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Islanders in on Kovalchuk


I just went from six to midnight. Pierre LeBrun: Isles GM Garth Snow confirms via text to that he's involved in Kovalchuk talks. Wow! Botta: So I sit down to write about this for Point Blank, and I get this email from a major power broker in the industry: Just a heads up, Wang and Snow are making a huge push to grab Kovalchuk. They are $9M under the floor and Charles believes signing Kovy will be the catalyst for finally getting the Lighthouse approved.

On Texas to the Big Ten?


Hey, guys. I'm a Penn State fan, and I was trying to gauge the opinions of the Texas fanbase on all this conference expansion talk. I get the feeling that your top priority would be to stay in the Big XII as it's currently constructed? After that, I guess I just wanted to see the Texas reaction to a post I wrote on my blog yesterday (the title links back) in the wake of the Pac-10 expansion rumors, about why Texas to the Big Ten makes sense. Would you guys prefer to play the likes of USC and Oregon or Penn State and Ohio State? If this sort of stuff is frowned upon, please remove it. I'm not trying to boost hit counts for my blog or anything like that, I just want to open up some discourse, and see where Texas stands in expansion rumors,

Piazza: I used Steroids


Happy April Fools Day, everyone.


The Mets as 30 Rock Characters

So, by now, everyone's become accustomed to the ubiquity of Mets beat writers on Twitter. And, while Messrs. Lennon, Costa, Popper and Sherman may not be the most enlightened of fellows, the...


NCAA Tourney Pick'em?

Just curious--are Eric, Alex, James et al. going to be setting up a NCAA Tourney pool or should one of us enterprising readers create one, for us denizens of Amazin Avenue to earn bragging rights?

Matt Cerrone, asking the hard questions


So, SNY pays him to go down to Florida and talk to the players. Today, Gary Matthews, Jr. Let's see, if you scored an interview with GMJ, what would you ask him? Maybe what he thought of his first stint with the Mets back in 2002, all 2 ABs of it. Probably about what it means to be targeted as a PED user and how he wants to vindicate himself as a player who doesn't need them. Or perhaps you talk about what it means to have to live down the "contract year" phenomenon, and what's caused him to struggle since. But Matt Cerrone asks him such hardball questions as: "How did your view of media get impacted by your dad, who played professional baseball, as do you, but you’re also on the other side, do you have an appreciation more for either?" "What piqued your interest, what made you want to get in front of the camera and pursue broadcasting?" i mean, it's just really frustrating...he has such great access and doesn't do anything worthwhile at all...i shudder to think how incredible amazin avenue would be if sny hired eric, alex, and the cannon to go down to florida...i can forgive him being a bad writer and fairly boring, but this is just pathetic

An oldie, but a goodie


The story of "Miriam from Forest Hills."

Mets offer Beimel


Haven't we been saying all off-season that the Mets need another lefty in the pen to take the pressure of Pedro dos? Well, apparently Omar just realized, after everyone reported, that there's only one lefty who's a MLB-caliber reliever. Better late than never, right? Slash numbers vs. lefties Career: .265/.326/.404 2009: .258/.297/.484 He's not particularly good, but a servicable bullpen arm who'd probably sign for less than a mil. Why has it taken Omar until now to make the smart, obvious moves (like bringing in a catcher, potentially Beimel or Mahay as a LOOGY)

Mets sign Riggins


Because why would you need 1 good catcher when you can have a half dozen crappy ones? His career line in 209 MLB PA's: .202/.266 /.356



Excerpted from Klapsich: "At some point this season, GMs are going find the game's best non-working manager just by turning on the TV. Bobby Valentine is headed back to ESPN's "Baseball Tonight" studio, where his brains, charisma and, yes, his availability, will be on nightly display. The most obvious next step, though, is Flushing, where Jerry Manuel is in the final year of his contract. With the anvil hanging over his head, Manuel has two months, at best, to prove he can reverse the Mets' downward spiral which began all the way back in Game 7 of the 2006 NL Championship Series. So it wouldn't take a full-blown dark age to oust Manuel; one long losing streak in late May would be enough. Question is, would ownership have the guts to re-hire Valentine?" I know Minaya has taken a ton of heat with it being the offseason, but Manuel has his head just as firmly up his ass. I think this is a move that the collective fanbase would be behind, 100%. GET ON IT JEFF/FRED!

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