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Red Sox fan, weekend contributor at Over the Monster. Also a giant beer/history geek. Unclear whether those things will wind up related. Tweeting @unexpectedbass.

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OTM Weekly Recap: March 16


Profiles, injury reports, player retrospectives, and guessing what number Jackie Bradley will wear. Must be a recap.

A Decade Of David Ortiz


In which we reflect on ten years of home runs, smiles, and general playoff awesomeness.

At What Price Stanton?


It's a lazy, snowy Sunday, so let's do a bit of fantasy trading. Who would you trade away to get the best young power hitter in the game?

OTM Weekly Recap: March 9th


A week of injury reports, media kerfuffles, and retirement announcements. Must be mid-March.

A Response To Bob Ryan On WAR


Another day, another column attacking a WAR argument that doesn't exist.

OTM Weekly Recap: March 2


Baseball's back at Fenway South, the roster's coming together, and most importantly, everyone's happy.

The Paths They Took


The Sox lineup is, most likely, already set. How'd these guys all wind up here?

OTM Weekly Recap: February 16th


Spring training got under way, and the internet unleashed its projections for 2013. How do the Sox look heading into this uncertain year?

What Will Happen in the AL East?


Boston collapsed, Tampa traded an ace, New York swapped A-Rod for Youk, Baltimore hopes they're still magical, and Toronto bought out the Marlins. It was a wild year in the East, how will things go...

Planning for the Worst


Sometimes everything goes smoothly and duck boats head down Boylston Street. Sometimes Scott Atchison is your team leader in WAR.

OTM Weekly Recap: February 2nd


One more week down till the truck heads for Fort Myers. The Sox picked up an insurance plan at first, and we looked at the farm system.

Staring Out The Window


The end of the offseason is finally in sight, bearing the promise of baseball.

OTM Weekly Recap: January 26


Another cold week in Boston, but it saw the return of a legend to Fenway Park.

The Myths of Baseball


Sports myths have been shattering frequently lately. Is there any place left for myths in baseball?

OTM Weekly Recap: January 19


The Red Sox land their first baseman, settle up arbitration deals, and prepare for spring training.

OTM Weekly Recap - January 4th


Another week with no progress in the Mike Napoli talks, but hey, they scouted Javier Vazquez, so... When do they start playing?

Weekly Recap: Holiday Edition


The Red Sox have completed their holiday shopping, which puts them ahead of most of us.

Context and the Offseason


Trades don't happen in a vacuum, and often it's worth looking at the context of a deal before smashing it. Although occasionally the context makes it worse.

OTM Weekly Recap: December 8th


The Winter Meetings are done, and the Sox have filled some holes in the lineup. Will they ever fill out their rotation?

Hindsight and the Hall of Fame


The dreaded "steroid ballot" has arrived. How should we approach this time in baseball's history?

OTM Weekly Recap: December 1st


Another week of waiting for Boston to make a move. Please sign someone, guys, we're starting to get the space madness.

So You've Decided to Become a Red Sock


Playing in Boston can be tricky, so we've prepared this quick primer to walk you through the first few days.

OTM Weekly Recap: November 24


The Red Sox signed Jonny Gomes, and talked about maybe signing some other guys. We tried to decide if any of those players would be good fits.

On Trades And Credibility


When analyzing a trade, it's important to look not just at who got traded, but at who traded them and why.

OTM Weekly Recap - Nov. 17th


A blockbuster trade, an MVP controversy, and a whole lot of Red Sox rumors. We had a bit of everything this week at Over the Monster.

Why Most Valuable Players Matter


The award itself isn't all that important. How we argue about it says everything.

Sunday Discussion: Boston's Catching Options


The Red Sox went out and got a new catcher. What should this mean for the catchers they already have?

OTM Weekly Recap- November 10


The offseason roars into gear with the first round of free agent rumors and trade speculation. We analyzed it all, from the sensible to the completely ridiculous.

A Bit of Postseason Accountability


Sometimes we're right, sometimes we're wrong, but we only learn if we look back and check. Some of the biggest hits and misses in my writing this year.

OTM Weekly Recap- November 3rd


The calendar turns over into November, the free agency market opens up, and we start some hot stove cooking.

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