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Lead writer at Bleacher Nation, Contributor at Bleed Cubbie Blue. Husband, father, former Junior Olympic Alternate Bowler.

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MLB Officially Announces Its Playoff Schedule And Other MLBullets

The playoff schedule is finally here, for the first time in the post-two-Wild-Card era - and, as you might expect, it's a pretty tight schedule.

Moving In the Fences And Other MLBullets

The Mets are happy with their decision to move in the fences at Citi Field this year. Should other teams take that step, too?

Josh Hamilton Struggling Without Tobacco And Other MLBullets

Josh Hamilton's protracted slump unfortunately coincides with his decision and efforts to quit chewing tobacco.

Cliff Lee Appears On The Waiver Wire And Other MLBullets

Oh my God! The Rangers waived Cliff Lee! Huge story! Actually, it's not really much of a story at all.

The Rangers Rotation Shuffle And Other MLBullets

The Texas Rangers have one of the best teams in baseball, but their rotation is in a serious state of flux.

The Trade Deadline Looms And Other MLBullets

Perenially one of the most exciting times of the year, the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline is tomorrow. And a lot has already happened.

Contraction, Anybody? And Other MLBullets

White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf would like to ax two teams from MLB. Is that even a practical idea, and, if it is, is it a good one?

The Marlins Made An Oopsy And Other MLBullets

The Miami Marlins have started dumping players just months after going on a free agency spending binge. Oops.

Looking Ahead To The 2013 Hall Of Fame And Other MLBullets

The 2013 Hall of Fame class is a jumbled mess of almost-good-enoughs and PED cases. How do you sort through it?

The Stephen Strasburg Shut Down Plan And Other MLBullets

The Nationals plan to stay the course when it comes to shutting down Stephen Strasburg before the season is over, regardless of where they are in the standings.

Ozzie Guillen's Feelings Are Hurt And Other MLBullets

Ozzie Guillen is back in Chicago and defending his time there. Just because the White Sox are playing well without him doesn't mean he was the problem, he says.

Ben Sheets Actually Pitched Well And Other MLBullets

Ben Sheets has had a long come-back trail, and he's not all the way back. But, through one big league start, things are looking good.

How About Those Justin Upton Rumors And Other MLBullets

Justin Upton is the most intriguing name on the trade block this year, and he seems to be handling the rumors well.

Hope You Stayed Up To See The Cubs And Other MLBullets

The Cubs' All-Stars didn't get into the game until late last night, but at least they made an appearance.

The "First Half" Is Over And Other MLBullets

The "first half" is in the books, so let's take a look at some of the leaders so far.

Josh Hamilton Is Human And Other MLBullets

Josh Hamilton's June was merely "decent" after a couple crazy good months to start the year.

Complete 2012 Chicago Cubs Trade Candidates and Rumors Cheat Sheet


I don't like to pimp my own stuff here at BCB unless I think it actually really will be useful to the readers. In this case, I do think this will be - I put together a comprehensive review of every single tradable Cubs player, with a look at how likely they are to be traded, what they could net in return, etc. Hope you enjoy/find it thought-provoking.

Chris Carpenter's Season Is Over And Other MLBullets

Chris Carpenter will undergo season-ending shoulder surgery, and will hope to be back for the 2013 season.

All-Star Stuff About All-Stars And Other MLBullets

The All-Star rosters have been announced, and, as always, there are some notable snubs. And they aren't taking it lightly.

The Dodgers Have Money To Burn And Other MLBullets

The Dodgers have dropped a huge amount of cash on a relatively unknown Cuban prospect.

Aroldis Chapman Is Head Over Heels And Other MLBullets

Aroldis Chapman somersaulted in celebration of a save. No one is particularly happy about it.

Kevin Youkilis Changes His Sox And Other MLBullets

Kevin Youkilis heads to the White Sox after being dumped by the Red Sox, who got very little in return.

David Ortiz Is Discontented About People Saying The Red Sox Are Discontent And Other MLBullets

David Ortiz is getting tired of the media circus in Boston, which has persisted for months.

Roger Clemens Is Not Guilty, But Is He Innocent? And Other MLBullets

Roger Clemens was found not guilty on perjury charges related to alleged steroid use. But does that mean he didn't do it?

Mark Prior Might Actually Make It Back And Other MLBullets

Mark Prior is pitching well at AAA for the Boston Red Sox, and he might soon find himself back in the big leagues.

The San Diego Padres Are Worth HOW Much? And Other MLBullets

The San Diego Padres' asking price is reportedly $800 million. Makes you wonder what other teams are worth, no?

Brian Roberts Is Back And Other MLBullets

Brian Roberts hasn't played in the bigs in 13 months, but he's finally back.

Pitchers Clearly Shouldn't Be Hitters And Other MLBullets

Rangers pitcher Alexi Ogando strained his groin running out a bunt yesterday, and you can bet the calls to end pitchers hitting in interleague series will pop up again.

Drugs Are Bad, MmmKay? And Other MLBullets

MLB and the MBLPA have agreed to modify the joint drug agreement in a number of ways, including ways designed to prevent another Ryan Braun fiasco.

The Diamondbacks Aren't Happy With Stephen Drew And Other MLBullets

The Diamondbacks' owner absolutely ripped Stephen Drew for not playing yet this year.

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