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We do better against teams with Theriot than teams from Ontario. Reds win, 2-1.


Reds finally get off the schneid against the AL as they beat the Blue Jays, 2-1.

Reds are learning what other teams already knew after playing against Votto: Canadians will beat you. Reds lose, 4-0.


The Reds can solve neither the Blue Jays nor the American League. Toronto beats Cincinnati, 4-0.

0-for-Canada. Reds lose, 3-2.


Ugh, the Blue Jays. Cincinnati loses to Toronto, 3-2.

Jesus, swept. Reds win, 7-2.


Reds complete a rare successful West Coast trip with an even rarer sweep of the Dodgers. Reds win, 7-2.

Mr. Cuetohead, and his bucket of parts. Reds win, 3-2.


The Reds have assured themselves a winning West Coast road trip! They beat the Dodgers, 3-2.

Game 68, Thread 2: Hiroki Kurhoda played by Valerie Harper


The Reds are losing.  Stupid West Coast.

Heat lose, 4-2. Reds lose, 4-2.


The Reds listlessy lose in Frisco. Giants win, 4-2.

Game 67, Thread 3: It's not the Heat, it's the humidity


The Reds are winning, 2-1.  A little tenuous, though.

Game 67, Thread 2: But everybody wants a rock to wind a piece of string around


The Reds are about ready to throw the crib door wide on this baby.  Go Reds!

Mike Leake is a streetwalking cheetah with a heart full of napalm. Reds win, 10-2.


The Reds give a licking to Tim Lincecum, and Mike Leake beats the Giants, 10-2.

Game 65, Thread 3: I'm going to bed


Gray, can you get the game recap?

Our bats can't be silent, cuz they might beat Giants, and what are we gonna do unless they are? Reds win, 3-0.


Johnny Cueto cares not for your West Coast road trip troubles! Reds beat the Giants, 3-0.

Edinson Volquez had to take 'em to that Ghetto University. Reds win, 8-2.


The Reds continue to dominate the Cubs. God's in his heaven, and all's right with the world. Cincinnati wins, 8-2.

There is good! There is good! There is untapped good! Like, inside the worst of us, there's good! Reds win, 8-2.


The Reds favorite whipping team comes to town, and the Reds whip them. Cincinnati beats Chicago, 8-2.

Game 61, Thread 2: Multiball! MULTIBALL!


Hey, the Reds are winning!  Oh right, it's against the Cubs.

Ask Not For Whom the Bone Bones. It Bones For Thee! Reds lose, 9-6.


Travis Wood, the preseason darling, let in 8 runs. The Reds lose to the Dodgers, 9-6.

Game 60, Thread 3: Time to Trade Carlos Fisher to the Dodgers


The Reds are losing 9-5.  For now!

Turn the right corner in Cin City and you can find anything. Reds win, 2-1.


The Reds have put their terrible road trip officially behind them and won twice in a row, and three out of four. Reds beat Dodgers, 2-1.

Game 58, Thread 3: You want to go to a real party?


My roommates are gone for the weekend... and I am watching Titanic on TV.  At least the Reds are winning.  I hope this game turns out better than this movie.

Game 58, Thread 2: Time to beat the Tro-L.A.dodgers


We should score more runs than the other team.

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life. You Gotta Get Up, You Gotta Get Up, You Gotta Get Down, Coco. Reds win, 4-3.


Reds come from behind to beat the Brewers, just like Opening Day!

Game 56, Thread 3: Great, now I hate college sports


Reds are losing, eh?  Quel surprise.

Game 56, Thead 2: I was saying Brew-urns


The Reds are losing.  But Jay Bruce will bat some more, and we will win!

This is the story - and I hope I don't bore you - of the day I was a Horst. Reds lose, 7-6.


Reds just cannot catch a break. The lose 7-6 to the Braves in 12 innings.

Game 53, Thread 2: The South always steals Ohio's Wright Brothers


From North Carolina putting the Orville and Wilbur's Wright Flyer on their license plate to the team of Harry and George playing in Turner Field, the South can go sit on it.  Also, any outcome that...

Game 51, Thread 2: Philadelphia knows it's the home of Hall and Oates, and it has to live with that - forever.


We gave up a run in the first inning again.  We're losing again.  Carry on.

You can't say that games between Travis Wood and Roy Halladay are boring. Reds lose, 5-4.


Sigh. After 19 innings, the Phillies beat the Reds, 5-4.

[Slump] Bustin' makes me feel good! Reds win, 6-3.


Reds phinally win in Philadelphia! Jay Bruce's ninth inning double delivers a 6-3 victory.

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