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Look, the Cats turned a profit!

According to an article on ESPN, the new CBA actually allowed for the Bobcats to turn a $6 million profit last season. This is a great sign for Charlotte and other small market teams as...


How much cap space will we have this summer?

There has been a lot of discussion about how much cap space the Bobcats will have going into this summer. The short answer at the beginning is $0. I have come up with the following breakdown and...

Cats Extend QO to Augustin and Brown


Looks like we extended qualifying offers to DJ Augustin and Derrick Brown. I will assume, based on being omitted, that we did not extend a qualifying offer for DJ White.

Maggette Traded to Detroit


Maggette swapped for Ben Gordon and a future 1st. Wheeling and dealing!

CO Piece on Dunlap


One thing is for sure. This dude is intense.

Coaching Search Down to Sloan, Shaw, and Snyder


Personally, I'll be horrified if we choose Snyder.

NBA.com's Power Rankings


The analysis of the Cats: "This team stinks." I also enjoyed this beauty: "They're also first in the league in head-coach facepalms, which doesn't show up in a box score but does show up in a proprietary statistical system that I've developed to help me identify and exploit NBA memes. You're just going to have to trust me on that one."

Diaw Headed to San Antonio


The Spurs have signed Diaw to a contract for the remainder of the year. Details were not released but it is believed to include an all you can eat certificate to the team cafeteria.

Interview with Rich Cho


ESPN's Henry Abbott interviews Cho. Sort of what you expect to hear from him but it's worth a listen.

MJ Mentoring Hendo


Nice article from the Observer on how MJ and Hendo have developed a mentoring relationship. I don't see how this isn't a really good thing.

LadyCat Going to Hollywood


Okay, this isn't basketball news but it's extremely rare when anyone involved with the Bobcats excels at anything! Anyway, one of the LadyCats made it through American Idol auditions and is heading to Hollywood. And for those of you who attend games in person, (how shall I say this) ..... you've noticed her, I'm sure.

G-Force Opting Out This Summer


Sounds like Wallace will be opting out of his current deal this summer, which puts Portland in an interesting quandary. They'll probably have to overpay to keep him.

Ely, Summers, Griffin Cut


According to Bonnell, we cut Ely, Summers, and Griffin. Uzoh is still on the team for now.

Grizzlies Extend Offer to Cunningham


Reportedly, it's 2 years, $4 million with a team option for a third year. The Bobcats have the opportunity to match but I don't really see why we would.

Optimistic View on the Lockout


An optimistic view that the lockout might end sooner than most think. Plus, I just learned that Chris Sheridan left ESPN to create his own site. He needs a little help on the look and feel for sure!

Garrett Temple Headed to Italy


His contract does not have an out clause if the lockout ends so he's gone. Definitely need to add a third PG with size.

NBA to Release Schedule on Tuesday


Most of these games will never happen but at least we can be tormented by what we'll be missing.

Oakley Counter-Sued


Honestly, this doesn't look really good for Oakley or his future as an assistant coach.

Simmons Takes Another Shot at the Bobcats


"The Charlotte Bobcats never should have happened. You know how I know this? Because Michael Jordan spent about 20 bucks in actual cash to buy them two years ago, that's how. If the Bobcats break their stadium lease and move somewhere else, they'd have to pay the city of Charlotte $150 million. So it would make no sense to move them, unless … you know … Jordan moves them to Chicago (where he still lives), plays in the United Center (where he has a giant statue), ropes Oprah into being a minority owner, then quickly becomes a well-run version of the Clippers to the Bulls' version of the Lakers"

Bobcats Cutting Jobs


The first casualty of the NBA lockout


Conspiracy Theory: MJ Will Blow This Team Up

Before I get too deep here, please realize that a lot of this is written "tongue firmly in cheek" but it is interesting.  And I can go all Jesse Ventura here and say, "Seems like a lot of...

DJ's Imitations


Video of DJ imitating Jack, Tyrus, and Carroll. Pretty funny.

Bobcats Dangling Wallace and Jack


Apparently the Bobcats are calling everybody and their brother to see what they can get for Jackson and Wallace, among others. Might get interesting soon.

MJ Mocking Lebron?


There are some questions on whether this is really an ad or an editing job but either way, it's funny as hell.

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