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This Week In Schadenfreude: F Minus Infinity For Texas

Texas babes hit their head and say OMG for obvious reasons. BC's offensive coordinator writes a breakup letter to his quarterback. West Virginia looks into hiring TRAIN MONKEY, and Notre Dame......

College Football BlogPoll Top 25, Week 4: Raising Arizona

The College Football BlogPoll Top 25 is out for Week 4, and gives love to Arizona for its big win over Iowa.

This Week In Schadenfreude: Daddy, Was Notre Dame Ever Good?

This week in misery: Mark Dantonio's little giants set off a cascade of Irish self-loathing, Georgia and Washington compete to see who the nation's rantiest fanbase is, and someone drops a "Flowers...

College Football BlogPoll Top 25: Oregon Moves Upward; Boise State Not So Much

Boise State's first place votes are hastily removed, the entire ACC gets the boot, and Oklahoma, Oregon, Stanford, and South Carolina leap heavenward. Also this week some sketchy ballots start...

This Week In Schadenfreude: Celebrating FCS Apocalypse Week

This Week In Schadenfreude celebrates FCS apocalypse week. Also covered in agony: Notre Dame, the entire ACC, Georgia, UCLA, Colorado, and Iowa State.

College Football BlogPoll Top 25 Week 2: Boise State Inches Closer

Freak flags fly in Week 2 of the college football BlogPoll, and Boise State inches closer to No. 1

This Week In Schadenfreude: Ole Miss Finds Out It's A Trap

This Week In Schadenfreude kicks off 2010 by surveying the wreckage at Ole Miss after they failed to pick a mascot that could identify traps. Also tormented by events are most of the Big East,...

College Football BlogPoll Top 25: Alabama Predictably On Top Of Preseason Rankings

The BlogPoll debuts for 2010, with a shocking (read: not shocking) #1.

The NCAA's Agent Enforcement Crusade Threatens To Be Epidemic


The NCAA declared Investigeddon last weekend, hiring Michael Bay to spill fireworks over message boards and ESPN by launching, announcing, or leaking investigations of star players at North...

SMU Rejects A Couple Of Marginal Recruits And Everyone Throws A Hissy Fit


↵ UPDATE: Jones says he will sign his contract extension when it is approved by attorneys. ↵ ↵ ↵If college football was one big Rorschach test, the blot representing SMU would be...

A Bobby Johnson Replacement Primer


↵Vanderbilt's Bobby Johnson just threw in the towel at Vanderbilt, declaring that he's "tired of fighting the fight" according to Tom Dienhart and that he started thinking about retirement "20...

Is Soldier Field Too Small To Host A Big Ten Championship Game?


↵ ↵ ↵ ↵The addition of Nebraska paves the way for the Increasingly Inaccurately Named Big Ten to host a championship game. This has kicked off the usual round of scrabbling from cities...

Stuart Holden Has Personal Experience On The Wrong End Of The De Jong Ninja Kick


It will not be news that the Netherlands put on the most thuggish performance in the history of the World Cup final yesterday, what with breaking the record for most yellow cards for both teams by...

Get Your Bendict Arnold LeBron Fathead


↵Hell hath no fury like Dan Gilbert scorned. The Cavs' owner became internet famous with his comic sans diatribe against the "cowardly betrayal" of a guy deciding to play somewhere other than...

Georgia's Jordan Love Has Set An Unassailable Record For Pettiest Arrest


↵Georgia has a reputation for running up a few points in the Fulmer Cup—which tracks and scores the offseason malfeasances of college football programs—every summer on an array of piddling...

Football Travel Teams Aren't Exactly The AAU, But They're Getting There


College football has seen a rise in elaborate, college-basketball-style recruitments wherein the already-famous star player waits as long as he possibly can before putting his name on a piece of...

Derek Dooley And Tennessee Win A Transfer Battle For A Change


↵Derek Dooley's tenure as Tennessee's head coach got off to a weird, unpleasant start when he demanded that transferring offensive lineman Aaron Douglas go to a school at least eight hours away....

Fudge Van Hooser Exists, Will Play For Tulane


↵A couple of years ago someone named Barkevious Mingo got very large and fast and good at football, becoming both a hotly-pursued recruit and Internet cause célèbre. After committing to in-state...

Iowa Now Just 83 Players Away From Becoming Team America


↵The Hawkeyes are, of course, already Team America ever since J Leman and his amazing American Flag Tie ran out of eligibility: ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵  ↵ ↵ ↵But while Ricky Stanzi's...

Joe Paterno's Getting Old Again, And It's Killing Penn State's Recruiting


↵ ↵The last time Joe Paterno was old was in the middle of the last decade, when Penn State started flailing around so impotently that Kirk Ferentz voluntarily took a safety in a game he led...

SEC Does A Quick Vuvuzela 180


↵ For a brief, terrifying moment, it looked like the SEC's ongoing battle with Mississippi State's cowbell enthusiasm had cracked open a window in which anyone with a desire to annoy 80,000...

Never Fear: Ole Miss's Non-Ackbar Mascot Ideas Are Just As Ridiculous


↵After discontinuing the Colonel Sanders-like Colonel Reb in 2003, Ole Miss is looking for a mascot a little more modern than a plantation owner as part of a wide-ranging effort to seem less...

NCAA's Effort To Delay Scholarship Issuance Is Utterly Pointless


↵ I'm not exactly sure why, but the NCAA is alarmed about the tendency of football and basketball players to commit ever-earlier. Commitments aren't binding either way, so this is a trend...

It's Not Conference Expansion Until The U.S. Senate Gets Involved


One of the more desperate memes propagated during the brief period of time that the era of the superconference in college football appeared to be nigh was that the assembly of said group would...

Bill Snyder Loves His Cupcakes, NCAA Bylaws Be Damned


↵ ↵The new-era Big 12 has some decisions to make about how they'll put together the conference schedule, and while they're expected to adopt the Pac-10 model in which everyone plays a...

U.S. at the World Cup: It's Do Or Die Versus Algeria


↵…but "do" includes certain ties. ↵ ↵ ↵Yes, the U.S. can get through with yet another tie thanks to the three goals they've scored so far, but in that case they're really hoping England...

Auburn's Back To The Future Offense Makes Them One of 2010's Most Interesting Teams


When Auburn hired Iowa State coach Gene Chizik last summer, Tiger fans were apoplectic. Charles Barkley said it was racist. Alabama fans laughed. Alabama fans might still be laughing, but after...

On Second Thought, The NCAA Should Have Given USC The Death Penalty


↵Is it possible the NCAA  can go back and retroactively give USC the death penalty? No? That's a shame, because the spreading arrogant defiance of the NCAA decision is both unprecedented and v...

Is There Anything More Tedious Than The Knight Commission?


↵ ↵I call for the NCAA to make a lot of changes around here, like pushing back sanctions and eliminating oversigning and tightening up the APR and turning USC into even more of a smoking hole...

Big Ten Divisions: How Do They Work?


↵Now that the Big 12 is stable—for now, anyway—attention turns to how the reconfigured Pac-10, Big 12, and Big 10 will go about their business. Since the Big 12 is apparently going with the...

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