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I write about the Mariners. And the Seahawks. I'll probably try and do something with that.

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User Blog

Russell Wilson Is A Franchise QB Now...How Long Until He Is Elite?


Wrote a piece on Russell Wilson. Probably not a lot different than what's here at FG, but maybe it is, so maybe you'll like it!

Why you shouldn't panic (too much) about Peterson running wild on the Seahawks


Basically, when Peterson had a big run, it was really big. But most of his yards came on just a few carries.

Take The Kid Gloves Off Russell Wilson


Hello! I am an infrequent commenter here these days, as I am now going to WSU for communications, doing a radio show, and blogging. Here is a link to some of that blogging! I am a better baseball writer than I am a football writer, but I feel that this is an article worth reading. Although I'm obviously bias, being the author. That being said...enjoy! And don't be afraid to tell me how stupid I am in the comments!


Felix Presser Open Thread

It's on the Mariners website now. I'm not going to lie, when I saw his huge smile, I got a bit choked up, and when he said "I really just want to be here, I love playing here." I got a little...


Seahawks Tattoo

So I mentioned I was getting a Seahawks tattoo, and Nate Dogg helped me find the picture I was looking for to get it done the way I wanted. Some people said they wanted to see the finished product,...


Some period of time open rumor thread V

Seems like it's been awhile since one of these have been posted, and the others are nearly dead and buried. Seems a lot is going on today, so another thread might as well go up. 1. Halladay to...


Help finding a picture?

So I've already got my Mariners tattoo on my left forearm, and it's come time for me to get the Seahawks tattoo on the other forearm. The problem is, I can't find the picture I want to help guide...

Can Walt play this soon? Seahawks Practice report


Danny O'Neil reports that Jones is merely "iffy" on his status for practice, so it's possible that he may practice this week. I wasn't expecting to see Walt play at all this year. It would be exciting to see the big man play again, and a real shot in the arm for the team even if he's playing at a diminished level.


BMO update

We are starting on Friday. I am going to unpause simulations around midnight Thursday night/Friday morning, so that's when we will start. Up until Firday, we will be making pre-season trades,...


Request for photos

Hey all, I'm writing an article for my campus paper about Dustin Ackley. The problem is, I have no photos for it. It's a long shot, I know, but does anybody have a picture of Ackley I can use...


MLB Network's pre-empting of the Strikeout Marathon

Is it a little bit annoying to anyone else that MLB Network has pre-empted not only Randy Johnson's 19 strikeout games, but Clemens', Wood's, and RJ's 20 K's in Arizona to show 36 continuous hours...


LL Football: TODAY!!! AT 12PM--need more players!!

Facebook Link Well, I'd say last week's football was a resounding success, and my aches and pains from that and the concert that night are finally (mostly) gone. It's clear we need to play more...


EOF claimed by Braves; 40-Man changes

Via Geoff Baker "UPDATE: 2:37 p.m.: Eric O'Flaherty was just claimed off waivers by the Atlanata Braves. Quite the dramatic fall for O'Flaherty within the organization the past eight months. He...


Here's to Health in 2009

Through the dismal 2-7 start, we've learned that even good teams are fallible. Well constructed teams. Teams that are assembled by smart football people who can recognize talent. But this year,...


The Calling of Balls and Strikes Should No Longer Be Done by Humans

It's starting to get embarrassing: We all know this isn't the first time poor umpiring has decided a game. Pitch F/X has a margin of error of 2.2 inches. 2.2 inches!! This umpire,...


NFL Opening Day: Redskins @ Giants Game Thread

Not sure who's watching, but I figured I'd put this somewhere. Eli Manning looked pretty solid on the first drive excepting a pass he threw to Burress in double coverage which he bobbled, then...


U.S. Cellular Field cares less about the on-field product than Safeco Field.

Today was my first and probably last game ever at U.S. Cellular field. Wrigley will hopefully be more fun than the shit-hole that was U.S. Cellular. If you think Safeco worships children and...


LaHair up

Per Baker Tuglett is the one who goes down. LaHair was running a .263/.357/.467 line in AAA. An .824 OPS. That will surely translate to the big leagues well. Also with that article is this...


Lookout Landing Softball Photos, June 15

Here's the Flickr album. I've got about a gig more to upload but I've got captions for all of them. I'll have the rest up tomorrow, my internet is fucking up. Plus it's a gig worth so it's going...


Anyone want tickets to Tomorrow's game?

They're $22 seats, they're in lower right field. I'll sell them to anyone who wants them for $12 a piece. I figure no one will take these anyway since everyone's playing softball or doing...



So the day is upon us. The first choice of fields is 12th and Cherry, the Seattle U softball field. If that is taken, go up two blocks to the Seattle U soccer field on 14th and Cherry. Go to the...


Why I hate Red Sox Nation

I wrote this for my journalism class in op-ed and also posted it on my website, but of the things I've written this is one of my favorites. So hopefully you guys can appreciate it and hopefully it...


Demo video

Don't go around telling people this exists I'm not sure what music works best but here's a few demos of what I'm capable of. Benny Hill is also an option, but I don't have it on the computer I...


SOFTBALL JUNE 15! Look, shiny shiny new title! Sign up in here! Jeff and Red will be there!

  Time and Place Date: Sunday, June 15, 2008 Time: 1:00pm - 6:00pm Location: Seattle U Soccer Field or Seattle U Softball field if available? Street: 14th and Cherry St. (soccer) 12th and Cherry...


LL Softball May 31 Roll Call Inside

Okay, it's the punultimate day and with varying concerns over Felix starting now and what all we need to get as close to an accurate head count as possible. So RSVP here. View it as a commitment to...


I need your help

Tomorrow Safeco will likely turn into Fenway West for three games. Because I have season tickets because I'm an idiot I'll be going to all three games. Now I'm asking you to come out and support...


UPDATED! SOFTBALL INFO: Shoot for the 31st!!

Shoot for the 31st people. MAY 31st! Saturday, May 17 I'm in for just doing some BP or something tomorrow. If we can get five or so people for sure in tomorrow we'll do this. If not, I'm...


Iron Man

I need something to talk about that's good, and therefore not the Mariners to keep myself from going crazy. So who's seen it? I went and saw it last weekend and was thoroughly impressed. I am...

Posted this on LL. I put Weaver in since I already had an LB, Kerney's likely to decline, couldn't find an easy enough Mebane shot, and there are not Seahawk-gear shots of Julius Jones or Duckett. Also, Nate Burleson just isn't very good, and Engram is&


Posted this on LL. I put Weaver in since I already had an LB, Kerney's likely to decline, couldn't find an easy enough Mebane shot, and there are not Seahawk-gear shots of Julius Jones or Duckett. Also, Nate Burleson just isn't very good, and Engram is old.

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