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Weekend Gossip

I'm going to violate protocol here and throw up a quickie article that it unedited and unpolished, but necessary as the last thread gets too long to deal with. The last week has featured a...

Happy Election Day!

It has been a tough election cycle at times. Let's celebrate together and start to move forward!

I'm Hosting a Party TONIGHT!

As a non-Seattle voter I cannot cast a vote for the Mayor of Seattle but I am doing my part to support my chosen candidate by being vocal in my support.  I encourage all of you to make a couple...

My 2 Week Notice

Friends, I want to let you all know that following the election it is my intention to take a substantial step back from this site as well as the unofficial leadership role I have played in the...

SonicsGate Endorses Kshama Sawant

More politics and more proof that in basketball we just don't all see eye to eye.  Much love and respect to my brothers at Sonicsgate. Sonicsgate endorses Kshama Sawant for Seattle City...

11 More Days

Don't fret good people. Mike Baker and I sit on different sides of the fence and we may get testy with each other occasionally but we are good friends.  There was a moment a couple of weeks ago...

Is Seattle Over the NBA?

I don't love the division I've seen around Seattle politics over the last couple of weeks (trust me, the public spillover is nothing compared to what is going on behind the scenes in numerous...

Mike McGinn is the Proven Champion of Sports

There is a big difference between walking the walk and talking the talk. When Mike McGinn, then an unlikely candidate for mayor first told me he was a big basketball fan and would support a...

Relevance is What Matters

In difficult to balance situations it is sometimes important to acknowledge that, while the goal is to make everybody happy, the greatest indicator of success is often to have them all be...

Oh Peter How We've Missed You

I've made no secret of my support for Mayor Mike McGinn's re-election but many people have taken note that I have not gone so far as to attack Ed Murray.  I have lots of good friends on his side...

Brian Robinson Endorses Richard Conlin

Friends, Please note this article represents my personal opinion and endorsement and is not intended to imply a position of the site or its other writers. I understand that some Sonics fans may...

Kevin Durant Came Back

A fun video from my friends at Sonicsgate came across social media today. Watching that moment again brought a smile to my face and reminded me how cool it was that Kevin Durant came back to...

Every Fan Should Know Jim Marsh

There are a lot of reasons that I was an unlikely choice to step to the forefront as a basketball advocate. I had never played. I had never coached. I had never worked in the industry. All of...

Signatures in Sacramento

I've weighed putting an article up on this subject as it involves Sacramento, and not anything to do with our city or our Sonics.  I recognize that there is not much we can say that is right but...

More NHL Expansion Talks

"Sources with intimate knowledge of the situation, believe the NHL is now watching the status of the project, and gauging corporate and fan interest in a potential expansion franchise." Daniels...

Hawks Will Dominate Like We've Never Seen Before

The town sports fans are so starved.  They are so connected via digital media and common causes in ways that they have never been before. The team has everything.  Great talent, likable stars...

Legal Update and Chris Hansen Statement

Great news on the arena front as our friend Peter Goldman again has his efforts to block the arena tossed out in court.  I've been candid that I like Peter and actually think he has good...

Its Official: The Seahawks are a Distraction

There were periods last spring when I was basking in it all. I told people about the vision of a new Husky Stadium, the Seahawks entering their season AND both the Sonics and NHL returning. I...

Better Men

Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton have matured greatly since their wild days as Sonics.

He's Hawesome!

Spencer Hawes has been a great champion for the return of the NBA to Seattle.

Re-Writing Rivalries

I hated the Broncos as much as I hated the Portland Trailblazers.  They were a great division rival. Now when I say "hate" I hope you get my meaning.  I am excited to watch the Hawks revisit...

Be Better

During the Sacramento/Seattle back and forth I took a lot of crap for not allowing Sacramento posters in this forum.  Everybody assumed that I was angry or didn't want the input of Sacramento...

I'm Disappointed

First let me say that I remain a huge fan, friend and supporter of Chris Hansen.  As I have gotten to know him I have been impressed by his strength of character. He is for the most part...

Playing it Rough

Reports today seem to be substantiated that Chris Hansen funded anti-arena efforts in Sacramento. While I generally want to wait for additional commentary from Hansen's camp it is absolutely...

Some Days Matter More Than Others

Make your voice heard and get others to join in!

How do you feel about the Sounders?

This week the club that replaced the Sonics has drawn not just national, but global attention by acquiring US National Team Captain Clint Dempsey. The talented midfielder who is expected to...

Craig Ehlo

Last night former Sonic player and Assistant Coach Crag Ehlo was arrested. I am always saddened when this type of news comes across the wire. There are only a few explanations and none provide...

Why I Support Mike McGinn for Mayor

There are some really good reasons for people to stay out of active political endorsements until after the primary season is over. By getting in early when the field is much less stable you run...

UPDATE: Durant Scheduled This Weekend

UPDATE:  Kevin Durant has been scheduled for 4pm tomorrow and I encourage everybody to get there early to attend the game.  Get there early as it will be crowded. It would really be a shame if...

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