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2013 Kansas Jayhawk State of the Union


Let's examine this pile of crap a little closer, shall we?

Monday Montage


Stuff happened last week. We bring you up to date.

Monday Round-Up


Stuff happened last week. We bring you up to date.

Not upbeat about Texas Longhorns Up-Tempo Offense


This past February, Mack Brown announced that Texas would implement an up-tempo offense in 2013. According to Mack, inspiration struck during the Longhorns' thrilling loss to then-Top 10 West...



Reports are emerging that Longhorn WR Cayleb Jones, a 6' 3" 200 pound football player, allegedly sucker punched a tennis player this past weekend a few weeks ago. Jones apparently became incensed...

Mack's Monday Presser: Revenge of the Cockroach


Good news, TCU fans: your team is one of the best in the country!

Mack's Monday Presser: Kansas is not our friend


Mack will be talking. We will be judging.

Mack's Monday Presser


Texas finally got a win over mighty Baylor. The Ministry of Propaganda gives its official debrief at 11 AM. Join other Friends of the Program to pour back a sweet flagon of post-victory Mackspeak.

From today's front page. Yeah... Mack probably shouldn't rush out and...


From today's front page. Yeah... Mack probably shouldn't rush out and buy a new tuxedo just yet.

A Nutless Husband's Saturday Night


Wow, what a game Saturday night! Texas vs. West Virginia on national TV. Night game. Electric atmosphere. Thrilling offense and big plays for both teams. A real nailbiter. Too bad I missed it.

2012 Baylor Football Preview: Bears State of the Union


We're not ones for hyperbole, but quarterback play in Waco should be an upgrade with the timely departure of Heisman winner Robert Griffin III. It's Big 12 Championship or bust. Yes, Art Briles is...

Commissioners Propose Additional Changes to College Football


The blogosphere is abuzz with the recent news that, as of 2014, big-time college football will implement a 4-team playoff. This new system brings NCAA football in line with other sports, both...

In recent news of Aggy ineptitude...


The Ags are no longer on the schedule, but that won't stop us from laughing at their bumbling antics. When it comes to Aggy ineptitude, Barking Carnival celebrates the entire catalog. And, trust...

The Nutless Husband's Guide to Hosting a Super Bowl Party


The BrickHorns will be hosting a Super Bowl party again this year. Against my wishes. The wife has put her foot down, presumably to show once and for all who's the boss in this relationship. It's...

New York Giants Defy Data and Logic Yet Again


Good morning, class. I hope you had a nice weekend. Now take out your pencils -- it's pop quiz time. Don't worry. This should be a breeze. QUIZ Which team is better in each of the following two...

Is Harsin Really An Improvement?


I have hope for Harsin, but he showed he's not the miracle worker we were all hoping for. Like the effort. Just not impressed with the results. You'll see when I put the post together. (...

Boring CFB Saturday Open Thread of Mundanity


While the Longhorns enjoy their second bye week of the season, the rest of college football finds itself embroiled in a series of boring, one-sided dull-fests. But that won't stop you, faithful...

A Conversation With Pitbull


Hi there. May I ask you a question? What kind of time are you having? I only ask this because – and this is just a suggestion so, please, feel free to tell me if you are not interested. But I was...

Texas vs. Iowa State - Post-Game Discussion Thread


The Horns are 4-0 and will likely rank within spitting distance of the Top 10. After the 2011 disaster, who would have predicted that? So... what are your thoughts on Texas's big win last night...

2011 Texas AM Football Preview: Aggie State of the Union


And it's goodbye to A&M... It's time we face the truth, fellow Big 12ers. Texas A&M is dumping our conference for a prettier girl. So invite your closest girlfriends over, crawl into your...

Baseball Regional Final Open Thread


First pitch at approximately 1:00 PM. Stafford will take the mound against the fightin' Golden Flashers of Kent State. If we can find a way to slow down the tin soldiers and Nixon, we may have a...

Science is Done


You had to hear it from someone, and it might as well be me. Science is done. Through. Finished. Kaput. We technical types have known this for years. But we conspired to keep the drooling rube...

Flunking Bracketology


Kentucky, Connecticut, VCU, and Butler. What are the chances that anyone would have correctly predicted that odd quartet to qualify as the Final Four in this year's NCAA Tournament? According to o...

Busier than an...


...Anthony Robles. That's my new down-homey cliche of choice. In the past, when someone asked me how I've been, and if I happened to have been unusually busy, I would respond "I've been as busy as...

B. Favre Intercepted


...during a recent methamphetamine bust in Mississippi. The "B" stands for "Brandi." As in "Brandi Favre, Brett Favre's younger sister." Here's a recent Glamour ShotTM of the lovely Ms. Favre...

Our Longhorn National Nightmare is Over


It's official. After 13 years of controversy, Greg Davis will resign. Offensive line coach Mack MacWhorter and defensive tackles coach Mike Tolleson are also retiring. If you have been following...

Is the Football Biased Against Texas?


So I received an e-mail today from a certain blog operator whom you might have heard of. Does the handle "Sailor Ripley" ring a bell? Yeah, that's right. We exchange e-mails occasionally. ...

Texas vs. Florida Atlantic Open Thread


If we can keep Howard Schnellengerger from saving the Oklahoma program, and any Barker from starting a game thread in the first half, we might have a chance.

Sadistics Part 2: The Defense


Initially, I intended yesterday's Sadistical Analysis piece to be a stand-alone post focusing on this season's disastrous offensive meltdown. Alas, the esteemed editors of ¡El Carnaval del...

Sadistical Analysis


I don't know why I do this to myself. And, yes, I realize that masochism, not sadism, is the proper term for self-torture. I used the term "sadistic" in the title for two reasons: (1) it allowed...

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