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Thoughts on the 2012 Jaguars offense

I'm sure a lot of you are going to expect a critique of Blaine Gabbert or Laurent Robinson. Others will want to see me praise those players, or state the obvious fact that the Jags have a top 5...


Observation: Jaguars need a red zone WR

Like many of you, I was at Everbank Field watching the Jaguars play our first team into the 2nd quarter. More than in other games, I noticed something missing from the Jaguars roster: A big bodied...


Breaking down Blaine Gabbert's 16 yard touchdown pass to Colin Cloherty

One of the things I love most about football is the strategy. I get immense joy from the moments that show me that the players aren't just crash test dummies, but thinking, intelligent people who...


"Why the Jaguars will win more than 8 games" Rebuttal

Sorry for the delay on this folks, but it's been a bit of a crazy time for me. After two weeks exploring Spain, I finally returned to the US. 11 months later, ten spent in Israel as I've mentioned...


Initial "Con" argument. Why the Jaguars will win fewer than 8 games.

Before I begin, I want it acknowledged that I was fully willing to write the "Pro" argument, and still would if someone wants to see it. I think 8 wins is not an unreasonable prediciton for the...

Sullivan talks with ESPN about WR group


So... Read this article on ESPN.com and uh... Jerry Sullivan doesn't seem to be too taken with the Jags current WR group. In fact, for coach speak, I think it sounds pretty negative. Here's a good quote: "I like the challenge that belies me, I’ll put it that way," Sullivan said. "I look forward to it. We’ve got a lot of young guys who’ve got a lot to learn, but I’m excited about their attitude and we’ve just got to put one foot in front of the other going up the mountain. Some days you slide a step. Some days you gain two steps. ... "It’ll be a well-rounded group if everybody gets to where they need to be. We’ve got a ways to go. That’s a common phrase around the league, I know. Nobody wants to put themselves out there. My whole thing is the group needs to improve to be NFL caliber to win games." So apparently, even with the new additions, Sullivan sees them as needing to improve in order to be NFL caliber. So what does that make them?


Picking Winners (and Losers) in the Offseason (re-post)

Maybe a few people remember the article I wrote last year about the offseason signs to look for when judging a team's performance. I've updated it a little bit and I'll repost it for those of you...


Interesting tidbits on top 10 WRs

So we've been discussing for a while the value of a guy like Justin Blackmon. Can he be a true #1 receiver? Is he worth being taken at pick #5? Well, all of those questions are a bit too big for...

Interesting final player rankings from Eric Stoner


I'm pretty open to alternate opinions, but even I was pretty wowed by these rankings when I saw them. He's got some vastly different views, including Matt Kalil as a "third tier" player and only his 12th best overall. Worth a look.


Draft Flashback: Jason Pierre-Paul

As the Jaguars franchise broaches the idea of drafting a defensive end in the 2012 draft, the name Jason Pierre-Paul has come up a lot. And why not? He's a very talented player, and a strong edge...


Kirkpatrick arrested for marijuana possession

The odds that the Jaguars will draft Dre Kirkpatrick have just fallen. Profootballfocus tweeted that captain Kirk was arrested for possession of marijuana. An arrest, especially one for a drug that...


A little mental math for the number 7 pick

Since the Jaguars' season has been over for a few weeks already, I've been doing my usual digging into the 2012 draft. In case you haven't been following the fanposts, suffice it to say others have...


What could happen to the QB position in 2012

Since everyone is so quick to poo-poo the idea of adding competition at QB, I figured I'd break down the possibilities for the 2012 season. It'll be somewhat simplified, but I'll look at six...

Mike Lombardi on Gabbert


Ouch... I always take these things with a grain of salt, but a quote like this article has packs a bit of a whallop.


Blaine Gabbert's Thursday Night Performance

I wasn't excited about Blaine Gabbert when he was drafted. I was of the opinion that he wasn't pro ready and that he would need at least a year and probably more than that to be up to snuff. When...


A realistic look at Blaine Gabbert's 2011 performance.

I would like to say first and foremost this is not an "I told you so" post. Eight weeks is not enough time to know how a QB will do in the NFL over a (hopefully) long career. In fact, I hope I...

Tashard Choice cut... Hmmm


I'm usually the last to start one of these things, but Deji Karim really hasn't been a world beater this year. In fact, he's been subpar. Not saying that Tashard Choice is a stud, but I might be happy if the Jaguars took a card on choice as a backup.

NFL Videos says Gabbert pulls back on his passes.


At about 3:30 into this video the guys breaking down the matchup look at the things that Gabbert needs to work on as far as footwork. They show video of the TD pass he threw last week as an example of Gabbert's tendency to shrink away from pressure. Ouch.


Surprise player of the year: John Chick

Everyone knows who the Jaguars biggest pass rushing threat has been thus far in 2011, Matt Roth. Roth has been a starter and earned three sacks during his time in the starting lineup while playing...


Question for all BCC Fantasy league players:

You do know that a guy who's in Israel is in first place in the BCC fantasy league, right? Most people over here don't know what the NFL is. ESPN is a specialty channel, not part of the main sports...


JDR/Koetter: Right idea for the situation.

It's funny to me to see how quickly people want to jump down the coaches' throats for this Panthers game. Really? I know the playcalling wasn't very effective, but you know what? The team wasn't...


A personal note about next year

For the upcoming year, I will no longer be able to write for Big Cat Country. I want to thank all of my readers for supporting me this past year.

Jaguars fans can exhale as missing players rejoin practice.


Jaguars fans can exhale as missing players rejoin practice.

Jaguars Preseason game one: What to look for.


Jaguars Preseason game one: What to look for.

Should Gabbert start week one? Citing Precedent not Opinion.


This is why I say Gabbert should not start week one, citing precedents this time, not opinions.

Passer Rating has great "correlation to victory"


With the news that ESPN is creating a new passing statistic, Total Quarterback rating (QBR), Sports Illustrated rushed to write an article in traditional Passer Rating's defense. They claim that it has the greatest correlation to team success of any statistic. And here I thought passer rating was supposed to measure how well a QB plays, not how well a team plays...

From John Oehser on Jaguars.com "...Gabbert has not looked perfect; far from it. He pulled the ball...


From John Oehser on Jaguars.com "...Gabbert has not looked perfect; far from it. He pulled the ball down and ran as often as not in Tuesday night’s practice, and he’d be the first one to tell you that although he is fast enough to run effectively he won’t develop into an elite-level quarterback running that much. Not to worry... In every practice, he makes at least one play – sometimes a lot more – that show signs of special things. It’s not happening with the consistency enough to be a starter yet, but you’re not looking for that." Realistic expectations are good. John Oehser has them.


Judging Blaine Gabbert: These things take time.


The relationship between a city and it's starting QB is like any other relationship; it takes time. Don't fall in love with Blaine Gabbert yet.



I'm sure most of you don't stalk twitter at all hours of the night, but for those who didn't check twitter last night, a gift from me to you. Search #JaguarsFantasyTeamNames on twitter and see what you find. I'd say they're the best Jaguars-based puns I've ever 'Shean. :>)

ESPN has a new QB rating system


ESPN is working on a new rating system from 1-100 to rate QBs. It requires incredibly complex statistics and has not been officially relaeased yet. ESPN did, however, give a preview of where most current quarterbacks would rank. David Garrard was considered "Above Average" by this rating system.

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