...

Nothing like a nice comeback to wash away the sorrow of a disappointing loss. The Dodgers win...


Nothing like a nice comeback to wash away the sorrow of a disappointing loss. The Dodgers win probability actually never got below 25% in yesterday's contest. The biggest win probability swing in the Phillies favor was on Ryan Howard's homerun when their odds of winning jumped from 48.2% to 59.7%. The Dodgers two biggest win probability shifts obviously came in the bottom of the 8th inning. They entered the inning witha 41.1% chance of winning, and got their odds up to 49.6% when Russell Martin came to the plate and reached on an error by Chase Utley which bumped their win expectancy to 61.0%. But the biggest jump came on Andre Ethier's bases loaded walk, the Dodgers win expectancy went from 63.5% to 87.4%. Those two at bats had a leverage indez above 5, meaning they were more than five times as important as an average at bat. The MVP of the gam (per win probability) was easily Pedro Martinez, whose .450 win probability added was more than double the next closest player, Vicente Padilla with .207 WPA. Ethier (.157), Martin (.152), and Thome (.141) also made key contributions for the Dodgers. The Least Valuable Player was Matt Kemp, whose -.246 was more than twice as bad as any other Dodger. Of course 57% of his negative contribution came on his stikeout in the 8th inning, and whiffing against a guy with more than a strikeout per inning in 2009 is nothing to be ashamed of. Finally, as Phil said in the recap below the Dodgers odds of winning the series are now 51.9%. That's not too bad all things considered.

Here's the win probability chart for Game 1 of the NLCS. There were some big shifts in this game,...


Here's the win probability chart for Game 1 of the NLCS. There were some big shifts in this game, with the biggest being Carlos Ruiz's three run bomb that cut the Dodgers' odds of winning in half (from 50.7% to 25.2%). Ryan Howard's double later in the inning that put the Phillies up 5-1 cut the Dodgers' odds in half again (from 25.2% to 11.2%). The Dodgers showed resiliency, raising their odds up to 46.5% after a 6th inning Ronnie Belliard single put runners on first and second with one out and the Dodgers down a run, but they were never again favored to win the game. The Dodgers had some life until Raul Ibanez's three run blast cut their win expectancy from 17.4% to a mere 3.8%. The final blow was when Casey Blake grounded into a double play in the bottom of the 9th, cutting the Dodgers odds from 19.1% to 1.6%. The most valuable player (using win probability) was Carlos Ruiz, who had .275 win probability added. He was closely followed by Chan Ho's .240 WPA, and the two most valuable Dodgers were James Loney (.193) and Andre Ethier (.176). Five other Phillies had at least .060 WPA but no other Dodgers did. Ultimately the game could have gone either way. The Dodgers had more baserunners than the Phillies but the Phils happened to hit homeruns in the only innings where more than one of their batters reached base. It was a tough loss but there's no reason to lose hope.


Portis and Manningham for Lenwhale and Driver?

Some guy in my league offered me Clinton Portis and Mario Manningham for Donald Driver and Lendale White. Is this a good trade? For some perspective, my team is 5-0 so I'm sort of looking more to...

Joe Torre Doesn't Expect to Return to the Dodgers After 2010


Joe Torre doesn't expect to return to the Dodgers when his contract runs out. His contract runs through 2010.

Joe Torre Doesn't Expect to Return to the Dodgers After 2010


Joe Torre doesn't expect to return to the Dodgers when his contract runs out. His contract runs through 2010...

Giants Give Extensions to Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean


The Giants gave Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy two year extensions. This comes off the club's 88-74 finish to the 2009 season.

A's Will Bring Back Entire Coaching Staff


The A's will bring back their entire coaching staff for the 2010 season. This news comes despite the A's finishing in last place in the AL West.

And in case you haven't already seen it, the win probability chart for game 2 is worth a look....


And in case you haven't already seen it, the win probability chart for game 2 is worth a look. The Dodgers lowest win probability in the game came with two outs and nobody down in the 9th inning with the Dodgers down 2-1 and James Loney at the plate. At that point they had merely a 4.1% chance of being the victors, but that's why they play the games! Surprisingly the biggest swing in win probability didn't come on Mark Loretta's game-winning hit (although the jump from 65.2% to 100% is huge for one play). The biggest swing came earlier in the inning when Ronnie Belliard stroked the single to center to tie the score 2-2. Before the at bat the Dodgers had only a 15.9% chance of winning but after the single that number jumped to 60.5%. Belliard also led the team with .363 win probability added but Loretta was right behind him with .348 WPA.

The win probability chart for Game 1. The Dodgers lowest odds of winning the game came in the 1st...


The win probability chart for Game 1. The Dodgers lowest odds of winning the game came in the 1st inning when Ryan Ludwick singled home Skip Schumaker with the bases loaded and one out to put the Cardinals up 1-0. At that point the Dodgers only had a 30.4% chance of winning. The play that swung the win probability the most was Matt Kemp's two-run homer in the bottom of the 1st inning that put the Dodgers up 2-1. The Dodgers win probability jumped from 47.3% to 65.4% on that one play alone. Although believe it or not Jeff Weaver had the highest win probability added of any Dodger, .163. He pitched 1.1 innings but his main contribution came when he got the third out of the 4th inning with the bases loaded to keep the Dodgers up 3-1. Getting that out raised the Dodgers win probability by nearly 10%.

Red Sox and Mets Complete Billy Wagner Deal


The Red Sox and Mets completed the Billy Wagner trade. Boston sent minor leaguers Chris Carter and Eddie Lora to New York.


More Deion WR Shenanigans: Top Prospect Dez Bryant Declared Ineligible

Well, signing Michael Crabtree looks really good right now! For those of you who were hoping to select Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant in the draft this year to fill the Niners need at WR (before...



If you didn't like Tony Romo before, you might like him now....

Type A/Type B Free Agents from MLB Traderumors


MLB Traderumors has a pretty cool spreadsheet up with projected Elias rankings for all of this offseason's free agents.The projections are reverse-engineered by Eddie Bajek of Detroit Tigers Thoughts. Teams get compensatory picks in the next year's First Year Player Draft if they offer arbitration to Type A or Type B free agents and they subsequently sign with another team. The Dodgers should have 3 Type A free agents this offseason in Manny Ramirez, Orlando Hudson, and Randy Wolf. Of course Manny would have to opt out of his contract and the Dodgers cannot offer him arbitration (because of a clause in his contract) anyways. They should also have a plethora of Type B free agents, where Jon Garland, Vicente Padilla, Ronnie Belliard, Guillermo Mota, and Will Ohman all look likely to qualify. Jim Thome is also ranked just outside of Type B status. However, thit's questionable whether or not the Dodgers would offer arbitration to most of these players. While there's still a lot to be decided in the offseason, it's possible if things pan out the right way that the Dodgers end up with quite a few compensatory picks in next year's draft.


Leon Washington for Clinton Portis?

So one guy in my league is tired of Portis not producing and is wiling to trade him for what he can get. I offered Leon Washington and he said he'd probably accept, but I told him I wanted to look...

Dodgers Can't Finish, Magic Number Still at One


A recap of the Dodgers 6-5 loss to the Pirates. Jonathon Broxton blew a 3 run lead in the 9th inning.

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