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Red Sox fan, weekend contributor at Over the Monster. Also a giant beer/history geek. Unclear whether those things will wind up related. Tweeting @unexpectedbass.

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At Season's Ending


The baseball season's come to a close, and it's time to say farewell to 2012, and look ahead to 2013.

OTM Weekly Recap: October 27th


The Red Sox hired a manager, their old manager said some nasty things, and our authors started proposing blueprints for 2013.

Armchair GM, Off-Season Edition: Brendan O'Toole


The Red Sox are flush with cash heading into an uncertain offseason. Is it worth spending it all?

Why John Farrell?


The Red Sox have got their man in former pitching coach John Farrell. So why was he their top choice?

Weekly Recap: October 20th


Boston steps up its search for a manager, and we examined the pitching market in another postseason week on Over the Monster.

On Nomar and Fleeting Greatness

All the talk of Mike Trout has us thinking about the last time a rookie hit 30 homers leading off. With that, a brief appreciation of Nomar and the fleeting nature of baseball talent.

Weekly Recap for October 13


While other teams competed for the biggest prize of all, Boston wandered through the debris of its season, looking for a new manager to put things back together again.

The Most Lamentable Comedy of the 2012 Red Sox


Boston's a literate town. What better way to sum up their tragicomic season than with a bit of Shakespeare?

Weekly Recap- October 6th


The regular season's done, the Sox are officially spectators. Time to have some fun.

Picking an October Dance Partner (NL)


Yesterday we covered the American League contenders; today it's the National League's turn.

Picking an October Dance Partner

With Boston eliminated, the question of whether to root for anyone in the playoffs is a tricky one. We attempt to advise our readers on this important issue.

Sunday Discussion: Best/Worst Games


What was the best game of the 2012 Red Sox season? Which was the worst? We discuss the highs and lows of this lost year.

OTM Weekly Recap- Sept. 29


The season's almost done, and we're looking ahead here at Over the Monster. We talk trades, free agency, and the state of Boston's potential managerial search.

Saying Farewell to A Legend

Yesterday the Red Sox said their final farewell to legend Johnny Pesky. We add a few thoughts of our own.

Weekly Recap for September 22nd

The season slowly winds down, and the Red Sox find themselves torn between the desire to wreak vengeful havoc upon the AL East and Wild Card races and the temptation of a protected draft pick.

A Couple of Standouts

Boston's been officially eliminated from postseason contention, but it hasn't all been awful. We look at a few guys who earned a bit of praise.

Sunday Discussion: Septembers to Forget

The Red Sox are in their second straight forlorn September. We ask the OTM community which has been harder to deal with.

Weekly Recap for September 15th

Another week of troubles for Boston, and another week closer to the final curtain on this season of tragicomic errors. We wrote about every bit of it at Over the Monster.

When Last They Were Terrible

Boston's in last place, and on pace for the first 90-loss season this town's seen in... Well, a long time. We examine just how long it's been.

Weekly Recap for September 8th

Another week, another passel of losses for Boston. We covered that, and looked to the offseason, this week at Over the Monster.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Boston's season is, for all intents and purposes, done. So what needs to be done in the remaining month and heading into next year?

Sunday Discussion: A Long September

With the Sox in freefall and a lot of season left, we ask the OTM community how they'll be dealing with the remaining schedule.

Weekly Recap for September 1st


The Sox followed up on the trade of the century by heading out west, and promptly made it clear that the rest of the season will be about draft position. We covered the whole thing at Over the Monster.

Sunday Discussion: Now What?

With the Red Sox roster totally remade, we ask the community where Boston should go next.

Weekly Recap for August 25th

We had a nice little week going here at Over the Monster, and then everything went topsy-turvy last night. Here's a quick look at what we were discussing before everyone got traded.

A Quick Look at Runs

The Red Sox have been playing under their Pythagorean record all year. We take a quick look at how scoring big once a week might contribute.

Sunday Discussion: Of Elbows and White Flags

Carl Crawford's elbow is the latest object of controversy in Boston. We ask our readers whether it's time for Crawford to go under the knife, and out of the 2012 Sox lineup.

Mark Prior Released By Pawtucket

The Red Sox took a gamble on Mark Prior this year, hoping he might wind up as a solid relief effort. Unfortunately, that experiment came to an end last night.

Weekly Recap for August 18th

It's been a rough week in Boston, with tales of clubhouse woe bracketing the loss of a franchise icon. We were around to write about all of it, largely without crying or throwing things.

Jason Varitek Is Not The Answer

Many writers have begun talking up Jason Varitek as a possible candidate for Boston's theoretical managerial opening. We discuss why that's a truly terrible idea.

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