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Red Sox fan, weekend contributor at Over the Monster. Also a giant beer/history geek. Unclear whether those things will wind up related. Tweeting @unexpectedbass.

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User Blog

A farewell to Jon Lester


In which we say goodbye while hoping it's just see you later.

There is always hope


Last night wasn't a turning point, but it was a reminder of what baseball can be.

Don't call it a teardown


Everyone's talking about a fire sale for Boston, as though Boston was actually on fire. They're not, this was the plan all along.

Pay the Man


In which we wonder why Jon Lester remains on the verge of free agency.

Scouting the Opposition: A Q&A with Twinkie Town


Boston's off to Target Field, we should get an idea of what they're in for.

The Depths of March


March provides weird stories galore, let's look at a few.

Speaking while carrying a big stick


When ballplayers talk, it's worth remembering that there's a person under that jersey.

Jeter & Bogaerts: A Tale of Two Shortstops


As one legend leaves the field, another rises to take his place.

Who's the Red Sox' next Hall of Famer?


When will there next be a Red Sox cap on a new Cooperstown inductee?

Why do we care about the Hall of Fame?


Another year of yelling about Cooperstown. Why do we put ourselves through this?

Red Sox free agent targets: Carlos Beltran


The Red Sox just beat the Cardinals in the World Series. Now they should sign one of their best-hitting veterans. What could go wrong?

Boston Strong


In which we thank the Red Sox for a truly amazing season.

John Lackey and "Redemption"


Everyone's claiming John Lackey can redeem himself with a win tonight. They're wrong, but not for the reason you think.

Rating the Narrative Matchups


The Red Sox have their opponent for the ALDS. Looking at that matchup, and future potential rounds, what stories will be told this month?

Red Sox MVP debate: Dustin Pedroia


"Be creative and contrarian with your pick!" they said. "The hell with that," I said.

Pedro explains chemistry


The greatest pitcher in Red Sox history provided some pretty great insight on how a team's chemistry can affect their play.

The 95-Win Club


The Red Sox sit at 95 wins with four games left to play. We look at some of the other Boston squads that have reached that summit.

The Strange Tales of Clay and Gronk


Clay Buchholz and Rob Gronkowski. Two injured stars, two sports. Who's the stronger-willed of the two? Apparently there's an easy answer.

OTM Weekly Recap: May 11


A lousy, Twin-infested week here in Boston, full of lost closers and baseless accusations. But they're still in first.

Thoughts after a sweep


Boston went to Texas, and came away with three losses. Somehow, I'm not freaking out. Clearly it is a new year.

OTM Weekly Recap - May 4


Another week of victories as the Red Sox storm into May. We look at the pitching and power that made them the first team in MLB to win 20.

OTM Weekly Recap - April 20


An unforgettable week in Boston, with the Red Sox as one of the few strands of normality.

Boston, you're our home


A gorgeous day in Boston turned to horror, but maybe we can take solace in sports for a while.

The Exciting Adventures of Jonny and Buch


Eleven games in, the Red Sox' top two starters have each gotten three starts, and they look impressive.

OTM Weekly Recap- April 13


A week of Oriole-based frustration here in Boston. But still, there was baseball.

Fifty-dollar tickets and fifty-cent narratives


Apparently some sort of ticket-sales thing happened last night, so let's dissect it.

Coming Home


After a week of victories, the Red Sox return to Fenway, and they do so with a team that looks pretty damn fun.

Enjoy the show


Welcome to 2013, folks. Let's get this show on the road.

OTM Weekly Recap: March 30


Spring training winds down, and Opening Day's right around the corner.

2013 and Laying the Foundation


We're all talking about the next great Red Sox team; which members of that team are already on the club?

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