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Detroit Lions faithful in Tampa, Florida. Grew up in Ionia, Michigan, went to Northwood University and Central Michigan University. Worked as an intern with Chicago Bulls as a die-hard Pistons fan. I have worked with ESPN Radio Florida, NBCsports Radio and SportsTalkFlorida Tampa/Orlando. I follow all MAC and Big Ten teams. I enjoy writing screenplays in my spare time. Would love to see one in the can.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Detroit Tigers
  • NBA Detroit Pistons
  • NFL Detroit Lions
  • NCAAF Michigan Wolverines
  • NCAAB Michigan St. Spartans
  • NHL Detroit Red Wings
  • NASCAR Greg Biffle, Brad Kesolowski
  • MMA Evans, Faber, Mitrione, Silva, Jones
User Blog

Let's go Bowling

I thought it would be interesting to evaluate our current roster in a new way. Let's use a Bowling Average and a Bowling Score to see how we think Lions players did last year compared to their...


Let's take it upon ourselves/Merton Hanks/Resignation

Most of us and Pod'ers and most of the national audience now realize that most of Suh's fines have been absolutely ridiculous and unfair. Sure he has done some ill advised things and he has paid...


Schwartz and Front Office must be Blamed

Just as we praise this group of Lions, we must also blame them. I am not implying they aren't capable of righting the ship, but they are responsible for the "here and now". Unfortunately, ...


Stafford Stats Stand Strong

I wanted to take a look at the top Passing teams to see if there was ANY validity to the argument, "Calvin is the reason Matthew Stafford looked good this season". Now Calvin certainly didn't hurt,...


Lions Draft Picks and UDFA's Video

Just trying to make it easier for everyone to check these guys out. Here is a list of our current additions. I linked videos to most the players name however I couldn't find video for all of...


Broyles Adds Value and Wins to Lions

I was perplexed with this year's 2nd pick , Ryan Broyles, as many Lions fans were. Not because he isn't a quality player, but because of his position. Aren't the Lions set at WR? However, as I...


Will The Detroit Lions trade up in Round Two?

As boring as it is, I am very happy that the Detroit Lions were able to pick a top guy, rated #2 as OL, at pick 23. I didn't think we had a chance at Riley Reiff. Once again, talent fell into our...


Quarterback Tier Rating

I just read a NFL quarterback ranking from Jason Smith at First of all, I don't agree with his rankings. As I was discussing it with a freind, we found ourselves talking in tiers not...


The Detroit Lions will pick Cordy Glenn

First of all, let me preface this by saying I am not necessarily for this pick nor am I against this pick . It is simply who I think will be the 23rd pick of the draft. Here are some reasons why. ...


Michigan is a ________ State.

Listening to all of the Manning talk I heard a few people talk bout Indiana as a basketball state. I have to agree with that statement. States like Florida and Texas are clearly football states. ...


Zip It Harris! (Dog Food Forum)!

With all the talk of New Orleans Saints breaking the Bounty rule, I can only think of one play. The low hit on Brett Favre in the NFC Championship game. I was disgusted that New Orleans went to...


Grading the Secondary

The loss to New Orleans in the PLAYOFFS really put the secondary of the Detroit Lions on the defensive. If they were as defensive on the field as they were on twitter, we would have had a chance...


True or False; How the Lions Stack Up

This is where I would put the over/under line on these players, what do you think? True or False? Cliff Avril is a top five DE. Matthew Stafford is a top five QB. Brandon Pettigrew is a top three...


Crino's Observations, Week 17

First of all Lion's fans, heads up. We are still in the playoffs. That means we COULD win the Superbowl. How likely that is I don't know, but we are in the tourney. Yes, our defense has some...


Crino's Observations, Lions' Moment of Clarity

We all have moments of clarity from time to time. It's when the things around you become clear. The thoughts that are spinning in your head suddenly stop spinning. In football, it's when the...


Without Suh, Who picks up the Slack?

Obviously there will be a key defensive lineman missing in the next two games. We know the Detroit Lions have used a heavy rotation of defensive lineman throughout the year, so they are ALL...


Kevin Smith, How you like me NOW?

Detroit is victorious against the Panthers even though their first half was atrocious.  However, the defense made some great plays, Stafford got on track, and Kevin Smith, Kevin Smith, and more...


Crino's Observations, Bright spots

It was a frustrating Sunday evening with the Bears reminding Detroit that they have a defense too.  A defense that is like Detroit, opportunistic.  Chicago's opportunities came early and often...


Nickelback, a Tampa perspective.

The Nickelback protest has made national news and has caused friends of mine in Tampa asking "why do they hate Nickelback in Detroit?"  I go on to tell them Detroit has it's own musical heritage...


Detroit Lions to sign Kevin Smith, 'bout time.

I know there were (are) some Kevin Smith haters out there, but when you look at the run game we have had without him, you have to admit, he was pretty good.   Back when we signed Bell and Harrison,...


Detroit Lions Mid-Season Awards, voice your opinion.

After 8 games in the NFL season we've have seen our Detroit Lions exceed our expectations in many ways.  I want to know who you think are the reasons for this great first half of football.     Who...


Crino's Observations, Game Ball, Denver

  We are who we thought we were.  We weren't who we hoped we weren't.  Granted, is was only the Broncos with Tebow as the starting QB, but don't tell me you didn't have a fringe of doubt.  I am...


Pro Bowl Ballots, Time to Vote

As I came across the ballot, I was surprised how many Lions players have the stats to make the Pro Bowl.  Some of them don't have the name yet, that is why it is up to us to make sure they get in.  ...


Crino's Observations, Don't blame Stafford

  Stafford is playing the hand he is dealt.  One he is basically a sophmore "on the field".  Secondly the receivers can't seem to get open in zone coverage.  The are not sitting down in spaces,...


Future Rivals

The Future is a funny thing, if you think about it, it is your imagination.  It is what your mind imagines will happen next.  The Past is just your memory of what just happened.  The Present is...


Above the Fray

I was just watching " NFL Live" and it is a particularly negative episode.  Then I noticed they haven't mention the Lions!  This is new to most of us.  Usually the icing on the cake of negative...


Crino's Observations, Heroic Victory

The first thing that comes to mind is WOW!  I was nauseous during the first half of that game.   First drive it looked like we had a good gameplan and it was obvious Stafford was nervous.  He tends...


Crino's Observations

Unfortunately this week, or fortunately the satellite was down through the end of first quarter and came back at halftime.   But  I still have enough info swirling in my head to have to share it.   ...


Who's a Bigger Idiot?

Heath Evans and Chris Carter have said things that make me laugh on numerous occasions..   Both "analysts" seem to be swayed by their alliances, pride, or just low IQ.   I remember thinking Carter...


Gotta Love Scheffler!!

It looks like the plan for TD celebrations by Scheffler and the Lions are chosen for the opponents.  Last week he was a swashbuckler for the TD against the Buccaneers.  This week, took me a second...

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