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Harvey and Wheeler's Nearly Identical Minor League Stats

Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler: Can They Be Twin Aces? And I don’t mean Twins as in the lovable 1988 comedy film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito (or as in Little Big League, the...

David Wright has muscle tear


"An MRI and ultrasound-guided cortisone shot at the Hospital for Special Surgery revealed a tear of the rectus abdominis muscle on the left side of Wright's rib cage - a process that the grinning third baseman described as "interesting."" FUUUUUUUUUUUU

Met Fan Self Immolation Thread: Part 2?


Hey guys, another of mine. Thanks for the great feedback on the last one. Thought I'd share my thoughts on the recent Reyes-Rauch-Francisco swap: Considering that the Mets decided that they could not match a six year, $102 million offer for Jose Reyes -- which amounts to only $17 million per year -- it is hard to know exactly what Sandy Alderson's plan is. The Mets could have kept Reyes, a franchise player, but instead they chose Jon Rauch, Frank Francisco, and eight million dollars. And as you know, they did not even deign to make him an offer. Why? Why let the beloved franchise player leave and sign replace him with known mediocrity? All of this -- in conjunction with many of the other moves the Mets have made, both on and off the field over the last few seasons -- leads me inescapably to an unattractive conclusion. None of these moves make sense in terms of the product that Mets fans will see on the field in 2012 or even 2013. So what could be their motivation? It all stinks. It stinks and it leads me, against my will, to an inescapable conclusion. Money. Wilpon money.

The Rise of Fred Wilpon


This *is* mine, so it might be tacky to post, but I thought people here might appreciate it. A lot of said and written about Fred Wilpon, but I've never really heard his whole story told before. The article ended up being much more of a ramble than I intended, but as I kept getting deeper and deeper down that rabbit hole it was hard for me to figure out where to wrap it up. Either way, I hope it makes for an interesting read and that you all enjoy.


The Kids Are Alright

I am cross-posting this from my blog because I really love the feedback, comments, criticism, etc. that Amazin Avenue provides.  I am not posting the link to mine bc I want to be clear that this...


AAOP: So Crazy It Might Work?

  I wish I had time to write an entire AAOP—but I don’t.  It’s also a little late.  Just for kicks, here is the general outline of what I’d do.   The Mets have about $50 million coming off the...

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