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Doogie's Scoops - 6/7/13


Here in print, and this morning on the radio, Doogie has stated that we're in talks with Orlando, Washington, Charlotte, and Phoenix about moving up. Flip is definitely looking to make a splash, and land us the RubiOladipo backcourt. That makes me happy. "OJ Mayo is a high priority," on the other hand, gives me a sad.

Sports.ru tweet: Shved to Minnesota


"Basketball: Russian star Alexey Shved is set to leave CSKA for the ‪#NBA‬, where he will allegedly sign for Minnesota ‪#Timberwolves‬" This was right around 6am this morning. Can't say its been blowing up the internet quite yet... But hey, don't worry, John Hollinger's on the ball, crapping on everyone's heads. EDIT: The Wolves will need to do some unbelievable salary rearrangement to make this work and still sign Roy and still pursue Batum. But if you're telling me we can have a wing rotation of Batum, Roy, Budinger and Shved this year....yeah. Sign me up.

Chad Ford actually sounds smart (for a couple minutes, anyway)


Setting the scene: It's a mock draft between Ford and Simmons. At the 6th pick, with Davis, MKG, Beal, Barnes, and Robinson off the board, Ford takes Lillard (let's forget that he picked Barnes 4th for a minute). Simmons busts his balls, suggesting Austin Rivers as a better choice than Lillard. Eventually, this exchange: "FORD: Look, Lillard was a late bloomer. He wasn't lightly recruited until his senior season. You may be right that Rivers would've put up better numbers as a freshman. However, here's my knock on Rivers. He thinks he's Kobe. He's not. He doesn't have the length, the height, nor the athletic ability. Take those things away from Kobe, and he's Ricky Davis — an irritating ball hog no one wants to play with and who isn't good enough to warrant the diva act. SIMMONS: Wow, you just waved two middle fingers at Doc Rivers — you compared his son to his least favorite player to have ever coached. Why didn't you just throw a Dominique Wilkins barb in there while you were at it? FORD: Lillard is a willing passer. Rivers isn't and will never be. Lillard made dramatic improvements from year to year. I thought Rivers was the exact player in college that he was in high school. Lillard is a team player. He was the second most efficient player in college basketball DESPITE being the only decent player on his entire roster; teams game planned to stop him and him alone every night. I just don't see Rivers ever being anywhere near as unselfish or efficient. I think Rivers will be shocked at the athleticism and length at his position. He'll try to do the same things at which he excelled in high school, spend a lot of time on the bench, get into it with his coach and teammates, get traded in a year or two to a desperate team, put up huge numbers for a cellar-dweller for a year or two, make some money, and eventually, teams will realize he can't be the alpha dog on a winning team. SIMMONS: Other than that, you're a huge Austin Rivers fan. FORD: I honestly think Rivers is the one guy I wouldn't touch in the lottery. Too toxic for team chemistry, doesn't have the same physical tools to make it worth it." My guess is he had a blackout, a la Frank the Tank.

Sixers CEO points to major "action" during the summer, asks fans on twitter who the team should trade | IamaGM.com


Alright, CHers, who's ready to make up fake Philly-fan twitter accounts and spam this guy with "Iggy's gotta go!"??

A little love for the Manther! p.s. This game also featured 107 fewer points than ours....


A little love for the Manther! p.s. This game also featured 107 fewer points than ours. Exciting!!! (%)

"Day 2 If u smile, things are better! Enjoy ur day! Be happy."


Whom would you rather cheer for than Ricky Rubio?

Mike D'Antoni was angling for the Timberwolves job in the offseason


Interesting little blurb. Certainly happy with how everything played out, and wouldn't change a thing, but D'Antoni SSOL might've been a fun road with Rubio too...

Sheridan: Kevin Love for MVP? It’s a valid argument.


I like this. You will too. Unless you're visiting from another blog.

The Basketball Jones - 2/8/12 (Wolves gushing)


I listen to The Basketball Jones pretty much every morning, and I would highly suggest all of you doing so as well. They've been hot on the Wolves' bandwagon all year, including unanimously (so, both guys) calling them the most entertaining team in the league this year. Highlights from this episode (Wolves section starts at 16:30): Rubio gushing, duh. They talk about the Larry Bird quotes. Pekovic gushing. Yep! They go with the Neeee-kolaaa! (Ricola) chant, I dig that. Lastly, they chat about Derrick Williams, whom J.E. Skeets calls D-Rock. This is notable because I believe that I introduced him to that nickname (not that it's necessarily the best, or even that I made it up, just that I heard that live and said "I gave him that!"). Cheers.


#FreeSteveNash trade proposal

No, I'm not bringing in Nash to mentor Ricky. Remember when people (including me) were entertaining that idea? Boy, that would have been a waste. Anyway, here it is. Nash goes to a contender...


Twin Cities establishments carrying League Pass

Hey everyone, I thought it would be good to put together a running list of Twin Cities establishments that carry NBA League Pass. This thought obviously came to mind with a couple recent games not...

Westbrook - 5 year, $80M extension, per Wojnarowski


Well, Zgoda thinks this is part of the precedent for Love. Not sure what hasn't been stated or debated already, but the first shoe drops... Edit: Link updated to the article, rather than the tweet. Edit2: Title changed to $80M, per change in the report.

"Cleared!" - Martell Webster


Competent wing play on the horizon??!?

Rating rookies: Head of class so far?


Another Rubio love-fest. Not that I'm tired of them.

"...Houston's Kevin Martin...Adelman loves him & McHale is lukewarm"


From Darren Wolfson. Yes, please. Edit: Related comment thread to chew on.

ESPN's NBA Ranks are getting interesting


I'm very interested to see just how high these guys have placed Kevin Love, and as we get through the low 20s, the intrigue has only heated up: #30 - Andrew Bynum #29 - Joakim Noah #28 - Tony Parker #27 - Rudy Gay #26 - Marc Gasol #25 - Al Horford #24 - Chris Bosh #23 - LaMarcus Aldridge #22 - Kevin Garnett Outside of Gay and Parker, these are all guys we constantly use for comparisons with Love. This kinda feels like his wheelhouse now, but even if they reveal him at #21, there are certainly a number of people who won't like seeing him ahead of guys like Garnett, LMA, and Horford.


Not your usual trade proposal. I promise. (With Poll!)

While I have typically refrained from the trade-mongering, at least so far as to not make fanposts on them, this article got me thinking about a trade proposal quite similar in vein to the Nash...

@APkrawczynski: Ronzone says team is not trying to get a stateside workout with Biyombo.


"#Twolves asst GM Tony Ronzone says team is not trying to get a stateside workout with Biyombo. They've seen him enough in Europe. No need." Reassuring and terrifying all in one fell swoop

Hey Ricky, you're so fine (in the ACB Finals)


It's gameday. Game 2, ACB Finals. Anybody watching?

TrueHoop: Is it Corey Brewer time?


As a Corey lover, of course I need to share this bit. Seems strange though, this is from yesterday, but he doesn't mention how game 3 played out (perhaps it was fully written on Sunday). Corey didn't play again. Granted, Peja only got 6 minutes, but still...

Bynum's repeated thuggery


As the Mavericks completed their embarrasment of the Lakeshow today, Bynum once again showed his true colors, with JJ Barea the recipient of his latest cheap shot. In this post-game interview, he seems utterly unremorseful. I'm certainly not shocked, and I hope the league will see his repeated offenses for the absolute disgrace they are. One or two game suspensions clearly don't send the message. On to Kobe: What an absurd shift in reaction since the flagrant on Beasley. Then: "I'm proud of him, he earned his stripes." On PTI, he later reminded us that that's the kind of basketball he grew up watching, and reiterated that he saw nothing wrong with it. Many of us mused about how he'd feel if he took that hit. Now: "You definitely don't want to see that happen. You don't want any of their players getting hurt. They played better than we did, so, to make the game ugly like that where players could potentially get hurt, you don't want to see that happen ever ... It's not something that you want to see happen in the game of basketball, ever." Huh? What? The only answer I can come up with is that sometime in the last two months, someone like Magic, or someone else he respects, told him flatly what an idiotic response he had to the Beasley foul. Lastly, to come full circle, Mr. Rambis, I'm looking at you again: "I know Andrew, he wasn't going up to do anyting malicious," Rambis said. "He was just going to protect the basket. So I think he was making a good basketball play out of it. Those [flagrant fouls] are judgment calls by the referees. Unfortunately, Michael got hurt on it." Well Kurt, do you really know Andrew Bynum? I absolutely do not want this man coaching my favorite basketball team anymore. Oh, and I'm also officially against any trade that would bring Mr. Bynum to the land of 10,000 lakes.

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