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Braves Dempster trade now 50-50


No word what the hold up is. I imagine Braves fans are rejoicing.

Koyie Hill is officially no longer a Cub


Koyie Hill elected free agency instead of heading to Iowa. Can SWL come back now?

Aaron Miles to Retire


Well it looks like we won't have him to kick around anymore. I still hate that Jim Hendry traded Mark DeRosa because he thought you were just as good as him. We took out our frustration on you which was really meant for Jimbo. Best of luck Aaron.

GAMMONS: Cubs lack cash for Fielder.


"The Cubs say they do not have the cash to sign Fielder, tweets Peter Gammons of MLB Network." says Peter Gammons on the MLB network. Looks like Theo is in rebuilding mode. That means Graza should be traded for some big time prospects.

Rami says he will only sign with a winner.


If this is the case Rami then why the he'll were you blocking a trades this July. Dont let the door hit you on the way out.

Rogers: Cubs will not move anyone


Phil Rogers just said that the Cubs will not be moving any players this trade deadline. Rogers explained that Hendry wants to make a run for Prince Fielder and they what to make the Cubs look competitve so he will be more likely to sign. Rogers also said that there were also no teams that called asking about Aramis Ramirez. They are also not going to move Pena because they don't want to upset Scott Boras who is also the agent for Fielder. Rogers went on to say he fells sorry for Hendry because "He really loves this time of year and he's hurting sitting on the sideline." So in a nut shell. The Cubs are going to keep this horrible team together to overpay for a fat first baseman. It would be funny if I weren't a fan.


HEY RICKETTS! Do you want a reason to fire Hendry?

Tonight game: Injury Report Philadelphia Roy Oswalt SP - Jul 19: 15-Day DL Roy Halladay SP - Jul 19: Day-To-Day Brad Lidge RP - Jul 19: 60-Day DL Shane Victorino CF - Jul 19:...

Hendry has "no interest" in moving Dempster or Garza.


Peter Gammons just tweeted: "Jim Hendry has no interest in trading Dempster or Garza during season." Seriously, who the ^#$% is he planning to trade? Oh that's right this team can be competitive next near. Please would someone fire Jim Hendry?!?

Jake Fox DFA'd.


Jake Fox was DFA'd by Baltimore today after having led the majors in spring training Homers. This move takes some guts by the Baltimore brass. I think the cubs could take a lesson from this to get ride of there spring training home run leader: Alfonzo Soriano.


The End of a Very Disappointing Decade for Cubs Fans

Before you blast me for not pointing out that the Cubs got to the playoffs the same number of times this decade as the last six, I know that.  It is more the emotional factor of how we lost and...

And You Thought the Trading Dealine Would Stop the Trade Talk


Jon Heyman put out his list of 31 players that would clear waivers and still could be moved until Aug 31st. Five Cubs made the list: Fukudome, Dlee, A. Ramirez, Soriano, and Big Z (He could have added Silva but his injury should keep he out of the discussion). It's an interesting read. It shows that the Cubs might be able to send a few more parts to folks who are still looking. So let the "I have a trade idea" fan post begin again. It also proves that Hendry doesn't have an f-ing clue how to negotiate contracts. Sorry but no team should have 16% of all the players in the MLB that can manage to clear waivers. [Climbs off soapbox].

Ricketts: Hendry is His GM Into Nex Year


Here is a Tweet from Gordon Wittenmyer of the Sun-times: Ricketts: Hendry is his GM into next year. Says has confidence in the organization's direction. This either means Ricketts is going to Fire Hendry next week or Ricketts is confident that Hendry is going to blow up this team. He has confidence in the teams Direction? I'll show you the the teams direction: 2008: 97 and 64 2009: 83 and 78 2010: 72 and 90 (Projected) I'm confident the teams directions too, it's $^%ing DOWN!!!!


Do the Cubs and Yankees Match Up for a Big Trade?

I know everyone is excited the Cubs won 3 out of 4 from the Phills.  That is great but this team is still 9 GAMES UNDER .500.They are not going to make the playoffs this year and they should be...


How about Sori going back to the Leadoff Spot?

No really?  Since the Cubs Management has decided to implement "Magic Mushroom Mondays" and just starting doing things just to do something, why not do a poorly thought out reactionary measure to...


Hendry scapegoats Bradley

Another perspective about Bradley's suspension from Joe Sheehan of Baseball Prospectus. Here are the main points: Who the hell has ever been suspended for two weeks for what they said to the...


The Tough Road to the Playoffs

I know it is very hard to predict anything in baseball.  What makes the game great is anything can happen, anytime.But as statheads point out while history never repeats itself it often rhymes.So I...


2009 Trades Graded

You may not agree with grades but at least you can see all the trades in one post.Enjoy!     Player to Red Sox C-1B Victor Martinez (C)           Players to the Indians RHP Justin Masterson, LHP...

Phil Rogers = Moron X 5


This is about the dumbest things I have ever had the misfortune of reading.


It is time to reassess this team

The Cubs are getting very close the halfway point of the season.   I would like to start this discussion with a few simple assumptions:   1: The current team make up makes it nothing more than a...


It is time to sacrifice the goat

You might be thinking this is a post about Bob Howry.  Well it is not, kind of.  You might be thinking this is a post about Z or Marquis.  It not, kind of. No, this post is about sacrificing a...


Bad News: Z to See Dr. about Arm

Sun-Times Says: Cubs ace Carlos Zambrano complained of soreness in his right arm when he left his start early Wednesday night, throwing into doubt his status for the remainder of the season and...


OFFICIAL: Motion to the Chair (Al) of BCB.

******************************************************In the interest of:Not counting chickens before they hatch,Focusing on just winning the next game/ regular season series,Not bringing the wrath...

Yesterday I spent all day talking about how Micah Hoffpauir should replace Daryle Ward on this Cubs team.  I kept using Micah hot streak in AAA and his stats from earlier in the season to justify...

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