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Come on all you good 'Rats, we'll send you to Heaven. Reds win, 11-8.


The Reds win a seesaw affair with the Pirates, 11-8.

Please don't confront me with my failures. I had not forgotten them. Reds lose, 3-1.


The Reds get steamrolled by the Nationals juggernaut, and lose 3-1.

Game 124, Thread 2: The District Leads Alone Tonight


The Nationals are leading 1-0 on the strength of a home run by... somebody.  I've switched over to the soccer game.  Dominic Oduro just hit a ball off the post.  Yikes! 

J.C.'s in the house! Jump, jump for joy! Reds win, 2-1.


Johnny Cueto is officially a badass. The Reds triumph over the Nationals, 2-1.

Dammit, Mike Leake! I told Bob Castellini's nephew you were good! Reds lose, 6-4.


The Reds lose to the Nationals, 6-4. So it's come to that.

A matchup between the Reds and Rockies will feature home runs, you say? Reds win, 3-2.


The Reds... win a game? Weird. Reds beat Rockies, 3-2.

Dontrelle Mom the babysitter's dead. Reds lose, 3-2.


Dontrelle Willis has every reason to hate his teammates as his effort goes for naught. Reds lose to the Rockies, 3-2.

I propose we start calling Rockies home runs "Denver bomb-lets." Reds lose, 10-7.


It was raining baseballs in the outfield seats as the Rockies homered their way past the Reds, 10-7.

Game 115, Thread 2: Name a good band to come out of Denver


I'm picking the Apples in Stereo. Meanwhile, the Reds are beating the Rockies, 3-2.

All things go, all things go. Drove to Chicago. ...I made a lot of mistakes. Reds lose, 11-4.


The Cubs unload on supposed ace Johnny Cueto and beat the Reds, 11-4.

Nothing witty. We just lost a series to the Astros after the trade deadline. Reds lose, 5-4.


If you didn't know the Reds were done before, dropping a series to the toothless Astros should do the trick. Reds lose, 5-4.

Game 111, Thread 2: Tie Game!


The headline says it all, really.

Edgar's heating up! Reds win, 5-1.


A grand slam from Edgar Renteria, and a great pitching performance by Homer Bailey gives the Reds a well-deserved 5-1 win over Houston.

Game 110, Thread 2: I don't practice Slam-teria


The Reds are winning on the strength of a grand slam by... Edgar Renteria?!!  I feel like I just saw an alligator wearing sunglasses.  Whatever!

Aroldis Chapman will not be participating in this thread. Reds lose, 4-3.


If you lose to the worst team, what does that make you? Reds fall to the Astros, 4-3 in ten innings.

Game 109, Thread 3: Tokyo Drift


For these and more timely movie references, please enquire within.  The baseball game is tied.

Game 109, Thread 2: Every little thing's gonna be alright


We're losing 3-2 to the toothless Astros, but the game ain't over yet.

Game 106, Thread 3: I switched over to Enter the Dragon


Apparently the game is tied and we're headed to extra innings.

Game 106, Thread 2: A winning team turns Cincinnati into the Yay Area


The Reds are winning, in spite of some questionable umpiring decisions.  Keep it up, men!

New York gets pretty heavy, girl I hope it doesn't crush you. Reds lose, 10-9.


The Reds get swept by the Mets, 10-9. Ugh.

TheVole: "If anything goes wrong, make a sound like a dying giraffe." Reds lose, 8-2.


The Reds get thrashed by the Beltran-less Mets, 8-2.

Error Supply. Reds lose, 8-6.


Whatever, the Reds lose to the Mets 8-6.

Game 103, Thread 3: This game is like my rocking in a corner - back and forth.


The Mets are back in the lead.  The Reds continue to be blowful at defense.

Game 103, Thread 2: The Passing of an Age


No more Jonny Gomes, but plenty of first inning runs surrendered.  Keep trying, Walt!

I don’t wanna talk about the things we've gone through. The winner takes it all. Reds lose, 4-2.


The Reds can't solve the knuckleball, losing to the Mets 4-2.

Game 102, Thread 2: Leake of Extraordinary Gentlemen. #redsmovies


The game is tied, the score is null.

The Past Is Gone, But Something Might Be Found To Take Its Place. Hey Willis-y! Reds win, 4-3.


Reds win back to back games for the first time in the 120 year old history of the franchise, beat the Braves 4-3.

Winhouse! Reds win, 11-2.


The Reds offense shows up, and the pitching doesn't completely fall apart. Cincinnati beats Atlanta, 11-2.


Who watches this "Watchmen?"

One day at RFK, I started to let my mind wander, and I began to think of what Watchmen would be like if the characters were all soccer players.  This is the team roster I came up with.   The...

Gorram Pirates. Reds lose, 1-0.


Reds fail to score for the second game in a row, falling to the Pirates 1-0.

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