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04/09/13 Press Conference


It is time for a new thread.

Sacramento Commentary Thread


An open thread where comments from Sacramento supporters are welcome as long as they remain civil.

Our Allies in the Arts


Was any lie more damaging than the one that said sports and arts were at war?

Was Burkle important or not?

We have learned that Ron Burkle is out as a potential owner for the Sacramento Kings.

Sacramento Details Under Scrutiny


As details emerge will Sacramento deal compare to Seattle's?

Can fans make a difference?


Fans contributions are small but have cumulatively made a big difference in Seattle and Sacramento.

What a Week it has been on SB Nation


What a week! It seems hard to believe that we rolled out our SB Nation debut just 5 short days ago. In that time a lot has happened: Our site has already been recognized by local media...

What a Week it has been on SB Nation


What a week! It seems hard to believe that we rolled out our SB Nation debut just 5 short days ago. In that time a lot has happened: Our site has already been recognized by local media...

Gary Payton Deserves the Sonics


Gary Payton will be elected into the NBA Hall of Fame this summer. Payton has been steadfast in his loyalty to Seattle, attending a Save Our Sonics rally in 2008, accepted a Webby Award on...

Fun Times


While our goals aren't the same, we can still be fans together.

Wally's World


Wally Walker has been working hard behind the scenes to bring the NBA back to Seattle. His passion for the Sonics is true, and we are thankful for his efforts on our behalf.

Our Quiet Champions

County Executive Dow Constantine and Mayor Mike McGinn have been there for us.

Put Your Hands Up Seattle!


Chris Hansen releases amazing video and even more amazing statistics. Read his statement from

What are the real issues?


A showdown is looming in New York tomorrow and both sides of the Sacramento/Seattle conflict are preparing for the most critical presentations of this process.

Eyes Wide Open


This article was written for and submitted to the Sacramento Bee in Feb., 2010 but never published. It was resubmitted before later being published on

Where were they in December?

Kevin Johnson is understandably focused on efforts since the January sale announcement but why weren't he and his investment team more active in the months leading up to that?

Brian Robinson talking SonicsRising on Q13 Fox


Brian Robinson joined Aaron Levine on Q It Up Sports tonight to discuss SonicsRising, SB Nation and of course NBA presentations coming up this week in New York City.

We have the numbers


Yesterday we focused a lot on our friends down south and their disappointing comments that our fan base deserved to lose our team. Today lets focus on what we can do to prove them wrong.  

Are you sure you want to go there?


I think that for the most part both Seattle and Sacramento have done a good job keeping it civil.  The fans and media seem to generally like each other and seem to have a level of mutual respect...

Welcome to SB Nation

SonicsRising has joined SB Nation to be on the leading platform of sports network sites in the world.

Commenting on Sacramento Kings? Here's our policy.


SonicsRising is changing our policy for commenting on Sacramento related issues.

Policy Update


For the last several months we have been largely successful in our efforts to have reasonable interaction with the GREAT fans of Sacramento.  While there have been a lot of differing opinions on...

New thread


I can see how people would make the argument that a 2004 report is not valid but let me say this:  Until a report that contradicts it is made available it is the only information that people have...

Geez so we need one more...


We're going to need to add more writers to handle this volume. 500 posts a day is tought to wade through. So how do you go to a bankrupcty judge and say "I know that I'm in bankruptcy and am asking...

I'm ready to move on


I think we've had a pretty good mix of opinions about whether it is a positive or a negative to have Sacramento opinions in here.  I'm doing my best to make the site content reflective of the...

Sac Vote Looming


New thread is due. This guy Darius Anderson is real deal.  Very impressed with him and his presentation. The weird thing is that we always see these guys preaching to the choir.  Bringing 50 people...

Vote Delayed?


So there is a report that the Sacramento Council vote may be delayed for 2 days so that it can be reviewed and evaluated. Now I don't think that this will matter much in the scheme of things (in...

The Spin Machine


Ears to the ground in Sacramento tells me that Kevin Johnson and his Think Big Propaganda Workshop proxy speakers are running around as fast as they can declaring victory and telling everybody that...

Who would do that?


It really is getting down to crunch time. That last thread is a pretty good example of what I think we should avoid.  Having some respectful interaction with people from Sacramento is just great...

Stay The Course


I'm a little confused by people's panic yesterday. Nothing happened that was not expected.  The general media has reported for months that a term sheet would happen on the 21st and after missing...

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