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Red Sox fan, weekend contributor at Over the Monster. Also a giant beer/history geek. Unclear whether those things will wind up related. Tweeting @unexpectedbass.

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Jason Varitek Is Not The Answer

Many writers have begun talking up Jason Varitek as a possible candidate for Boston's theoretical managerial opening. We discuss why that's a truly terrible idea.

A Life in Baseball

The Red Sox and their fans lost an old friend this week with the passing of Johnny Pesky. We look at his career with Boston, and his legacy as a symbol of the franchise.

On Booing and Rationales

With the Red Sox still scuffling around .500, it's gotten a bit ugly in the seats at Fenway. We consider to what extent that's the fault of the fans, and what role the media has to play.

Weekly Recap for August 11th

Another week of frustration in Boston, leading to calls for the manager's head and boos rained upon its pitchers. We were a bit more rational in our frustrations, but still voiced them, and loudly....

Red Sox 9, Rangers 2: Dominance for a Night

Aaron Cook outdueled Yu Darvish, and Carl Crawford looked like the Crawford of old. It was a good night for the Red Sox all around. We recap Monday night's big win over the Texas Rangers.

Sunday Discussion: What's to Discuss?


The 2012 Red Sox seem bound and determined to outdo The Dark Knight Rises as the biggest disappointment of the year. We invite you all to vent your frustrations on this Sunday morning.

Weekly Recap for August 4th


Another week of ultimately frustrating baseball here in Boston and a whirlwind of trade speculation kept us all glued to our keyboards. All the highlights of Over the Monster's coverage can be...

Paths of Least Resistance


With the trade deadline almost upon us, we take a moment to consider the nerve involved in making the tough calls in the middle of a pennant race.

Sunday Discussion: Armchair GM, Trade Deadline Edition: You


We all took the Red Sox for a spin at the trading deadline earlier, now it's your turn. Come for the coffee, stay for the trade discussions.

Weekly Recap for July 21st


The Red Sox got off to a terrific start after the All-Star break. They welcomed an old friend back to Fenway, saw the return of their top outfielders, and clawed back into contention on the eve of...

Back to Where He Once Belonged


Kevin Youkilis returns to Boston for the first time since his abrupt trade to Chicago tonight. We take a moment to consider exactly what this means for Red Sox fans.

Sunday Discussion: Playing Through Pain


Red Sox left fielder Carl Crawford is planning to return to the team, even though his elbow may not be up to the task. This Sunday, we discuss whether players trying to play hurt is actually a good...

Weekly Recap for July 14th


Another week of Red Sox baseball! Well, mostly a week of All-Star break and trade speculation. Regardless, we had a lot of fun with it at Over the Monster. Wander on over, savor the analysis and...

Boston Red Sox Armchair GM, Trade Deadline Edition: Brendan O'Toole


The trade deadline's approaching, and Boston's in an unusual position. Over the Monster's letting each of our writers take a crack at running the team, and today Brendan will take a break from...

On "Energy" Trades


It's July, which means it's time to propose panic trades. Why do we keep doing that?

Sunday Discussion: To Fisk Or Not To Fisk?


The central purpose of OTM is driving thoughtful discussion of the Red Sox. Should that include dismantling not-thoughtful discussion?

Weekly Recap for July 7th


A week of offensive futility out west ended in a slugfest at Fenway against the Yankees. We had the call on all of it at OTM.

The Halfway Point Approaches


The Red Sox have played almost halfway through the season. We look at the offense, and whether it's likely to keep up the pace.

Sunday Discussion: Fifth Starters


The Red Sox are going to a six-man rotation for now, but soon they'll need to bring it back to five. Who deserves to grab that fifth spot full-time?

Weekly Recap for June 30th


The Red Sox are back in the hunt, although they find themselves there without Kevin Youkilis. We had it all covered at Over the Monster.

Where Have the 25 Gone? The Offense


Youk's gone, and with him, one more connection to the 2004 team. We look at where the offensive stars of that team wound up.

Weekly Recap for June 23rd


Another week of baseball in the books. We had it covered at Over the Monster.

"Too Much S#@%"


David Ortiz gave a careful, reasoned critique of Boston sports media yesterday. They did not take it well.

Reclamation Projects Past


With Mark Prior tearing it up in Pawtucket, we look at other past Boston pitching comebacks.

Red Sox 7, Cubs 4: Quick Reaction


The Sox took the rubber match from Chicago tonight. Franklin Morales was the latest Boston backup to step up.

Sunday Discussion: Cub Hunting


The Red Sox are in Chicago, and Chicago's selling. Should the Sox grab a souvenir pitcher or two?

Weekly Recap for June 16th


Another week, another mixed bag. Someday there'll be a purely good one, but either way, we've got it covered at Over the Monster.

Sunday Discussion: Fantasy Trades


Dreamcasting today. Who'd be more fun in Boston, Strasburg or Harper?

Weekly Recap for June 9th


Another week played, another week finished at .500. We had it all at Over the Monster.

Bard Starting Was Just A Red Herring, Apparently


Occasionally someone writes something dumb enough about the Sox that we need to respond. Today, it's Jon Morosi on Daniel Bard.

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