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Winter Meeting Open Thread

Because no one else did it... My wish list for the A's is this: Brett Anderson to Blue Jays for Daniel Norris (RHP) and Alberto Tirado (RHP) They are the 3rd and 6th bestprospects for the...


My Proposal to Acquire Escobar and Stanton

We know that the A's are in on the Yunel Escobar sweepstakes. But we also know what it would take to get Stanton from the Marlins as well, thanks to Danny Knobler: 3 very top level prospects and...

I'm just curious to know how the app was affected by the new website design.


I'm just curious to know how the app was affected by the new website design.


Red Sox out on Bailey? Discuss this and more rumors deals here...

There are a few threads where people are commenting, but I wanted to put the latest and greatest rumors and deals in one spot. I don't have much to add. It looks like the Sox might be out on...


Post-Winter Meeting Rumor Thread

The Pujols thread is getting too big now and the focus of the conversation is turning towards what the A's will do now. So I thought it was appropriate to start a new thread. I'll get things...


Seriously? No rumor thread yet? I'm on it!

And just like that... the A's are in the news.  I can't believe there aren't multiple threads about these rumors yet, but in case you haven't heard, the A's are throwing around names like Gio...


Is Michael Taylor ALL the way back?

We all know the problems that Michael Taylor has had since joining Oakland's organization prior to the 2010 season.  He had major expectations and didn't live up to them in his first season as a...


Trade Proposals

Now that the A's have lost 8 in a row, their 2B, 3/5 of their rotation, and demoted their everyday 3B, I think it's pretty safe to say that the future is here.  Except that it's not... because the...


Draft Prediction thread

I'm very surprised at how little the draft has been discussed here at AN.  It starts tonight and I haven't seen any posts dedicated to it yet, so I thought I'd put together an ad hoc thread. I...


Observations from an NDer at an A's game

On January 31st, I wrote a FanPost asking ANers for advice about how to get from Fisherman's Warf to the Coliseum with a 5 month old child.  This is my follow-up FanPost with my thoughts about the...


Getting Kevin Slowey

  I think the A's should approach the Twins about trading for Slowey.  He was recently told that he'll be a long-man out of the pen, completely wasting the talent of a good pitcher.  So, would be...


DLD: 3/8 - Keith Law watches an A's game

I didn't think this article alone was worthy of a FanPost, and I don't think there are enough DLDs, so I'll combine the two.   Keith Law (subscription required) had this to say about a few of the...


Weekend Link Dump (Feb 26-27)

THIS is why the A's were smart to let Duchscherer go. Kendry Morales isn't anywhere near 100% .Jerry Crasnick covered the A's offseason.  MLBTR looks at Oakland's offseason, too. Oakland has one of...


Attending First A's Game: Questions

My wife has a conference in San Francisco in early April and my 3 month old daughter and I are going to go with.  It will be our first trip to the Bay Area - we live in North Dakota.  We think we...


Wells to LAA Thread

Gofro's post on the front page is really great, and I'd hate for it to be hijacked by people wanting to discuss the Angels awesome (if your an A's fan) trade so consider this an open thread. The...


DLD- 12/1/10- A's (don't) meet with Dunn

According to Slusser, the A's met with Dunn yesterday.  (Update: This is apparently false.)   According to the A's website, Cust is a non-tender candidate again.   This should cause a stir among...


Fun with WAR

The more I read about and understand WAR, the more interested I am in breaking it down a bit into a per game basis.  We know that Kurt Suzuki's WAR is 1.5, but he did miss some time.  So what is...


Kouz for Craig?

According to, the Cardinals are intensifying their search for a 3B.  Apparently Brandon Inge is on their radar.  I'm wondering if Beane is (or if he should be) talking to the...


Trade Deadline Thread/DLD - 7/30/2010

The trade deadline if quickly approaching.  I haven't heard anything on the A's front, but Beane has a way of surprising people.   Here are a few of the latest rumors: Foxsports ESPN Susan Slusser T...

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