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User Blog

Jaguars History: Five Loses I Will Never Get Over, Maybe

Being able to forgive is a well known strategy for happiness. Holding onto pain gives power to the event, in a sense keeping you a slave to your past. Easier said than done. As I consider my...

Gabbert Belief - Tom Cruise Reacts


Tom Cruise was informed that some people are taking the "glass half full" approach to Gabbert's ability to succeed in San Francisco.

The Bay Impact of the Gabbert Trade


A Richter Scale reading of San Francisco before, during and after the news that the team traded for Blaine Gabbert.


Village Idiot Mock

My son and I have been enjoying the First-Pick site with respect to drafting for the Jaguars. That site, however, seems to grade players a bit oddly which lends to player availability at what seems...

This guy is smarter than everyone


Tattoo before the season? He knew.

Jaguars Wind Sprints: The "Short and Sweet"

Remember when we existed under the "24 Hour" umbrella? Having received new correspondence from my Buddhist publication this weekend, and not having opened it until this morning, the ideas of...


Jaguars Wind Sprints: The "Just Because" Edition

We're walkin' in to the fields.We're walkin in to the forest.The moon is before us.Up aboveWe're holdin' hands in the rainS-sayin' words like I love youD-d-d'you love me? Yeah "Kick Drum Heart"...


Finding the Story from Seattle

If you go to Twitter and search #hopelessinseattle you will find a story. Those who already follow the mass that is the Bold City Brigade, or those who generally care about anything Jaguars have...


Jaguars Wind Sprints: We Need a Rating System

At the start of the 4th quarter Rich Gannon and Marv Albert surveyed the Jacksonville sky, noting the ominous clouds enveloping the city. It was my clue to get outside and finish the yard. Yes it...

Jaguars Wind Sprints: Managing Expectations

This past weekend found me in South Bend, IN for the annual battle between the University of Michigan and the University of Notre Dame. Apart from my father being born and raised in Detroit I have...


Jaguars Wind Sprints: You Earn It

I read a review of Blaine Gabbert prior to the opening game against the Minnesota Vikings. In a nut shell the writer claimed Gabbert would be a bust, thereby closing the casket on the body of hope....


Jaguars Wind Sprints: The First Step of Zen Season

Posted this on my personal blog but wanted to share with the group as well. Hope you get some enjoyment out of it. Let the catharsis begin. Well in truth it actually started yesterday but a...

MJD Nude for ESPN

Comparatively speaking Drew deserves a better shot.


A Punter, a Pineapple and a Penguin

via www.freakingnews.com As I write this I am humming PIL's Rise: I could be wrong. I could be right. I could be wrong. I could be wrong, I could be right, I could be black, I could be...

Peter King Gives Jaguars Fans Some Love

For those of you who need Jaguars validation or who are simply tired of mulling through criticism, this one's for you. 7. I think whoever plays quarterback in Jacksonville, and I'm skeptical long-haul it will be Blaine Gabbert, got the draft's best playmaker in Justin Blackmon.


Blackmon Trade: What History Says the Jaguars Gave Up

via l.yimg.com First let me thank Brad Hill (@jaguarsblog and @californiajag) for the microphone on his Jaguarsblog Twitter account last night. Been a while since I have corresponded with many...

Eben Britton: Poet

"I was really brought up with athletics and art as two pillars." - Britton


After Much Thought...My Mock

Sometimes the best advantage we have is that others do the work for us. Thanks to Twitter, the opportunity to pick the brains of folks who spend hours watching whatever game tape they can get a...


Tebow 2012: A Jacksonville Jaguars Timeline

via i.usatoday.net Listening to 1010xl this afternoon was a test of one’s patience and self-control. The "Tebownites" were out in full force, clamoring for Emperor Khan to open the city...


Peyton Manning, I Will Miss You

via photos.indystar.com The expectation is that opinions on Manning leaving will range from "Good Riddance!" to "Thanks For the Memories!". While his absence will make the AFC South a bit...


Damien Woody Chimes In On "The Bigger Question" With Bounty Story

If you have ever considered what might be an anchor that holds humanity from progressing beyond its present state, consider this tweet from ex-Pats,Lions,Jets OL Damien Woody: @damienwoody: The...


Thanks For Your Readership

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and dialogue over the past two years while I was a contributor\editor at Big Cat Country. Today I was exposed to circumstances...

BigBlueShoe and his token attack on Del Rio

Always trying to make Stampede Blue a stain on SBNation. Grow up. *Alfie's edit* I'm generally pretty lax about moderating, but you cannot post private e-mail conversations back and forth between posters/bloggers/whatever. Twitter, comments, fine. E-mails, no. I've hidden comments in questions and parties have been warned. You can complain about what you want to complain about, but try to do it in reason however hard that may be.

Coach Jack Del Rio said he hopes the league will "take a look at" some of the shots Kassim Osgood...

Coach Jack Del Rio said he hopes the league will "take a look at" some of the shots Kassim Osgood was subjected to Sunday. "It's not good for the league," he said, "but we don't hold our breath on that stuff."

CBS Jaguars RapidReports

Jaguars Wind Sprints: The Ship Defended Addition

Jaguars Wind Sprints takes a look at how Oakland's attempt to steal a victory was thwarted along with a cornucopia of other quick thoughts.


BigCatCountry Gives Respect

If the Jaguars were on the losing end of this one there would be some significant time spent on venting. I won't blame any Raider fan for doing so but as an editor of Big Cat Country I want to give...

Set Your DVRs: Jaguars Raiders Blackout Lifted

Make it seven in a row. Blackout lifted for Jaguars versus Raiders.

If we redid 2010 NFL Draft

H\T to Paul Kuharsky. Much of the article is about Alualu. Funny that none of those "can't miss" defensive ends are listed as worthy of a first round choice. Though Derrick Morgan's value is yet known due to injury.

Remember Your Prediction?

We are 3\4 of the way through the season: how do your predictions stand? Injuries to MSW, David and MJD (don't we all just know the early season injury was bigger than they told us?) definitely skewed the data. If you put it out there so many months ago, consider this your home stretch check.

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