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Brian's Final 2011 1st Round Mock


I wouldn't be a writer if I didn't try to get a final word in on the draft. Without further ado, my final mock draft of 2011.

NFL Lock-out Situation Past PR and into Politics.


The NFL lock-out situation has gotten serious, and it's no longer about maintaining positive PR. It's about maintaining the integrity of the NFL.

2011 Jaguars Draft Rumors


2011 Jaguars Draft rumors: Dalton rated higher than Kaepernick?

Update: Lockout lifted, NFL requesting stay.


Judge Nelson ruled in favor of Brady et al. today, lifting the NFL lockout. Nelson lifted the lockout without a stay, which means that as of right now, the NFL is open for business all the way through the end of the NFL's appeal to the 8th circuit court. The appeal could easily take a couple of weeks, and unless a stay is granted, free agency is open going forward. The NFL has already said they are appealing the decision.

Cam Newton talking to Jon Gruden


Gruden ran Cam Newton through a "QB camp" for ESPN. I enjoyed listening to Newton talk about the Auburn offense, mostly because it was a train wreck. When asked to name a "wordy" play call within Auburn's system, Newton responded: "Um... Oh man, you're putting me on the spot..." When pressed, he talked about the Auburn offense, saying "It's so simple as far as, you know, you look to the sideline and see 36 on the board and that's the play." It will be a gigantic transition for Newton to learn an NFL offense, and I'm finding it harder and harder to see him going to the Panthers.


What would GM Brian do?

Alfie posed the question of "What would be your philosophy as a GM today?" I like the question, and I decided to do a little write-up with my answers. I already posted this under Alfie's topic, but...

2011 Community Mock Draft: Bears select OT Derek Sherrod


Big Cat Country 2011 Community Mock Draft: The Chicago Bears select OT Derek Sherrod.

Mediation Ended until May 16th


Just when things were starting to look like they were wrapping themselves up, mediation was postponed until May 16th. This means that either Judge Nelson will end the lockout with a ruling soon or we will face at least another month of a lockout. Wonderful...

The 2011 Off-season...


Here's what I was thinking yesterday: In any movie or TV show where someone grows either tiny or huge, the bigger person always moves really slow. Why is that? It doesn't make any sense at all. A...

New thoughts on "safe picks."


Why has the term "safe" become a negative for potential draftees? "Safe" players have a high percentage likelihood to succeed and taking them is an efficient way of drafting.

The NFL a pass-happy league... Yes.


This NFL.com chart shows the changes in passer rating between decades. It's risen steadily and consistently from an average of about 65 to an average of over 80. Is it a pass-happy league? Well, passer rating is not a perfect measure of ability, but the league has clearly made the passing game more effective.

Wayne Weaver expects an 18-game season?


I am a Weaver fan, and I love what he's doing for the Jaguars organization, but when asked about playing games in Orlando in the Jaguars.com chat yesterday, he responded: "I can invision a preseason and maybe a regular game in Orlando if and when we go to an 18-game regular season schedule." Weaver said "if and when" so he doesn't necessarily expect it this season, but he clearly is expecting an 18-game season at some point in the future, otherwise he wouldn't have mentioned it.


Patriots BCC Mock pick.

There was some confusion about the Patriots' pick for the BCC Mock draft. I was unaware that a pick had already been sent to Alfie. The official pick will be posted by Alfie soon. I apologize for...

Someone send me the Patriots' pick


I want to get this Community Mock Draft rolling again. Whoever has the Pats pick, send it to me and I'll get it up quickly. If the original picker doesn't have a pick, I'll accept any reasonable draft and explanation. If you'd like to make the pick, email me at BLByline@gmail.com


NFL Lockout Politics/ PR battle

The NFL and NFLPA have been going back and forth in the battle for public opinion, and it's gotten pretty catty.


Brooks Reed

What's the deal with Brooks Reed? He is a great pass rusher who just seems to find ways NOT to make plays. Can anyone help me with this?

BCC Community Mock: Individual inteligence vs. the mob mentality.


Well, the BCC community mock draft has gone off with hardly a hitch for this past week. We've made it through the first half of the first round and so far, the picks have been intelligent,...

BCC Community Draft: Dolphins select... Mike Pouncey


BCC Community Draft: Miami Dolphins select Maurkice Pouncey, G/C from UF.

David Garrard's 2010 Season


David Garrard is 33 years old, and he won't last forever, but how badly do the Jaguars need a QB? This look at Garrard's 2010 statistics suggests the need might not be so great.

The NFL Combine; a false measure of player talent?


I have often said on Big Cat Country that "stats lie." The Wall Street Journal ran an article about the NFL Combine that says much the same thing.

What is this so called "Franchise Quarterback"


Everyone in the NFL is looking for a Franchise QB, but what does that mean? Here are one writer's thoughts as to what makes a Franchise QB.

Lock-out Freakonomics: Chicken Wings


If you thought the NFL was the only industry affected by the lock-out, think again. The lockout will have major freakonomic effect on the chicken wing industry.

2011 NFL Draft Analysis: Pats' Pick is Huge


In the 2011 NFL Draft, so much depends upon a gray hoodie. How important is the Patriots' pick at number 28?

2011 QB Draft Stock Market: Blaine Gabbert


Blaine Gabbert should go high in the 2011 NFL draft. My big question is... why?

2011 QB Draft Stock Market: Christian Ponder


In the NFL draft, picking a QB is like buying stocks, high risk and high reward. Christian Ponder is one of those players whose draft stock is up in the air.

Hester, Bears against changes to Kickoffs


I know this is an obvious point, but Devin Hester and the Bears are speaking out against the changes to kickoff rules. It was predictable, but I'm glad to see players speaking against it.

2011 NFL Rules Changes: Why? Why now?


The NFL Rules Committee proposed major changes to kickoffs and returns. Why? An more importantly, why now?

Brady vs. Manning Boxing Matchup on NFL.com


NFL.com set up an imaginary fight night among NFL players with one of the side matchups being Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning. Terrible idea. Not only does Peyton's fivehead give Brady a huge target, if Brady's not open, Manning will just go down before he gets hit. :>)

More research on the QB draft position question


Do you really need to take a quarterback in the first round for him to be successful? This information might make you wonder.

NFL Lock-out: "You might want to get a new hobby..."


The recent developments in the NFL lock-out are concerning. Here's an update on how the two sides stand.

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