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So far, so good. Reds win, 3-1.


The Reds win a series against the Cardinals. That's always good for what ails ya.

Game 95, Thread 2: We can't beat Japan in the WBC, but we can do it in the WWC

The Reds are losing.  Time to cut bait and tune in to a game that actually matters.  Go! Go! USA!

Losing's just another word for nothing left to lose. Reds lose, 4-1.


Chris Carpenter blah blah blah dominates Reds blah blah blah.

Game 94, Thread 3: Errors on the basepaths - no more!


In which the Reds pull their shit together and win the game.

Game 94, Thread 2: How I could just K a man


Scoreless in the top of the third.  Let's get runs, Cincinnati!

I'm gonna tell it like a comeback story. Reds win, 6-5.


Brandon Phillips's dramatic walkoff home run gives the Reds a 6-5 win over the Cardinals and possibly saves their season.

Game 93, Thread 2: Wee Whinging Prats


Just wanted to see what it looked like in English.  Hey, the Reds are winning!

Francisco Cordero gives up his 3,000th run! Reds win, 8-4.


The Reds need extra innings, but eventually do beat the Brewers 8-4.

This team is bad like it was coached by David Miley. Cordero blows saves like his name was Raven Riley. Reds lose, 8-7.


I hate to write off the season before the All-Star break, but I think I've reached that point. Reds fall to the Brewers, 8-7.

Game 90, Thread 3: Just relax, Jodie Foster.


We're winning (I assume)!

Zack Cozart is a worthless, no good bum. Reds lose, 5-4.


The Reds traditionally own the Brewers, but not tonight. Cincinnati loses to Milwaukee, 5-4.

Game 89, Thread 3: I just saw a hilarious tampon ad


In that vein, please stop the bleeding, Reds!

Game 89, Thread 2: Rumpole of the Bailey


You guys can post all the pictures of rumpoles you want.

Somehow, St. Louis doesn't get added to the Philadelphia, Atlantas, and San Diegos of the world. Reds win, 9-8.


Reds do their best to blow an eight run lead, but come back to finally win a game against the Cardinals. Cincinnati wins, 9-8.

Yet another difference between Cincinnati and Tony LaRussa's BAC: The Reds are under .500. Reds lose, 8-1.


I'd really like to back up all this Cardinals hate with the occasional win. Reds lose, 8-1.

Game 87, Thread 3: I hate losing to the Fartinals


The Reds have halved the deficit!  Now, erase it completely, and pile on some surplus for good measure!

Game 87, Thread 2: If Casey Anthony can get off, why not Volquez?


Volquez has a shitty first inning, then cruises.  That's just how he rolls.  Time for us to score like nine runs against Jaime Garcia.  Dude has it coming.

Whatever, they're still chumps. Reds lose, 1-0.


There's nothing worse than losing to the Cardinals, especially when Chris Carpenter is pitching. Which is what happened. Reds lose, 1-0.

Stars get to take Sunday off, role players decide to win it anyway. Reds win, 7-5.


Cincinnati sees off interleague play with a rare 7-5 victory over Cleveland. Get bent, interleague play!

I was driving in runs in Tampa when the radiator burst. Reds win, 4-3.


The Reds finally win a series against an AL opponent, beating the Rays 4-3 in the afternoon rubber match.

Rays Yr. Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven. Reds win, 5-0.


The Reds finally win the opening game of a series! Cincinnati wins to stay forever unbeaten by Tampa Bay, 5-0.

We just traded Dax McCarty for DeRo. Whoa.


So, um, we got that creative attacking midfielder we wanted. And now have two of Team Canada's starting XI, plus Pat Onstad as a coach.

After 12, Angry Men. Reds lose, 5-4.


Playing American League teams is awful. Reds lose to the Orioles in extra innings, 5-4.

BubbaFan's Dark Night of the Soul. Reds lose, 5-3.


The Yankees won. Grumble grumble grumble. New York beats Cincinnati, 5-3.

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