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How do you feel about the Sounders?


This week the club that replaced the Sonics has drawn not just national, but global attention by acquiring US National Team Captain Clint Dempsey. The talented midfielder who is expected to...

Craig Ehlo


Last night former Sonic player and Assistant Coach Crag Ehlo was arrested. I am always saddened when this type of news comes across the wire. There are only a few explanations and none provide...

Why I Support Mike McGinn for Mayor


There are some really good reasons for people to stay out of active political endorsements until after the primary season is over. By getting in early when the field is much less stable you run...

UPDATE: Durant Scheduled This Weekend


UPDATE:  Kevin Durant has been scheduled for 4pm tomorrow and I encourage everybody to get there early to attend the game.  Get there early as it will be crowded. It would really be a shame if...

Can Sonics Fans Swing an Election?


If it isn't obvious, we are certainly trying to impact the Mayoral race in Seattle, and the Seattle Weekly thinks we have a chance: Matt Driscoll states: "Given this math, it seems reasonable to...

Make No Mistake: They Dislike Each Other


Last night two things came across my Facebook feed that rammed home something that I often overlook despite the fact that it is completely obvious. This thing between Frank Blethen, his toy paper...

Primary Season is Coming


The mayoral primary is like game one of a playoff series. A win in game one does not count any more than any other win in the series but if it is decisive it can make a big statement and set the...

The Roller Coaster is the Hardest Part


I've missed over 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life....

Before you get all worked up


This Phoenix Situation is Crazy


Having now done some research on this whole Glendale situation I can honestly say that there may have been more twists and turns there than we have had here with the Sonics. This situation is...

July 2nd

Yesterday's news of a July 2nd vote in Glendale is great news for Seattle fans. Not great because I am assuming they will vote down the deal and the franchise will move to Seattle. More...

This Phoenix Coyotes Thing Is Getting Serious


I don't have any inside knowledge but can read between the lines. There is no more negotiation. The best deal they will accept is on the table and in all likelihood it will be voted on Tuesday. A...

LeBron James


If you watched the fourth quarter and overtime last night, I know you are a fan again. At moments like that the NBA is irresistible. Everybody on this board has endured seven years of crap just...

If Hockey Happens

These rumors are heating up. There is now a disclosed ownership group, like Hansen young owners in their 40's and we have confirmation that our Mayor Mike McGinn has had discussions with NHL...

Coyote Deal Agreed To?


Multiple sources reported last night that a deal had been reached with city officials that would keep the Phoenix Coyotes in Glendale. Those reports later clarified that the agreement would have...

About Sonicsgate


I just want to take a moment to give credit to the guys at Sonicsgate who are debuting a new project at The Seattle International Film Festival this Thursday. Sonicsgate was both a significant...

Lots going on


Well lets just say it is not the active summer that I had expected... Still some really fine events coming up in the next few weeks for Seattle Hoops fans. On Sunday June 23 the Huskies have a...

Being Fans of the Game


It's customer input time. I love our movement and I am proud of everybody involved but I think we can only talk about it for so long. We are going to be making active efforts to build a...

I'm no Chris Hansen


For starters I always forget to say "I'm not here to put words into people's mouths." The concept that you are not speaking for others is an important one and I always just forget to reiterate it...

ArenaSolution Update 05/24/13


I sent this mail out earlier today: I appreciate those of you have taken the time to reach out to me over the last couple of weeks and assure you all that I am just fine. Like many of you I...

Statement from Chris Hansen 05/20/13


Where We Go From Here Chris Hansen I’d like to start out by congratulating Mayor Johnson and the fans in Sacramento for the tremendous effort they put together to keep their team. Given...

Your Help is Needed


I would not have continued to fight for the Sonics if it were not for the inspiration provided by the Boom Squad(AKA The Massive Monkee Dance Crew). They and the rest of Seattle's artistic...

Misc Update 05/17/13


I just want to say that I am not into the concept of routing for Sacramento's arena to fail. I get that some people want to and don't enforce my moral lines on other people but that's just not the...

Brian Robinson's Message to Sonics Fans


Friends, I apologize for a lack of participation over the last 24 hours. Between media obligations, catching up on badly neglected personal work and a regrouping that I think you can all...

(Franchise) Buyer Beware


Aggressive attacks directed towards Steve Ballmer and Chris Hansen may be an indicator that being an NBA owner might not be as great as it was originally thought to be.

Expansion VS Litigation

With the potential for massive litigation looming and an unprecedented offer in front of them the NBA should reconsider their options and award an expansion franchise to either Sacramento or...

Misc. News and Notes


Please spread the word about our Monday events

Money's No Object!

Don't ever say they were not committed. Do not every forget how far they were willing to go for you. It helps to have more money than everybody else. We love you Chris! h...

The High Road


Being gracious has not gotten Seattle an NBA team, we must fight for one.

How Does Antitrust Apply?


The following information has not been verified for accuracy and is not intended as legal advice. Rather it is intended as a general information resource for people who wish to better understand...

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