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Brendon was born in the Northern California Bay Area and raised in Davis, California. He graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and has been working in psychiatric and substance abuse counseling since 2002.

Brendon has been a San Francisco Giants fan from birth and grew up with an intense love for all aspects of the game of baseball, instilled by his father. This love led to Brendon becoming a fanatic fantasy baseball player and to researching baseball history from it's inception. He was always fascinated by baseball card stats and eventually, by reading Bill James, Rob Neyer and Baseball Prospectus, developed an interest in analytics. He became a member of SABR in 2003.

Brendon started playing baseball at 6 years old and has played ever since. He currently plays in adult hardball leagues and tournaments.

Follow me on Twitter @BBoothSBNMiLB

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  • MLB San Francisco Giants
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User Blog

2013 College World Series Preview


It's gonna be a fantastic week. I am jazzed. Read this and get the scoop from the PREMIER CWS Preview in the entire world.

It's NCAA Baseball Tournament Time!


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Almost there...ALMOST THERE


On ranks, on players, some hyperbole, and a couple of treats for your earholes.

Minor League Ball Weekend College Preview


Your basketball-free haven. In which you learn what it is you will be focused on this weekend, because you are good listeners.

College Baseball Preview: April 26-28


Kris Bryant is ridiculous. What if he had chosen to play at UNC?

College Baseball Preview: When Appropriate.


Breaking news out of Boston/Cambridge as I am typing this. Let's all pay attention to the world around us and act to make that world a better place, and focus on baseball when we need a...

Weekend College Baseball Preview: April 5-7


There are only about six weeks left until conference tournament play starts. Conference races are heating up and the potential draftees are honing their skills before the spotlights get really...

Weekend College Baseball Preview: April 5-7


There's more to life than basketball! While others will be cursing their brackets and watching the Final Four, you'll be watching THESE stories.

Weekend College Baseball Preview, March 29-31


Interesting Top 25 matchups, the latest on Kris Bryant, and what's happening with the likely college first-rounders this weekend.

Weekend College Baseball Preview, March 22-24


What to Check Out If You Need a Break From Anything Else That May Be Going On This Weekend in Sports, Whatever That May Be

College Team Retrospective: '91 LSU Tigers


In which we ask, "Were the 1991 LSU Tigers the best team ever?" Thus begins a series looking back on some legendary NCAA programs.

Weekend College Baseball Preview, March 15-17


What's happening around the nation? These are the stories you need to pay attention to this weekend and to talk about beyond. Check in on USD's Kris Bryant and check out some great links.

College Baseball Preview for March 8-10


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College Baseball Weekend Roundup: March 4


Great matchups and dominant performances were the order of the weekend. North Carolina stayed perfect, Fullerton continued to impress, and Appel and Rodon racked up the Ks.

College Baseball Weekend Preview: March 1st


Stories and events of interest to create some Monday conversation.

Weekly College Baseball Update, February 25


Here's what happened around college baseball this past week

Introducing Brendon Booth


Introducing Brendon Booth: covering College Baseball for Minor League Ball

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